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Brittana episodes guide

Hey guys! So here’s my guide to almost every Brittana moments! I might have forgotten a few so feel free to add up! I also noted some episode that were really good but only had Santana or Brittany in them. Enjoy!

Brittana or Santana

1x07 - hug+dance number
1x10 - high five
1x13 - sex isn’t dating
1x14 - pinkies+triple date
1x15 - yes you should move to Israel+hands and cone bra+like a virgin (song)
1x20 - Lady Gaga episode
1x21 - no cheer practice
1x22 - pinkies
2x01 - a look+New York song
2x02 - Britney/Brittany
2x03 - a look
2x04 - make out
2x05 - rocky horror thingy
2x09 - Sectionals+Valerie
2x11 - chicken slap+zombies
2x12 - bitchy Santana
2x13 - funny Brittany
2x14 - hangover Santana+body shots
2x15 - sex education+love declaration
2x17 - Santana defends Klaine
2x18 - Born this way
2x19 - love song, almost together
2x20 - Junior prom
2x21 - “I smoke cigars”
2x22 - voodoo doll+cute moment+Spanish yelling
3x01 - cute lil moment+song+funny brittana
3x02 - you are the unicorn
3x03 - who run the world girls+cute af look
3x04 - holding hand under the napkins
3x06 - dodge ball+super cute look+Finn vs Santana+rumour has it+slap
3x07 - I kissed a girl
3x08 - I will survive+welcome home sam Santana style+holding hands in bathroom
3x10 - smile in the locker room+cute songs
3x11 - smooth criminal
3x12 - Spanish
3x13 - Valentine Day
3x14 - regionals
3x15 - holding hands
3x16 - disco+sex tape
3x17 - dance with somebody
3x18 - two songs about physical abuse
3x19 - senior prom
3x20 - “brit and I are gay”
3x21 - Nationals
3x22 - graduation
4x02 - Brittany song
4x04 - break up 😢
4x06 - Santana comes back for Grease
4x08 - thanksgiving+mentor+ wanky+holy trinity number
4x09 - Santana defends Marley
4x12 - Santana is against the nude scene for Rachel+Santana, Rachel and Quinn song
4x13 - Nutbush City Limits!!+Sue moment+kiss+girl on fire
4x14 - Quinn and Santana moments (😏)+Emma and Will wedding
4x15 - Santana start investigating Brody and Rachel might be pregnant
4x16 - S and R are going to the clinic+fight+Santana at NYADA aka Coldhearted Snake+finish investigating Brody
4x17 - Santana in New York again!+pillow
4x20 - Wake up Santana! You’re throwing your life away+ballet
4x22 - Brittany the math genius/out of control+calling Santana for help
5x01 - Dinner
5x03 - Finn…😢
5x06 - Santana tries not to sing
5x08 - Christmas unaired episode
5x09 - Moment at the beginning between S and R+photo shoot
5x12 - Return to Glee Club+Valerie+Toxic+Kiss
5x13 - Kurt and Mercedes duet+Flowers
5x17 - Santana’s speech to Rachel for opening night+celebrations
5x18 - Santana and Mercedes duet in NYC+filling in for Rachel
5x19 - Blonde Santana+Dogs
6x02 - Coming back+Problem
6x03 - Mash up+proposal
6x06 - Wedding planning+Abuela
6x08 - WEDDING!!!!


💀💀  Thank You Bones  💀💀

Day 2 - 11 Temperance Brennan’s character growth moments

The second day of the Thank You Bones challenge focus on Temperance Brennan’s character growth moments and I have to say this is a very good topic and there are numerous scenes/moments where we witnessed Brennan’s growth. I’ve learn a million things and even after 9 years of seeing this show, Brennan continues to be my daily inspiration (and will continue forever). Brennan’s character helped me when I needed most and I cannot imagine where I would be right now if I didn’t find Bones. Choosing 11 moments was difficult but these are the ones that had the biggest impact in me, and decided to leave here a piece of my mind for each one.

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Rescue is Coming (A Walk through Hell)

Season 3 is all about hell.  Shocker, I know.

We open up the premier with Hells Bells, AC/DC, which is all about, you guessed it, going to hell.  The first episode is all about the seven deadly sins, the basic categories under which all misdeeds fall, and the reasons you end up in hell.  Sin City (3.04) returns to this theme; all the vices are right there in plain sight, but this time the weight is all on people.  People make choices that send them to hell, and according to the demon bartender, if you give them ‘whiskey here, a hooker there, they’ll walk into hell with big fat smiles on their faces.’  That hits hard for Dean, because for the past three episodes he’s been using alcohol and sex as a coping mechanism.  The theme of sin is mostly dropped, outside of the title of the finale (No Rest for the Wicked), with one exception: kinslaying.

