3x11 our town

Klaroline Appreciation Week: Day 1

The moment you started to ship them: 3x11 “Our Town”

I will never forget the moment I started shipping Klaroline.

I had fallen behind on a few episodes at the beginning of Season 3 since I was busy at school, so by the time I was watching 3x11 for the first time, 3x14 had already aired. 

And I had seen all these pictures and gifs popping up on Tumblr from 3x13 (although I didn’t know it was 3x14, I just knew Caroline was looking at a drawing) and so my curiosity was piqued.

I was a fan that was not able to get over Jenna’s death to the point that every time Klaus was on screen, all I could hear in my head was, “I hate you, you killed Aunt Jenna. I hate you, you killed Aunt Jenna,” and that’s what was going on even up until the point that Klaus was walking through the doorway and past Matt and Liz. I thought, “I hate you, you killed Aunt Jenna. I hate you, you killed Aunt Jenna. I hate you, you killed—”

And then suddenly Caroline, weak and vulnerable and dying, croaked out half in fear and half upset, “Are you going to kill me?” And Klaus, in a shockingly (for me at the time) surprised and hurt voice replied, “On your birthday? Do you really think that low of me?”

From that moment on, I was a goner. I seriously have never been more quiet in my whole life (and I am a very loud, very talkative person). I was so enraptured, I don’t even know if I was breathing.

And then there were tears in Klaus’s eyes. And then he was leaning down to whisper the wonders of the world to Caroline. And then he gave Caroline a choice, something that no one up until that point had ever given Caroline. And then Klaus was gently cradling her in his arms.

And a shipper was born.

Klaroline and Epic Quotes

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Every time Klaroline have a scene, we get epic quotes. These are just some of the samples. So what is it going to be in 5x11?? Is this their thing too ;)

P.S. Gifs not mine.

anonymous asked:

why do some people say that if klaroline still happens now it will be 'fanservice'? what does that mean?

Yeah okay… This is something that keeps being mentioned EVERYWHERE. I could just give you the ‘no, it isn’t fan service’ as a reply, because it isn’t, and then move on. But I think that maybe, this needs some explaining. Especially after that interview with Joseph Morgan a while ago, where he basically implied that if Klaroline became canon at this point, it would be fan service.

I think this made plenty of shippers insecure, and even though most of them have moved on from that by now, I think that maybe it’s important to explain why Klaroline has reached a point where (if it happened) it isn’t fan service anymore.

First of all, everyone is using the term wrong. ‘Fan service’ doesn’t have anything to do with certain ships or storylines. Fan service is when they randomly give us a shower scene where Ian Somerhalder is butt naked. Either way, I think the question is; Would the only reason for Klaroline happening be the fact that the fans demanded it?

Now this might be long, if you’re not up for that, just take my ‘no, it isn’t fan service’ as the truth. However, if I can only ease the minds of 2 or 3 Klaroliners who are bothered by this, I think it’s worth it.

Alright, let’s go back to the start. TVD episode 3x11 ‘Our Town’. Here we have it, the scene that started it all:

This is where the foundation of the Klaroline fandom lies. I’m not afraid to say that after this episode, I predict that at least 70% of the fandom was probably interested in seeing what could become of this relationship. I’m also not afraid to say that perhaps already 40% of those people shipped it like overnight delivery from that very moment.

The reactions to Klaroline were surprisingly positive, to put it lightly. Now the writers had 3 options for our beloved couple here:


Let’s start with this one, after all that’s what we’re talking about. I’ll keep using the term even though it isn’t correct in this way, to make sure it is more understandable for everybody. Now, the writers saw how well this Klaroline thing worked, they could’ve made the most of it right away. Had they gone with 'fan service’, Klaus and Caroline would’ve dated/kissed/gone at it like rabbits, within a span of 10 episodes at the most. The writers would’ve given us a little more with each new episode, eventually reaching the point (most likely the end of season 3) where Klaus and Caroline would do the do, to get it over with and out of the way. Or, if Klaroline was truly 'fan service’, Klaus and Caroline could’ve possibly even had goodbye-sex one year later, at the end of season 4 before he left for the spin off. But none of that happened.

