Davina Claire 3x12

I love her? Okay? Like REALLY LOVED HER?

I loved how kind she is to those who were kind to her, she is the type of girl that one you have gain her love and trust, SHE’S GONNA HAVE YOUR BACK FOREVER!

We didn’t see how Cami and Davina’s conversation was when Davina found out about Cami’s new condition, because the show just doesn’t have enough time to show those scenes, BUT I AM COMPLETELY SURE SHE AND CAMI HAVE BEEN TALKING, OKAY! CAMI AND HER HAVE VERY LONG PHONE CONVERSATIONS AND THEY LOVE AND CHEER EACH OTHER! OKAY? FIGHT ME!.

I just love her, I love how even the super old vampires know she is amazing and stubborn and obstinate BUT SHE IS BASICALLY THEIR ONLY HOPE BECAUSE SHE IS FUCKING BRILLIANT AND THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS KINDA FIGURE OUT HOW TO CUT THE LINK WITH THE MIKAELSONS!

I love how much she loves her vamps friends, even if it means lying to a freaking crazy powerful coven of witches. Atta girl.

I just love her,and I NEED A SCENE WITH HER AND KLAUS! Uhg, we almost had it, but nope. 


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