3x23 deus ex machina

20 Favourite Music Sequences

1. No Wow by The Kills (5x1 B.S.O.D.)

2.  Metamorphosis One by Phillip Glass (5x13 return 0)

3. Exit Music (For a Film) by Radiohead (3x23 Deus Ex Machina)

4. Hurt by Johnny Cash (3x10 The Devil’s Share)

5. Welcome to The Machine by Pink Floyd (4x22 YHWH)

6. New Dawn Fades by Moby (5x10 The Day The World Went Away)

7. Bunsen Burner by CUTS (5x13 return 0)

8. Young Men Dead by The Black Angels (4x5 Prophets)

9. Future Starts Slow by The Kills (2x16 Relevance)

10. Medicine by Daughter (3x20 Death Benefit)

11. The Day The World Went Away by Nine Inch Nails (5x10 The Day The World Went Away)

12. Fake Empire by The National (5x9 Sotto Voce)

13. Fortune Days by The Glitch Mob (4x11 If-Then-Else)

14. The Violent Bear It Away by Moby (4x12 Control-Alt-Delete)

15. Miami Showdown by Digitalism (3x10 The Devil’s Share)

16. I’d Love to Change the World by Jetta (4x1 Panopticon)

17. I Might Be Wrong by Radiohead (3x16 RAM)

18. Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones (2x10 Shadow Box)

19. Roads by Portishead (4x2 Nautilus)

20. When Things Explode by Unkle Feat. Ian Astbury (1x10 Number Crunch)

There is something interesting in this scene from “Deus Ex Machina” 3x23 that I like. And that the way that the character says goodbye from each others. And the pairing on this scene is very remarkable. Because is between Reese and Finch (for those who shipping them) And between Root and Shaw (also for those that shipping them) I am a new shipper of Root and Shaw but I love the relationship between Harold and John. Even when I read somewhere that the only romantic relationship on the show is between Root and Shaw, the relationship of Reese and Finch is too amazing for not shipping them too.