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Heaii, I have a question for you. How do you use flashcards? In the Netherlands they aren't that populair

Whaaat?! That’s crazy! I had no idea!! Well you’re gonna be the COOLEST kid in school with your flashcards, because they’re one of the best learning tools! 

It’s essentially a 3x5 piece of paper. One side is lined like paper, the other blank. Like so:

Front side (the blank side) is where you put the term you’re trying to learn.

On the back (the lined side) you put the definition, notes, etc. Whatever you need to know.

To study off of them, you look at one side (to begin, I like to read the definitions first. It’s just easier.) and try to guess what is on the other side. Once you feel you’ve mastered that, you can move on to the front side, and try to guess the definition! Also don’t forget to shuffle them around so you learn the term and not the order the cards appear in (a common studying fluke)

Hope that helps! If you have any other questions let me know!



  • 1) deficit deadlift: up to 3x3x170kg conventional, then 3x140, 150, 160kg sumo
  • 2) 1 arm row: 5each x65lb 4x5each x75lb
  • 3a) accumulated 50 strict C2B chin ups, mainly in 5s
  • 3b) Pallof Press: 3x10each side 
  • 5a) DB curl: 3x(MEx25lb+MEx15lb)
  • 5b) rear fly: 3x7x25lb
  • 6) Abs: slow eccen leg lowers 3x5, GHD ½ Sit Ups 2x15

Fairly easy session today, no big lifts. I didn’t need consume any caffeine, didn’t use a belt, and just moved some moderate deadlifts quickly. I’m haven’t done sumos in a while, but I worked them after I did my main sets on conventional. After that, I finished with back and abs. Last training block I emphasized chin up/pull ups over rows, so I’m flip flopping it this block.

I didn’t open this morning, so I got to sleep into 7 (which was glorious), trained, coached the morning highschool strength and conditioning class, and now I’m about to get some chores done around the gym. I have a little gap this afternoon where I’ll bike home and eat, then it’s back to coach the evening shift.

I had such a good day at uni today. My study group for syntax class ended up being super productive, my lectures were all reasonably interesting, and I had an epic burger and fries for lunch (pictured with my syntax notes).
Crossfit tonight: assistant coach was extremely hot and touched my butt (to correct deadlift form) (still counts) (more action than I’ve had in over two years).
3x5 back squat at 50% 1RM (used 40kg)
3x3 pause front squats at 60% 1RM (also 40kg)

WOD: 14 minute AMRAP
21-calorie row
7 deficit deadlifts (45kg)
21 unbroken double-unders (scaled to box step-ups because epic shin splints)
I got 4 rounds exactly. With like 1 second to spare. Phew.

Cash out: 50 KB swings as heavy as possible. I used 20kg to maintain quality, it was a good decision. Hot Assistant Coach told me “that’s definitely not as heavy as possible”. I think it probably was for 50 reps, without sacrificing quality/safety.


“One Hand, One Heart”

Make of our hands, one hand
Make of our hearts, one heart
Make of our vows, one last vow
Only death will part us now

Make of our lives, one life
Day after day, one life
Now it begins, now we start
One hand, one heart
Even death won’t part us now

Make of our hands, one hand
Make of our hearts, one heart
Make of our vows, one last vow
Only death will part us now

Now it begins, now we start
One hand, one heart
Even death won’t part us now

I feel as though I’m a tad late to the party here, but wow! That’s a heck of a cookie recipe you posted! The opportunity presented itself, I went ahead and made a batch, and it was absolutely fantastic! Definitely a keeper!

In addition, I found the cookies to, well, cook the best when arranged like Brownie did in the post (3x5) and cooked for the suggested time.

And I’m pretty sure I guesstimated the “glug” of vanilla correctly, based on my result.

