transition so far.. oh boy.

so i started taking t about 3.5 weeks ago, 3 shots so far.

shot 1: i got the first shot standing up and was fine pretty well the whole time. when she was done I stepped away and immediately blacked out. 

needless to say i wasn’t feeling the excitement and adrenaline i had been hoping for.

shot 2: i was really nervous going in the second time but made sure i had eaten and had a smoothie to prevent a repeat situation. and then there was the doctor. my doctor was not in the clinic so she had a placement i’m pretty sure i was the first trans person he ever met. he was so confused. it was like this guy looked at an infographic on what is not appropriate to ask/say to a transperson. after several awkward questions and too many uncomfortable silences he gave me the shot. i think it was pure rage that kept me from passing out

shot 3: thankfully this one was completely uneventful. my doctor was back and seemingly mortified by the guy the week before.

i feel like the rough start in the beginning has hindered me in really enjoying this process.