Don’t get me started on Iris not being allowed to play a part in the crossover. But we can spare time for Caitlin having a thousand scenes with Stein, and Felicity doing… nothing, other than try to guilt-trip and police Cisco’s feelings and behavior. Neither of those characters are LoT characters, anyway. But Iris can’t have a single scene. Not only that, they can’t even spare a line from Barry, who was facing death, about her. (There was a shitty weak line written, but even that got cut because of course it did). Not even a phone call to say goodbye to the love of his life. Nah, what for.

hamsterfactor: i just want to know why grant gustin doesn’t have a “regretful face” like i know his range is really limited, but jfc all he looks is smug

Gustin is a terrible actor but I think his incapacity to look regretful or shamed by his terrible selfish choices has really destroyed any chance for this season of The Flash to make sense. Barry did the shitty thing over and over (even after the speed force or whatever told him not to) and he fucked up people’s lives in very painful ways yet he can’t manage to even look guilty or humbled by all this. It’s a problem of the acting, more than anything. GG looking smug all the fucking time makes it look like Barry is annoyed and impatient at people rightfully calling him out for being the worst ever.

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I love the reigen or aizawa question bc reigen never had powers of any kind in the first place and does that stop him??? never come get drop kicked aizawa

like ok Aizawa is actually REALLY STRONG he was able to flip himself around while wearing weights on his arms/legs during the end of term exam

however. Reigen has salt. lots and lots of salt. and Aizawa has goggles with holes in them

Regen wins


High Waisted Vintage Shorts by Twinksimstress

Really cute DIY inspired shorts o: with patches and colorful pockets!Perfect for artsy sims.

All designs are not shown in the preview.

  • 30 swatches!! o:
  • 14~ish designs with patches
  • 12 with different patterned pockets
  • and like 3 with no pockets at all
  • custom thumbnail

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:O what ways are you like bakugo?


when i was in middleschool (i was like 12 or 13), i did have a fairly big head and was a bit arrogant about myself and my abilities, and one day i remember someone telling me “You know, you’re not as great as you think you are” (or something along those lines), and it really struck me hard

kinda like the first time Bakugou was faced with the fact that he isn’t as great as he thought. it really is kind of like a slap in the face when all your life you’re told you’re Amazing and then you realize that you aren’t

this is actually the reason i try to be so humble b/c i don’t wanna get a big head and go back to how i was before, because i know there are people in the world who’re just as good, if not better at me at certain things (like writing, art, singing, etc)

and also, ahhh like Bakugou i tend to be… fairly naturally talented at a lot of things. because of the above reasons i try not to bring it up too often (and also b/c it makes me feel really bad and guilty and like i’m showboating), but there are quite a few things out there that i’m just naturally good at

i really don’t have to try at all to be the top of my class (or close to it), and at one point i had a 4.0 gpa without even trying, and i’m usually one of the first to finish tests, or grasp concepts easily. until he was defeated by Izuku for the first time, Bakugou barely had to try at all, so i can definitely relate to that

i’m also fairly confident in my abilities. i know what i can and can’t do and i’m fairly aware of my limits and what i need to work on. i’m confident and proud of what i make, but i also know that i’m not the best or most amazing out there, so i try to keep a balance between that (which. well. Bakugou is anything but humble, but he’s confident and he knows his limits).

i’m also pretty self aware in general, i cuss a lot (particularly with the word ‘fuck’), i can be stubborn to a fault, and i have a hard time apologizing or owning up to things i did and i struggle a lot with that, and certain things (mostly really small and dumb and inconsequential things) can set off my temper and i turn into an angry loud cussing machine