*fist pump*


Hi! So, I’m going to be offering commissions here for my lettering/designs until I get an etsy store set up. I can make signs, things for you to put on your wall, gifts, handwritten letters, greeting cards, pretty much anything you want really. I will write you the Declaration of Independence if you have enough money. Pricing for my standard stuff is in the picture above. I generally do words/quotes and designs around them. I can make some simple illustrations but not many. It depends on what you want! These are all handwritten and hand colored using pen/marker/paint on paper. I do not do digital. 

****3x5 sizes ship for FREE, despite what the picture above says*****

What I’d need from you:
Send me an email or ask with the following:
-Color scheme (optional, but know I prefer bright colors and purple and orange are my favorites so I tend to lean towards those.)
-Orientation: landscape or portrait (optional)
-Lettering styles
-Misc. design requests
-Your name and address
I will respond ASAP with total price + shipping/any questions/paypal info, etc.

OR, you can use my Etsy shop if you prefer.
^^^^This is the link to my shop. Click on my listing and select a size. Add it to your cart, and in the notes include the design details listed above (also available in the Etsy listing description). Eventually I will start listing my own ideas on the shop, and you can just buy one of those if you want.

Additonal info:
-Give me about 1-2 weeks to complete and ship your item. I will keep you updated as much as possible.

-Since these are handwritten, hand colored and unique, there may be some small flaws. I’m a perfectionist so I usually start over. However if the flaw is is super tiny and I’m almost done I will probably not start over but fix it to the best of my ability. I do make a rough draft and outline in pencil, but once I start with the ink I can’t fuck up or I have to start over.

-Absolutely no requests that might be hateful or offensive. (I don’t count curse words, obviously, since I use them all the time. Send me all the curse words you got.) Just nothing gross or mean basically. You get the idea, right? 

Here is the best part!!!!! I’m doing a giveaway AND a contest to help promote myself! I need money, but I also like to give things away!

Giveaway info:

For the GIVEAWAY, you must be following me and have reblogged this post. On Friday (July 24th) I’ll pick a random person who has done both, and the winner will receive one their choice of one 8.5x11 or two 4x6s or three 3x5s with anything you want on them AND a small illustration of whatever troywagner decides to draw. It’ll be a surprise. SO EXCITING, right? (Yes, I’m shamelessly using my husband as a marketing tool. So what? I need money. His idea.)

Contest info: I need a better name for my Etsy shop, but I’m not creative at all. Seriously, this is harder than naming a human baby or a cat pet. All you need to do for this contest is follow me, reblog this post, and think of a really cool name. Send it to me. The winner of this contest gets one 8.5x11 and one 4x6 and one 3x5 with anything you want on them.

So… yeah. I guess that’s it. Please buy stuff from me?

And here’s all 8 cards that I’ve drawn so far for fnaf 4. All 3x5 inches each. And they’re all for sale at just $10 each! Hit me up at Facebook.com/thebaldartbard, Thebaldartbard.deviantart.com, The-bald-art-bard.tumblr.com, Etsy.com/shop/thebaldartbard for info. I accept payments through PayPal and Square.

Fitblr Friday

In honor of being one month into preseason, I’m going to post a normal workout that my team and I do 3 times a week. Some of these exercises require weights, but not all of them. I’d love to hear from you guys and see how it goes!

Warmup and stretch

Squats 3x5 (weight according to what you can do; mine is 140 lbs)

Lateral step ups 3x6 each side (get a box and step up laterally holding 20 lbs dumbells)

DB 1 arm row 3x10 each arm (weight according to what you can do; I do 42.5)

Med ball slams 3x8 each side (a medicine ball is needed, one can be bought at a sporting goods store or possibly Walmart. Take the ball and throw it down as hard as you can)

Weighted planks 2x30 seconds (take a weighted plate and place it on your back for 30 seconds)

Cardio- 3 sets x10 sec sprint (60 yards) followed by a 10 second rest. Repeat for five minutes. Rest 3 minutes after each set.

Make sure to take care of your body after you work out!