BTS FESTA is an annual event made to celebrate BTS anniversary (June 13). Bts drop gifts everyday from the 1st to june 13 (Videos, photos, profiles, special songs …).

So BigSh*t the extra company that can’t just announce anything normally gave us 9 images that seem to be part of a bigger illustration. In the coming days, more photos will be shared so we can draw something ??? by following the numbers on the puzzle AND finally get the message??? or do we just need to know what the numbers mean ??? 

Those are the images shared on BigHit Instagram

Those 5 seem to be linked

These two also (Is that a train? Spring day?)

But the ones below do not fit in together nor with the other ones. Which means BGSH*T Gonna-ruin-our-minds-entertainement might share more pictures in the coming days. BRACE YOURSELVES ARMY! 

So we conclude that it is not a 3x3 puzzle but a 3x5 one or more 

The pictures have Mountains as seen in Not Today MV and a train like in spring day but also fireworks and planets. Maybe this will also hold clues for their upcoming comeback? Who knows? Only God and BigHit do. 


Being a lawyer is maintaining the illusion of control at all times.

A lawyer can’t control the actions of her clients, she can only advise them, and hope they take her advice.

A lawyer can’t control the decision of a judge or jury, she can only make her best argument, and hope that she was more convincing than her opposing counsel.

A lawyer can’t control her co-workers, she can only hope that they’re making the best, most informed decisions that she can rely on, since she can’t do everything herself.

But some lawyers don’t understand that the control is an illusion. They think they’re actually in control, and when things don’t go their way, they just lose it. Mostly, these are older, white men. 

So, Chuck McGill. Chuck wants to be truly in control at all times. And it’s devastating to him when he figures out that he isn’t.

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