OK so what I want to know is:

What did Jack say that prompted Bitty to tell him he was getting better about feelings?

The way I see it, there are three options:

1) The mundane:

Jack: And for the first time since I’ve started, I couldn’t get a shot past Snowy.
Bitty: *makes encouraging hand motion*
Jack: …and it made me feel frustrated, I guess.
Bitty: That’s it, honey. You’re getting better at this.

2) The ridiculous:

Jack: …*hockey stats for 5 straight minutes*
Bitty: You know what I like about you, Mr. Zimmermann? You’re getting so good at talking about your feelings.
Jack: Oh. Sorry.

3) The sublime:

Jack: Bits.
Jack: Your hair is nice.
Jack: This is nice.
Jack: You smell good.
Jack: You feel good.
Jack: I’m happy right now.
Jack: You make me happy, Bits.
Jack: Can we just stay like this?
Jack: For a week or so?
Jack: You’re so cute.
Jack: Are you really here?
Jack: Do you really like me?
Jack: I’m having trouble believing..
Jack: Don’t’ go anywhere.
Jack: I need you.
…… my goodness, honey. You … uh… you’re getting pretty good at talking about your feelings, aren’t you?
Jack: *replies nonverbally*
Bitty: ….yeah, I agree, that’s enough talking for now.