I was inspired by xstephyg‘s “Companions fight for incapacitated Inquisitor” post and threw this together.

She hits the ground knees first, clutching at her left hand. It burns and it crawls up her arm, moving towards her shoulder. Her weapon clatters to the ground and she bites her lip, bites it hard enough to draw blood, just to keep her screams inside.

“Protect Honey-T– the Inquisitor!” Sera kneels next to the incapacitated woman, reaching a shaky hand out to give her a moment’s comfort. Her voice cracks when she sees the pain on her lover’s face, “Won’t let them get you, love.”

Sera stands over the Inquisitor, smashing a Flask of Lightning against her body and readying her bow, picking off any enemy that comes into sight. She’s scared. She’s scared of the endless horde of enemies before them and she’s scared for the woman collapsed at her feet. She forces her hands to steady, wills her legs to be iron, fights back tears by fighting what’s in front of her.

Sera will not lose the woman she loves, not like this. She shatters another flask against herself and nocks another arrow, using her fear as fuel.

my manager is awful she talks at a million words per second and then gets frustrated when I don’t understand/ hear her like???? She knows I’m hard of hearing slow the fuck DOWN

I FEEL SO BAD FOR MERRILL, i was going to romance her but it ended up with hawke sister-zoning her so hard…. it’s so funny though b/c the option was like “ur a great friend : )” and i was like “haha more like a replacement lil sister” and theN THE THING SHE ACTUALLY SAID WAS LIKE “ur like a sister to me : )” so FUCKING. SCORE. the most ic scene in the game honestly. im so sorry merrill

it’s so funny we’ve got merrill like “hawke ur so great ilu” and hawke’s like “aww i love you too, my precious tiny sis!” and then hawke’s like “aveline ur so great ilu” and aveline is like “um,, anyway”. rip this squad’s unfortunate crushes

I was gonna put my *eyeroll* tag on that last post I reblogged, but fishnbanjos took care of it. :)

Seriously, though… anti-campaigns in fan-vote contests rarely make a significant difference. If your favorite character or actor is losing, it’s almost certainly a matter of the other character/actor having more fans or a better organized fanbase. Or maybe vote bots, if you really want a conspiracy. But almost never a conspiracy of hate-mongers.

(and I still haven’t stumbled across any ex-PoI fans organizing an anti-Amy vote, so…)

ETA: apparently Root is up against that woman from Outlander. Outlander is the ONLY show that shows up on my Facebook page, other than Downton Abbey. Pretty sure Outlander fans outnumber PoI fans online.

hawke flirts with aveline so much whenever she swings by the barracks and the rest of the guards start making lil comments about aveline’s ~giiirlfriend~ coming by, what did your ~not-so-secret-admirer~ get into this time,

and aveline’s just like. what? huh?

and they’re like you know.. that girl you’re always bailing out of trouble who’s head-over-heels for you..?

and aveline’s like wait do you mean hawke? oh no we’re just friends.

and they’re like. aveline she comes by like every day even when she has nothing to talk to you about

she visits all her friends a lot!

aveline pls. she said she loves you??

ok I know for sure she has said that to at least varric and merrill as well.

ok but she said it to you while giving you a rose and blushing.

merrill’s been planting flowers in her estate’s new garden she probably gives roses to lots of people too!

and then the other guards kind of throw up their hands for now b/c she’s HOPELESS!!! in the future they make sure to give pointed looks during all of poor hawke’s extremely blatant flirting.