3x24: the divine move

The Dream theory

So Derek’s dream at the end of “The Divine Move” has been on my brain since the episode ended, and I eventually started wondering how exactly Derek would know about people having extra fingers in dreams.  Stiles is the one who knew about that at the start of 3B and he only told it to Scott.

While the obvious explanation is that Derek had heard about it somewhere else, or either Scott or Stiles had shared the information off-screen, I started wondering…

Maybe Stiles isn’t completely back to normal now.  Having a spirit fox burn its way through your brain for a few weeks is bound to have some kind of effect.  What if it left Stiles a little bit… different?  And because the Nogitsune’s power involved an awful lot of getting into people’s heads (especially sensing their fears), it would make sense for Stiles to be left with a similar ability.

So maybe Derek wasn’t the only one dreaming in that scene.  Stiles’ mind sensed that his friend was in trouble, injured, in need of help, and reached out to him.  That’s how he was able to tell Derek about the extra fingers, something Derek’s dream version of Stiles really shouldn’t know.

Anyway, this notion literally took hold of me while I was writing a short fanfic, and now it won’t let go. Let me know what you guys think.

Oh, and check out the story if you like the idea.

Just a Dream

Derek wasn't dreaming.

Derek was not dreaming. Derek was so terrified in that moment that his brain temporarily shut down. His subconscious supplied Stiles to confide in and help him sort everything out, before his brain came back online and he could attempt to face what he knew to be true. That the woman who took advantage of him, abused him, tortured him, and killed most of his family was back. 

Now let that settle.

Last Night's Episode Went a Little Like This... (The Divine Move Edition)

No season finale would be complete without a heartbreaking previously on!

Chris, “It’s what we do” Argent

“Is this magic tea?”

The scene with Isaac and Argent

Oni at the Sheriff station!

Lydia wouldn’t run and hide because of Stiles

Motivational Speaker Derek. (If the whole werewolf thing doesn’t work out he could totally be a motivational speaker)

The container that holds Talia’s claws is made from the Nematon and three guesses as to who made it…

They are going to trap the Nogitsune in the Nematon container

“Can you page Melissa McCall for me?”

And award for safest hospital ever goes to… Not beacon hills. You there to visit your dying grandma and BAM, you dead.

Melissa gets stabbed by the Oni

Lydia and Stiles sharing feelings

Isaac putting the silver pieces together

Stiles, Scott, Kira and Lydia get transported to Narnia?

“Just cause I’m not an alpha doesn’t mean I can’t fight like one”

The Nogitsune saying that Scott is going to be the one to kill Stiles

Everyone they care about pretty much dying… or close enough

Stiles almost killing himself with the Katana

BAMF Chris and his arrows of Silver taking out the Oni

Aiden gets stabbed by the Oni

“You can’t kill me!”

Scott bites Void!Stiles, thus changing him

Isaac captures the fly in the triskele container

Everyone starts to get better!

Stiles faints (I love how Lydia has been holding him up the whole episode and the one time she should be holding him up, down he goes)

“Are we alive. Are we all alive?”

“Does it hurt you as much as it hurts me?”

Derek is going to make sure Lydia knows Aiden was a good guy

Aiden dying in his brother’s arms

Lydia pretty much crying into Stiles’ shoulder

Maila is going to be attending BHHS

Danny knew all along

Stiles with 6 fingers!

Kate Argent isn’t dead

And that is it for this special season finale edition of Last Night’s Episode Went a Little Like This… probably forgot some stuff but oh well. Freaking Jeff Davis Harry Pottered us. What am I going to do without these for the next 3 months? Expand my gif collection… Happy Hiatus everybody!