3x09: care

  1. wake up earlier and watch the sunrise
  2. pet more dogs
  3. write more in my journal
  4. smile more (at strangers and friends)
  5. read more books
  6. replace “i’m sorry” with “thank you” when possible
  7. give more compliments
  8. travel !
  9. let go of past mistakes
  10. kiss someone
  11. go to a concert
  12. visit museums and art galleries
  13. spend less time on social media 
  14. stop worrying about numbers (grades, followers, etc)
  15. drink more water
  16. be softer and more full of love
ways to improve your self care

• go on a long walk
• make sure you’re hydrated, you’ve eaten, and you’ve taken your medication
• have an early night
• movie day with ur fav snacks
• shower, moisturise, and put on a cute outfit to make u feel bomb
• do some yoga / meditation
• have a bubble bath
• make ur room cozy (candles, blankets, fairy lights) and relax by reading, playing an instrument, drawing etc.
• meet up with friends if you’re an extrovert, or have some alone time if you’re an introvert