3x13: new friends and old

This past week has been SO wonderful!

And I owe it all to My brother and my friends. Speaking of friends, I made quite a few new ones and finally met someof the people I’ve heard about in my brother’s stories. So thank you all for showing me life isn’t over and how to have fun. I’m gonna have to come down and see you all again real soon! I love you guys!

  • Shawn: "Man gets a call--hey, lots of calls--from what sounds to be a very attractive lady. Man doesn't speak a word of it to his little buddy, Shawn. Mm. Interesting."
  • Mr. Turner: "Shawn, there's nothing to tell, or I would have told you."
  • Shawn: "Man gets all squirrelly every time this girl calls. Makes a guy think man's keeping secrets from him."
  • Mr. Turner: "Shawn, you wanna stop with the whole 'man' thing?"
  • Shawn: "Man seems a little irritated lately."
  • Mr. Turner: "It's no big deal! It's a girl I dated a long time ago, and it's over. ...And don't you dare start the next sentence with 'man'!"
  • Shawn: "...Dude's got a problem with the word 'man'."
  • Mr. Turner: "SHAWN!"
BMW New Friends and Old (3x13)

“You know what [my ex gf from high school] was most sorry about? That she only knew me as this rich man’s kid, ya know? She never really knew who I was or even tried to know……Well, I guess when you’re young, first impressions are everything. Sometimes you completely miss who someone really is.” -Jonathan Turner 👀

(Episode written by Matthew Nelson)