3x01 liberty

Greg: “Amy Acker is not happy.”

Denise: “No. I would not want Root to be mad at me.” 

And so begins one of the best chilling performances Amy gives as Root. 

Denise: “Our Dr. Carmichael here, Bruce Altman, I love when he starts to realize that she actually does knows things about him.  Things she really shouldn’t know and things she would have no way of knowing.” 

Greg: “I think her spiel is an excellent reason why more people might be concerned about the loss of their privacy.” 

Root: “Would you like to know the truth, doctor? About what we’re arguing over? Whether or not I’m gonna kill you.”

Soooo yeah, look at that face, terrifying indeed. The only reason why Root hasn’t painted the walls with the doctor’s brains was because the Machine told her not to. The Machine is literally Root’s morality. 

This is why I never believed her when she claimed she doesn’t like killing people. She may not ‘like’ killing but she doesn’t mind killing either and for her line of work, most of the time for Root killing people is the most expedient. 

(”Plus, paying those two to kill Tomas is cheaper than paying all three.” - Honor Among Thieves.

Root also killed a man who worked for her simply because he saw her face, also turned out she never paid the guy too. Root doesn’t like paying for things out of her own pocket.)

But really look at that face, Root was dead serious when she said the only thing keeping the doctor alive was the Machine.  

I can fully believe that the way Root was staring/glaring at the doctor in the first two photos? She’s imagining all the ways she would kill him, if she were allowed. 

BAMF Reese!

Reese&Carter scenes

“You’re looking kinda badass in that uniform” and
“You know if you ever need help, you just need to call me right?”

Fusco, the carriage driver

BAMF Shaw!

Root’s new square

“Uncle Harold”?

Carter, Elias and Scarface!

“Thanks for helping my boss”.

The bomb!

Fusco saving the day!

Scarface showing up, picking things up and whistling calmly.

That end!