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I never got to read those spoilers so do you remember any other spoilers?

I saved them. ;) 

‘Flashbacks!! -Flashbacks of young lexa and how she became commander. -The key about the city of light. the commanders.City of light !!! -ALIE is controlling the people who are on the city. -She wants to finish with the grounders. -Lexa knows about the COL since she is the commander. -ALIE choose the commanders.Clexa !! -Lexa open her heart. -Lexa cries in front of Clarke. -Clarke is afraid. -Lexa is gone.3x8 -A loved character died. -Jaha wants the sky people go to the city of light. -Octavia is angry and she lost her mind. -Bellamy is crying. -Clarke is crying and angry.3x9 -Clarke is back on arkadia. -Lexa is gone. -Raven has to take a painful choice. -Bellamy is angry at Clarke but that doesn’t long to much. -Octavia is very very very sad.3x11 -A loved couple finally kissed. -The city of lights is making everyone “happy”. -Clarke and Bellamy go against ALIE. -The grounders are in danger.Bellarke !! -They are angry at each other. -The hug is full of feelings. -Something happens between them and is more than just a hug. -They fight together against ALIE.

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Hiaaa I need a lil fitness advice from the fitness queen 💪 (that's u btw) Im starting to squat at my local gym and I'm just wondering what's a good rep/set program I should do for optimum gains. I currently squat very lil like 45 lbs for warm up and then 75 for reps but I can do a lot of 75s ( like 20ish? reps i think) I don't exactly have a rep/set system going on as of yet

if youre wanting growth id stick to the 3 x 8-12 system for a bit and see how you go. you may see some decent gainz and then plateau; this is usually when people add in strength training (i find that mixing up 3x8-12’s and 3x1-5’s is when you see consistent growth and avoid a state of little to no change)