2. One time thing.

They could’ve refrained from adding any more Klaroline scenes after 3x11, giving the audience the clear sign that says; Sorry, this was a powerful scene, but this is not the storyline we have in mind for Klaus and Caroline, so we’re choosing to not explore it any further. (If they’d chosen this option, it would’ve been sad because there was lots of potential for this ship, but it would’ve been honest. Also, most shippers would’ve been disappointed, but probably able to let it go. Fair enough.)

3. Giving them a longer story, using a narrative that sets them up as either endgame, or at least a couple that ends up in a serious long-term relationship.

Now, from the fact that some other upcoming Klaroline episodes had already been filmed at the moment that 3x11 was aired (Klaus inviting her to the ball, giving her the dress, drawing her the horse) it’s almost safe to say that option 3 was the plan they went with from the start…

Later on, that was confirmed. After all, by the end of season 4, they could’ve either dismissed Klaroline completely, or given the fans what they wanted by making them bang each other’s brains out. But they didn’t do either of that.

But the fact is; Klaus and Caroline have been each other’s side-plot for NEARLY 2 YEARS now. And I’m going to briefly tell you what that means; It means that the narrative that the writers are using for Klaus and Caroline, are being used in a way that sets them up as endgame (in a way). This is the storyline Julie Plec CHOSE to give them. And the thing that 100% confirmed it for me is that she ended freaking season 4 with ‘I intend to be your last’. Instead, she could’ve ended it there, by the two of them rejecting each other completely. Or they could’ve ended in a Matt/Rebekah kind of way. (Let’s do the do, but now I’m moving on, good luck with your life.) But she didn’t. She dug her own grave by adding the ‘I intend to be your last, however long it takes’ line.

Now here is what that means; If you choose that kind of narrative for 2 characters, you have to eventually DELIVER. It doesn’t have a flying fuck to do with 'fan service’ as this point. As a writer, you’ve written them in a way that sets them up as endgame/a couple in a serious relationship. You’ve been dragging the fans along for nearly two years without dismissing the ship, teasing and hinting episode after episode, therefore you have an obligation to go through with it. The narrative between Klaus and Caroline has to be resolved in one way or another, and up until now that has STILL not happened.

If you are, at this point, still reading, you deserve a medal. :p Other than that, you’re probably now asking yourself the question; ‘Then WHY on earth did Julie Plec break this unwritten rule of TV show writing?

This one is easier to answer; The way I see it, Klaroline was Plan B. I bet you anything that during the second part of TVD season 3/the first part of season 4, the Originals spin off was already being discussed (albeit vaguely, with no green light yet). So they were all for making this new spin off happen, but had they not been given permission, it would’ve been a shame to lose a popular character like Klaus. They would’ve needed something to keep him on TVD even longer (season 5, maybe even 6). The only logical ‘something’ that could do that for Klaus, would’ve been Caroline. And so they left that door open for as long as possible.

But then the spin off was a go, they announced it, and all of the sudden, Klaroline shippers were treated like dirt, pushed aside, and called delusional.

The rest is history. But don’t, FOR A SECOND, let them fool you into thinking that if Klaroline happens after all of this, it is because we DEMANDED it. It would only be fair, and it would basically be Julie Plec finally finishing the story that she herself started, and coming full circle by giving the resolve that she made us believe she had planned from the beginning, seeing as she was hinting at it over and over and over again…


Today, October 8th 2014, it has been a thousand days since 3x11 - Our Town of TVD. Better known as Caroline’s birthday, the first real Klaroline scene and thus for many the start of this marvelous ship.

A thousand days. Guys we reached the four figure numbers!!

So to celebrate this day:

What was for you the moment where you found yourself first shipping Klaroline?