3x24 pll


PLL 3x24 “A Dangerous Game”.

I’m serious, friends. Do yourself a big favor and go back and watch 3x22-3x24 and tell yourself “Spencer has a twin.” Because those episodes look very different with that in mind.

There’s the obvious moments where Spencer and the Liars both talk about how she’s changed. But there’s other stuff too. In 3x24 especially.

Watch the scene where where Shana is introducing herself to Spencer. Shana says “I don’t think we’ve met.” And for a moment, Spencer looks scared. Perhaps Twincer and Shana know each other already, and the reason Spencer fails to speak up and introduce herself, is that she’s worried Shana could blow her cover.

Seriously. Watch the scene. Watch Troian’s actions in response to Shana.

Tell me that the person who Toby is following in the woods couldn’t be Troian?

And then, in the end of this episode we see A hand poking out of the grave, and being pulled to safety. What if this wasn’t Ali’s rescue but the second person who was buried? The one Melissa thought was Bethany?

And then, in the next episode, 4x01… we meet black widow, who has the exact same build as Spencer.


Spencer Hastings & Toby Cavanaugh | S05E02 “Whirly Girlie” Original Script