Natural Hair Starter Pack

Leave  in - Makes sure hair stays moisturised

Wide tooth comb - Detangles hair thoroughly whist minimising amount of hair pulled out

Deep conditioner- Penetrates hair shaft and provides strength and moisture

Shea butter - coats the hair shaft, locking in moisture and preventing heat damage

Co wash - Instead of constantly washing hair with drying shampoos, co wash helps to clean, though not thoroughly and maintain moisturised strands.

Coconut oil - Coats and conditions hair strands

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First ratified quad jumps in international competition:

Quad toe loop: Kurt Browning (CAN), 1988 World Championships FS
Quad salchow: Timothy Goebel (USA), 1998 Jr. Champion Series Final
Quad lutz: Brandon Mroz (USA), 2011 NHK Trophy SP
Quad flip: Shoma Uno (JPN), 2016 Team Challenge Cup SP
Quad loop: Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN), 2016 Autumn Classic International SP

Hot Oil Treatments

Hot oil treatments help to manage a dry and flaky scalp very effectively; when I have done them regularly, the flakiness of my scalp has completely disappeared. Doing this treatment also helped prevent breakage especially after doing protective styles for a long time. I simply do the treatment and leave it for a couple of hours and then wash it out- basically a ‘pre-poo’ treatment. I’ve also noticed my hair does not feel as dry and brittle after washes. The oil should be heated either in a (metal) container sat in hot water, or, by using the microwave for about 1 minute. The oil shouldn’t be HOT but quite warm. Start by massaging the oil into the scalp for 5-10minutes. The excess oil should be coated on the rest of the hair, focusing specifically on the ends.

What oils can I use?

You can buy ready-made hot oil treatments; I usually use olive oil but you can pretty much use any natural oil. You can pick oils or mix and match them according to your hairs needs.

Olive oil – helps with dry scalp issues such as dandruff and itching

Argan oil – adds shine and locks in moisture

Sweet almond oil – contains vitamin E & smoothens the cuticle

Jojoba oil – similar to natural ‘oil’ produced by the body. Very light, so ideal for oily hair types. Leaves hair soft and light.

Avocado oil – has a moisturising effect. very good for frizzy and brittle hair



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