3x07 gerontion

“Sure Carrie. Whatever you need”

Obviously the fangirl in me would like to go all “afdgsh omggg yes he’s so supportive of Carrie!!”. And sure, he is.

But IDK, Peter really didn’t look like he wanted to help to clean Brody’s name. Why is that? Because he doesn’t like Brody? because he doesn’t want Brody in Carrie’s life again? Or because it’s convenient that people keeps believing it was Brody?

What is happening here.

Quinn’s face in this episode is killing me. Because he’s honestly struggling with keep doing “what it needs to be done”. With the guilt of all the things he’s done. With all the shit they do in the name of National Security. He’s so disgusted by everything.

Loving his character development, but I hope this is all just pointing to the fact he wants out of this life, that he can’t do this anymore, or at least not this way, because he feels too burdened.

But this episode is also giving me this uneasy feeling. Javadi talking about the man who planted the bomb and inmediately changing scene to Quinn. Don’t do this to me Homeland, don’t make Quinn be the one that planted the bomb. Just don’t.

Edit: okay, nevermind. I just saw the promo for the next episode, and it looks like we’re going to see the man who planted the bomb and is not Quinn.