Now, kinslaying is set apart in almost every culture; from Cain and Abel to Tantulus and Sisyphus, kinslayers get a special place in hell, normally a worse one than the average population.  The show plays with this theme in 3.02, where the changelings kill their ‘parents’ and the parents wrestle with killing their child, but it well and truly comes home with Bela in 3.06.  The ghost ship follows people that have killed family members; it isn’t until Bela’s almost hellhound chow (in 3.15) that we learn it was a) her parents, and b) she had a really really good reason to want them dead.

This one is worth mentioning separately; kinslaying is…. it’s supposed to be something that no normal person would do.  It’s beyond the pale, something that belongs to monsters; something that strips away your humanity.  Sort of like Hell.

Now, there are a few themes for what Hell is that are played with throughout the season; the show presents them as either direct “this is Hell” moments, or most of the time it’s presented as repeated motifs.

Hell is being trapped: 3.02, the mothers of the changelings are trapped, living with monsters and unable to tell what is real and what isn’t; 3.03, Sam and Dean are powerless in the face of an outside force; 3.05, our victim of the week is trapped inside her own body for years; 3.10, being trapped with your worst fears; 3.11, Sam is trapped watching someone he loves die over and over again, and then not being able to let go; 3.12, the boys are threatened with being stuck in a small confining cell, alone; 3.13 is all about being trapped, in the house and in death loops, and on a larger level, none of the Ghostfacers learn anything or move on after their experience; 3.15 is filled with images of confined spaces, starting from the cold open with a car trunk and ending with a refrigerator stuck in a grave; and 3.16, where a family is trapped in a nightmare wrapped in the appearance of a normal life.

Hell is being alone: 3.07 tells us that in exact words —

Vampire: Can you think of a worse Hell than staring down eternity alone?
Dean: Well there’s Hell.
Vampire: I wasn’t thinking.  You know what that’s like?  Like being dead already.   I just didn’t care anymore.

3.08, John was absent and both boys were alone, and then Sam couldn’t bear the thought of celebrating Christmas when Dean wouldn’t be there next year; 3.10, Dean is left alone with himself, and it’s his worst nightmare; 3.11, Sam is alone, the only person who remembers what’s going on, and then he’s separated from all friends and family for months; 3.12, the boys are threatened with being isolated from each other for the rest of their lives.

Hell is forgetting who you are: Ruby tells Dean that exactly in 3.09, and then it comes back in 3.10 with his dream demon; and then the thread continues from there to the end of the season where both Winchesters are confronted with ‘what are you willing to give up to save Dean?’  How far will you go, and and what point have you stopped being human and become the monster?  3.14 hammers this home; Dean loses sight of his morals, almost kills a man out of desperation, trying to save himself.  For a moment, he is the monster.  And then we hit 3.15 and Dean finally snaps.  He shouts “I would rather go to hell” than be like Doc Benton, giving up his humanity piece by piece in order to survive.

That leads me to the other main mirroring arc of s3: Sam Winchester, the Boyking, Antichrist, Freak.  Season 3 for Sam is all about being tempted to the darkside; or rather, not tempted so much as pushed and bludgeoned to it.  We, the audience, get to watch him go through all the shades of Hell alongside Dean; but while Dean is coming to terms with what Hell will mean, and drawing moral lines of what he will and won’t do, Sam is falling apart.  We get to watch him deciding which pieces of himself he has to give up in order to save his brother.  By the time we hit the finale, he’s ready to give up everything; he’ll take Ruby’s deal, he’ll accept being a freak; he’ll do everything and be everything he’s wanted to avoid since s1 in order to save Dean.  He’s been through metaphorical hell.  The concept of being trapped and alone is enough that he starts to forget himself.

Season 3 is a mess, meta-wise; it tugs in a dozen different directions, especially when the show had to change to compensate for the writers’ strike.  The original ending, though, was for Dean to be saved, and Sam to be lost.  Rescue was coming; there was always a light at the end of the tunnel, it was just hellfire.  But the way that made it to the screen, both Winchesters ended up in a kind of hell.  Trapped, alone, with a demon for company, forgetting the things they once knew, the things that kept them human.  Waiting for rescue.

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