We haven’t seen that violin since Sherlock left it at John’s wedding. Not since Sherlock poured his heart and soul into that piece. Only in Sherlock’s mind when he played again as John and Mary fought, on their last chance at reconciliation.

That violin is Sherlock’s soul. A window to that great heart. It always has been. It speaks for him when he cannot. He doesn’t play like a scientist, he plays like a lover, with emotion, with sentiment.

That broken string on the beautiful instrument is that final snap, the climax to the story arc. He’s been pulled and played for far too long. His heart, his soul, is on the line now more than it ever has been.

This is it, you guys. The time has come.

“I can feel it all wash over me. The heat. The force. The radiation…the fear. It’s the end of the world - all over again. I close my eyes, I see my life before all of this. Before the bombs. Everything can change in an instant, and the future you plan for yourself shifts - whether or not you’re ready. At some point, it happens to all of us. This, wasn’t the world I wanted; but it was the one I found myself in. The Commonwealth, my home. Ripped apart, and put back together. I thought I…I hoped I could find my family. Cheat time. Make us whole again. The way we were. But now, I know. I know I can’t go back. I know the world has changed. The road ahead will be hard. This time, I’m ready. Because I know, war…war never changes.”