3x01: the heart of the truest believer*


3x01 - “The Heart of The Truest Believer”: Sneak Peek 2

Shared moments

I hope you like it. I choose a scene from every episode that Emma and Killian had shared and make a little note about why that moment is special.

It also helps to see their progress.

(Dedicated to youseetherealme and  Revenessa)

2x05: The Doctor

It was the moment they met, when they began their journey together.

2x06: Tallahassee

I love this moment so much because I believe that was the first time that they really connected and shared a little bit of their hearts.

2x09: The Queen of Hearts

In this moment we learned that Killian really was hurt because of Emma’s actions, because he would not have done the same. Someone called it a “scorned lover speech”, his words are really the one of a person that had been betrayed for someone he loves/apreciates.

2x12: In The Name of the Brother

That moment Killian compliments Emma: the woman that he felt betrayed him and he fight in Lake Nostos. Killian couldn’t stop flirting with her not even with his ribs broken.

2x15: The Queen is Dead

Well I included that moment basically for the sake of them sharing air.

2x22: And Straight On ‘Til Morning

In was the second time they connected but this time was more important (at least for me). Emma admitted that they are similar people, because they had been through the same experience. She needs him and his help and cooperation.

3x01: The Heart of the Truest Believer

Emma felt down after Neal death, Henry kidnapping and Rumpelstinkin putting her down. So she isolates herself. But Killian go to her to comfort her. He did not say or did a great display; but he did something really important: he sit with her and share a drink; he let her know that she was not alone in her pain.

3x02: Lost Girl

Emma is not used to people devoted to her, to people sticking around. But Killian is saying that he would love to know more about her, because she is fantastic and interesting.

3x03: Quiet the Common Fairy

I remember that around that scene I made one of my first post. Because we CS shippers enjoy all the moments that Killian and Emma share. And that moment was simply beautiful: Emma is more relaxed and Killian gave her one of that looks that we have grew used.

3x04: Nasty Habits

That moment show again that Emma and Killian understand each other. Killian is letting Emma see his pain, and Emma saw it clearly.

3x05: Good form

Well I don’t think that I need much explanation: Emma and Killian sharing their first kiss. Emma was under a great pressure, and Killian was with her in every step. Emma confesed later that she did it because she was feeling good. And it make Killian admit his feelings for Emma.

3x06: Ariel

That moment was absolutely beautiful. In a few words: Killian is saying how meeting Emma changed his life; like before Emma he was unable to move on. But she changed him.

3x07: Dark hollow

For me is more important that Killian saying that he wants to win Emma’s heart. Emma is doubting herself and her skill. She is not sure if she would rescue Henry. But Killian said her that he never fails, that Emma being Emma is that make her special.

3x08:Think lovely thoughts

Emma is just trying to save his father, and wants Killian to open to her about Liam. But it may be the ony time that Killian refuse to talk about something, because it still hurt so much.

3x09: Save Henry

Killian always has Emma’s back and providing all she asks. He would do his best.

3x10: The New Neverland

I am sure that Emma was looking for Killian, wanting his support. Killian was doing that from far away. Always looking for each other.

3x11: Going home

Regina had not told Emma yet that she would forget, but they know that surely they would not see each other again. Even like that Killian try to cheer up Emma. The beautiful thing: Killian promising that he would be faithful in soul (and he watched in 3x17 also with his body) and Emma aproving of it, of his promise. Because she has feeling for him to.

3x12: New York Serenade

For me is very important. Emma is used to be sacrificed for the greater good. Emma is not annoyed on Killian because he came to her for something related to her family but she wants to know his motivations. Killian said basically that he put her first no matter what.

3x13: Witch Hunt

Again Emma is worried and Killian reasured her that all will be ok

3x14: The Tower

My shipmates had commented that scene better than me, but in resume Hook is saying to Emma that even through the pain she had suffered she is still able to love.

3x15: Quiet Minds

Emma is ordering/asking Killian only using her eyes.

3x16: It’s Not Easy Being Green

For me is one of the most important moment they had shared. Emma shows her concern for Killian, but most important: Emma is trusting Killian with the most important person in her life, Henry, and he assure her that he won’t fail her.

3x17: the Jolly Roger

Emma is saying to Killian that she is tired about not being able to move on, that she wants a new life. And Killian understand and share that.

3x18: Bleeding Through

Emma noticed that Killian is different, depressed and she is trying to cheer him up, like he had done for her in the past.

3x19: A Curious Thing

I don’t like this scene, but is still important. Killian didn’t take the best choises and Emma felt bretayed because she trusted Killian. 

3x20: Kansas

Storybrooke is under the siege of the Wicked Witch Glinda said that only Emma’s white magic could defeat Zelena. But in the moment of the truth Emma would not let Killian die, after all he had done for her, and she couldn’t lost him.

3x21: Snow Drift

Emma is not used to be pampered or treated like a princess. Killian gave her a first experience of it, he danced with her.

3x22: There is no Place Like Home

Killian is saying to Emma that she can’t negate that she is anymore, that is nothing bad in having magic. And when she accepted it he is simply so proud of her.

4x01: A tale of two sisters

Another simply moment. It is adorable seeing them flirting.

4x02: White Out

Killian had lost in tragic circunstances people he loved (Liam, Milah) and he was desperate because he almost lost Emma to. But in that moment Killian broke with the past. He is not loosing Emma. She is back and safe in his arms.

4x03: Rocky Road

Emma is admitting very openly her feeling for him; you don’t say that to someone you don’t love or cares about. He is important for her, and she couldn’t bear loosing him.

4x04: The Apprendice

Emma said to Killian in 2x06 that she couldn’t take the chance that she was wrong about him (she knew that Killian wasn’t lying but she couldn’t trust herself). But now Emma is taking a chance with him, so she go to him to ask for a date.

4x05: Breaking glass

In the past Emma was hesitant about accepting comfort from Killian. But now she had any problems in Killian offering her comfort, she is enjoying it.

4x06: Family business

Well it was not the first time they joked about his age (they did in 4x04), but I have waiting for two season for Emma to do so.

4x07: The Snow Queen

Emma just lost control of her powers, but Killian is only worried about her, he did not pay atention not even to his one security.

4x08: Smash the Mirror

Killian is looking at Emma like she is the sun and the moon. He did not have a heart (he did not feel fully), but his eyes are so intense that Emma’s said that he would put a hole in her head. No matter heart or no heart, he loves Emma.

4x09: Fall

We watched Emma in 2x06 unable to take a chance with Killian. But here she isn’t only taking chances; she ia making an exception to her rule. She is here a tearful goodbye person. She is holding onti him like her life depend on it.

4x10: Shattered sight

They are not together but it touch my heart anyway. Because Killian is supposed to die soon, but he is not pleading for himself. He is only able to think about his Swan

4x11: Heroes and Villains

Isn’t it the most beautiful thing ever that Killian puts his heart in Emma’s hands even after he get it back? He did not put it back himself, he give his heart to Emma: the messege for the viewers is pretty clear; Emma is the owner of Killian’s heart in the most graphic sense