3x13: new friends and old

  • Shawn: "Man gets a call--hey, lots of calls--from what sounds to be a very attractive lady. Man doesn't speak a word of it to his little buddy, Shawn. Mm. Interesting."
  • Mr. Turner: "Shawn, there's nothing to tell, or I would have told you."
  • Shawn: "Man gets all squirrelly every time this girl calls. Makes a guy think man's keeping secrets from him."
  • Mr. Turner: "Shawn, you wanna stop with the whole 'man' thing?"
  • Shawn: "Man seems a little irritated lately."
  • Mr. Turner: "It's no big deal! It's a girl I dated a long time ago, and it's over. ...And don't you dare start the next sentence with 'man'!"
  • Shawn: "...Dude's got a problem with the word 'man'."
  • Mr. Turner: "SHAWN!"