Well its been a while since I have made any male clothing. This is partially due to other projects and also being uninspired. Really, there is not a lot of content to create unique frankenmeshes for TS4 guys, but taking a break from object CC i came up with a few future projects, including this one. If you look, a lot of the sweaters Maxis makes (not including ties) are overwhelmingly dominated by rolled sleeves. I like choice so I came up with this mashup and I am happy to have another long-sleeve choice when dressing my guy sims.

This top can be used on bodies other then masculine male, but just be aware that the mesh is not optimised for breasts much like all other items converted from men to women with the unisex patch. I have not disabled them as someone might find a use but you will only find them under the masculine filter or if you remove it from the search bar in CAS.

The clothing item features:

  • basegame compatible
  • Non-default
  • 20 colour options
  • available for teen to elder men
  • Labeled as masculine (can use used on female sims by removing filter)
  • found by default under the Sweater filter
  • Disabled for random
  • Custom thumbnails
  • can be found by default in everyday, athletic, swimwear, and sleepwear (but can be used in other categories by removing the filter in CAS)

The archive contains the package file and style image inside a folder. Extract the archive using winRAR or winZIP and drop the package file in your mods folder and look for it in-game.

Mediafire | SimFileShare


(TS4) Model poses 05 | CAS - Pose pack|

Download ⇒ SimFaleShare | MediaFire

| Pose pack  ⇒  you will need Andrew’s pose player for it to work !
●  1 set: total of 15 poses
1 сет: всего 15 поз
● All in one

| CAS LovesOutdoors trait
● черта характера “любитель природы”

| Tag ‘’ helgatisha ‘’ so I can see it

Thanks to all the cc creators. ♥ 
● hair 1) @kotcatmeow 2) @genius66613
● top 1) @theslyd 2) @waekey
● bottom 1) @salem2342 2) @toksik
● shoes 1-2) @madlensims

I finished this dress and I’m pretty proud cause I was never able to make one, I always had a problem xD 

I included a psd file in case someone wants to recolor the dress :)

  • I think you need dine out 
  • 9 colors
  • Recolors/retexture allowed, don’t include mesh




Here are more items inspired by IKEA. Everything is meshed from a scratch by me. Chairs comes in 14 colors and tables comes in 4 colors. Enjoy =)

  • MELLTORP Dining Chair - comfort/dining chairs
  • MELLTORP Bar Stool - comfort/misc
  • DOCKSTA Dining Table - surfaces/dining tables
  • DOCKSTA 6 Seat Dining Table - surfaces/dining tables (requires Backyard SP)
  • DOCKSTA Bar Height Table - surfaces/dining tables (requires Dine Out GP)
  • DOCKSTA Coffee Table - surfaces/coffee tables

DOWNLOAD: mediafire / mega



So i did a thing ;-; Fun fact: I first read it as ‘iguazA falls’ so i wrote that everywhere. It is ‘IguazU falls’ so i had to go back in game to take new pics to use as the preview picture, edit them again, and change the name of the packages, and the name in game. It’s not that big of a deal but i just wanted to tell you lol.

  • I used @naturalpalettesIguazu Falls palette, credits to you!
  • I only brightened the preview a little (like, 10 or someting) so it’s not like it’s unrecognizable, as you can see on the swatches.



  • 4 swatches
  • custom thumbnail
  • For male
  • Teen to elder.

Thank you so much for 75 followers! I’m so happy that I achieved this goal. I’d like to thank everyone that supports me liking and sharing what I post. 💕  To show you my gratitude I decided to make a recolor of some T-Shirts by Younzoey, to make them look like Harry Styles’ ones! More CC coming soon…

I tried to contact Younzoey but I wasn’t able to. Maybe their account got deleted, because I couldn’t find it. If someone knows where I can find them, just let me know! So, I included the mesh in the download.

Tag me if you use them! #floydiansim 💕