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A/N: here it is!! this took forever to craft but i’m so so happy w how it turned out and this is just the beginning! i hope you all love it as much as i do <3

wc: ~4.5K

witch! hobi | witch!yoongi

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to you, i thee wed (chapter three)

They didn’t know they were marrying each other until the bride got to the altar. And then panic ensued. Married at First Sight AU.


Part: 1 2 3

WC: 4.3K

Special shoutout to @booksfullofme, @sarahcada, and @panda013 for editing!

(this chapter contains sucide mention in scene two)

Marinette stands outside her parent’s bakery early on a foggy morning. Her hands are buried deep in the pockets of her teal peacoat, her neck warmed up with a snug scarf. Tikki is wrapped up in the scarf too, humming a jingle as Marinette hesitates outside the glossy glass door. The keys to the bakery are already tangled in her fingers, but Marinette’s nerves have nailed her to the concrete sidewalk.

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“Expensive Tickets” Pt. 4

@bangtansonyeon-trash, the end is finally here!

 And for those who haven’t read the previous parts– click the links below. :) (Personally, I like the first part the best. LOL.) Enjoy! 

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WC: 691

“So, where’s your boyfriend?” Bobby hovers over you and reaches for the top shelf. “It’d be nice if he was here to help you, wouldn’t it?” He winks, handing you the reindeer mug. Ever since you started working at the café, your co-worker has been invading your space, asking about your boyfriend, your hobbies, your future aspirations, etc.

“Thanks…” you mutter. “But I could’ve grabbed that. That’s why we have a ladder, right here.” You point to the step stool in between the cabinets.

“I’m right here, (Y/N). There’s no need for extra work.” He leans towards you from across the counter and smiles, looking straight into your eyes. You turn away, attempting to make the remaining customer’s hot chocolate. “It’s a shame that you and I are stuck here on New Year’s Eve–” Bobby eyes the Christmas adorned café. “Practically alone.”

‘Is this what they call harassment at work?’ You think to yourself.  

“How about we close the shop and–” You bite your lips and slam the hot cocoa unto the counter, surprising both Bobby and the customer.

“Happy New Year, ma’am.” You grit through your teeth. She scatters out of the café, mumbling to herself.

“You okay?” Bobby rotates in his stool, following you as you disband the bowtie of your red apron and throw it down on the counter.

“No, Bobby. I’m not.” You state loud and clear. You face his ocean blue eyes with your fiery gaze, burning his perverted little soul. “This—being here with you– is not how I want to end my year.” You slide your arms through the sleeves of your jacket and grab your bag.

“Where do you think you’re going, (Y/N)? We’re open til midnight!” You walk out with your hands up in the air, like a boss.

“Like you said, Bobby—you’re practically alone.” And you slammed the door shut.

You went home to pack your things. As if all the stars in heaven aligned and fell magically into your romantic favors and as if the truth hit you in the face like bird diarrhea hitting you on a glorious day, you bought yourself a one way ticket to Korea to see your boyfriend.

No answer. Your butt presses against the hard seats of the airport lobby. Family and friends greet each other with smiles, hug, and kisses. You look down at the one way ticket and smile. But the smile soon turns into a quiver, followed by a sudden wetness.

Tear blobs invade your cheeks. You wipe them away, furiously, but it turns into an unstoppable faucet, instead. Bystanders whisper amongst you. You try to stop but it just won’t.

“Pardon? Miss.” The ooze of your snot stretches from the back of your hand as you turn to face the voice. “Would you like a napkin?” Jungkook holds out a tissue packet from the plane. You chuckle, red-nosed and ugly looking.

“Jungkook ah?” Jungkook dabs away your fallen tears. “Wh-what are you doing here?” You choke. He holds your face in his warm palms and takes a good long, examination of you before answering.

“You better not cry, you better watch out—cause Santa Kookie is coming to town~” He sings. You suck in your snot, making a nasty sound.

“I’ve missed you, you idiot. I bought a plane ticket to just see you!” Jungkook pulls you tightly into his chest, making you suffocate in his puffer jacket.

“But I’m right here, (Y/N). Do you still want to go to Korea?” You inhale, taking in his warm, woodsy scent. “Because if you want, I don’t mind taking you back with me.” He giggles as you hit him lightly.

And forever how long, you two stayed in the airport lounge—trapped inside the glass building while the snow blizzard picked up.

“Say, (Y/N).” Jungkook drinks his cup of caramel macchiato. “They’re cancelling all flights because of the blizzard. Are you going to return your ticket for tonight?” You look down at the tickets and back into Jungkook’s round, glistening eyes and realize.

“Expensive tickets, huh?” A smile across your face expands, thinking back on the day you first met BTS.


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A/N: i’m in this lovely hobi groupchat and we were discussing how soft hobi’s hair is in spite of it being dyed all the time and we got to talking about what we’d do if we were hobi’s hairdresser and this happened. shout out to all my hobi gc angels without whom this fic would not be possible. i love you all so much <3

wc: ~5.1K

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Something in the way she moves
Attracts me like no other lover
Something in the way she woos me…

A/N: so this was based off a bunch of posts on peach of my friends’ commentary of this picture. i sort of fell in love with the idea of an art school fic but i had a terrible time deciding between all the boys so this may become a series? we’ll see, but for now i hope you guys like this one! and i’m sorry i’ve been so absent but i’ve literally been working on this day and night since i finished the drabbles. i’m gonna do a few requests after this so if you’ve been waiting, i’m sorry but they’re coming soon!! love you all <3

wc: ~7.5K

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Three way Cuddles :: Kay, Eden, and Jackson

Kay was busy trying to figure out hot to fix her xbox. She got the red ring of death, one of the most horrific sights a young gamer could endure, and now she was stuck in her living room, trying to take her xbox apart, and then put it back together again. It took a few tries, since the last time she did it she had a boyfriend to do it for her, a guy named Neil, who she actually didn’t like all that much, but now she had to do it by herself, and she was stuck. She sighed and leaned back against the couch, smiling a little when her kitten, Link, hopped into her lap and curled up in a ball, meowing up at her, and she stroked his back, leaning her head against the couch. It had been days since she talked to Bobby, and it was driving her insane, she didn’t know if he wanted to be with her, or if he just wanted them to be friends and move on. It was all so confusing and she was at her wits end. She sighed again when she heard a knock at her door, knowing it was either Eden or Jackson. Both of them were going to move in with her for the time being so she wouldn’t have to be all alone in the huge cabin, and she was thankful to have made such amazing friends. She picked up Link, and held him in one arm as she made her way over to the front door, smiling at the sight of Eden. “Hey you,” She said, and grabbed one of the girls bags, making her way back into the house, setting Link down when the door was closed, and he ran off up the stairs. “Sorry about the mess,” She said, looking down at the mangled xbox on the coffee table. “I was trying to fix it.” She laughed a little, looking back at Eden, noticing how upset she seemed. “Are you okay?”