See You Then (Ron x Reader)

summary: ron catches y/n staring and it boosts his ego a little too much.

requested: 1 & 22 with Ron? :) <3

warings: none (possibly some swearing)

pairing: ron x reader


1.“You know, if you’re going to stare at me, you could at least do it while I’m not looking.”

22. “Stop it.” “What is it that you’d like me to stop?” “Smirking at me like that.” “Like what?“ “… Stop it!”


You hadn’t realized you’d been staring. Or, okay maybe you had, but Ron noticing was the last thing you expected to happen- though to fair, you weren’t exactly being subtle. 

You couldn’t help it. He had a look on his face that hinted that he was concentrating quite hard, though you had no idea what on. Snape was lecturing the class about their lack of any kind of skill, or something along those lines, which wasn’t the kind of thing that required the amount of focus he seemed to be giving it.

His brows were furrowed, and his head was positioned in such a way that you could see how his jaw shifted in tune with his breathing. You were so distracted by this that you didn’t even notice that he had turned towards you, and had remained in that direction for some time- clearly waiting for you to look away. 

 After a minute of mutual staring, the corner of Ron’s mouth turns up into a smirk that you weren’t used to seeing on his face. You feel yourself flush, even before he leans across the aisle. “You know, if you’re going to stare at me, you could at least do it while I’m not looking.”

Your mouth drops open for a second, as you search from some kind of excuse as to why you had been staring at him so intently. “I was just-”

“Mr. Weasley, if you would save your flirting for outside of my classroom.”

Ron straightens up, though the smirk doesn’t leave his face as he sneaks a glance at your still flustered expression. You meet his gaze for a second before forcing your eyes to  Snape, who had continued his rampage, now adding in a part about the “obvious disrespect that was being shown in his classroom.”

You didn’t even have to look to know that Ron’s smirk was still there. “Stop it.” you whisper, when Snape has his back turned to the two of you. 

He arches an eyebrow at you, a look of feigned innocence plastered on his face. “What is it that you’d like me to stop exactly?”

“Smirking at me like that.” you shoot back, even though you knew he knew exactly what you meant. 

His smirk only widens. “Like what?”

“…Stop it!” your voice unintentionally raises a few octaves, drawing the attention of the surrounding classmates. You feel your blush grow as you shrink in your seat, completely ready for the bell to ring. 

“You seem to be awfully flustered over someone you once said reminded you of a rodent.”

“We were thirteen.” you scowl at him. “And I’m not flustered.”

“Really? Have you just run a marathon then? Because you’re cheeks are quite red.”

You shoot him a look, deciding that perhaps talking wasn’t the smartest thing for you to do at the current moment, as you were only seeming to prove his point. 

Eventually, the bell does ring, though it takes much longer than you would’ve liked. You’re fully prepared to sprint towards the door, but Ron stops you before you even have time to pull out your chair. “So…” he fiddles with your quill, and you watch him, despite that being the very thing that was the cause of your class-long embarrassment. “What are you doing this weekend?”

Your heart flutters, and for a moment you’re afraid he heard it. “Not sure… Why?”

“Well, I was thinking we could hang out… If you’re free, that is?”

“Hang out how?” you ask carefully, not wanting to get the wrong idea.

Clearly that was the right thing to say, because his cocky smirk reappears. “Like a date, I suppose.” 

“Oh. U-Um yeah. I’m free I guess.”

He looks at you for another second, his eyes seeming to be searching for something in yours, before grinning- a genuine grin this time. He takes a step back  from your desk, setting down your quill. “Alright, cool. See you then, Y/N.”

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sexting (peter x reader and a bit of  wade x reader)

Prompt: you’re  at you best friends house and that’s  where you meet someone special. 

A/N : who wouldn’t want to hand out with Wade and Peter, I would love to ;) hope you enjoy, love ya<3

waring: Wade( ya’ll know what I mean)

You were at your best friends Wade’s house, even with your age gap you and Wade got along together really well, you were an avenger so Wade would always ask you to introduce him to them even thought he would come to the avenger’s tower out of nowhere all the time. You were the youngest avenger so it made sense when they would get a bit overprotective when Wade would come over or you go to his place, but the team liked Wade they just didn’t want to admit it. “ So prune face what are gonna do today,” you told Wade as you sat next to him on another side of the sofa “well little hormonal teenager I have a guest over that is your age so he will be joining us today’’ “really who?” you asked when you heard a knock at the door “oh  I think it’s him’’ Wade said walking to the door “It better no be Loki I told you he is like a 1000 years old and I only dressed up like horse once-’’ you stopped talking when you saw a boy that looked your age walked in. He was pretty cute you thought to yourself  “Y/N this is spidey and spidey this is Y/N” you looked at the boy in front of you “Hey” you said as you looked at Wade who was making kissy faces in back of Peter “ h-Hey I’m Peter, not spidey” he said a bit nervous that your friend just told you his secret identity ‘’ it’s ok Mr. big mouth over here told me everything” you said smirking at Peter. You and Peter became good friends really fast.

*time skip* so this is the part after civil war so Peter is an avenger

“I can’t believe they took spidey in and not me and I know them before him and not to forget its was because of me that you meet him Y/N,” Wade said looking at his stuffed Unicorn, you were currently video chatting him “ are you done ranting now? you asked looking at your phone to check Peter’s text “ yes I am thank you for listing” Wade said “ anytime’’ you said but you were cut off by Wade ‘’I wasn’t talking to you I was talking to uni” he said looking at you throw his phone “ oh Peter and Y/N stop sexting each other” you saw Peter on the other side of the sofa blushing like crazy through Wade’s phone. Then he start’s touching Peter’s leg and go’s “ Y/NNNN are you jealous that I am with your boyfriend hmm’’ then Peter slapped Wade’s hand and took his phone “ hey babe I am coming over right now” he said that giving wade his phone back and leaving Wade’s house “ pussy” Wade said then saw that Clint who was in back of you “who are you talking to Y/N?” Clint said looking down at your laptop “hiiiii Clint” Wade said with a big smile “ oh not again” Clint whispered to himself, you couldn’t help but giggle.

*Y/N has ended the chat* 

“pussy” Wade said looking at his unicorn “let’ go have some fun uni" 

Just keep swimming (John x Reader)

@bacon-ilton requested this one! I hope its what you were looking for!! Keep requests coming in <3

Warings: None

Summer was everyone’s favorite time of year. No school. Great weather. And oh yeah! Work. choosing to be a lifeguard was one of the best and worst decisions of your life. You made a lot of money but, it was so hard to stay focused when  your friends showed specifically to distract you.

“(Y/N) pssst.”

Ignoring Alexander you kept scanning the water until the other guards signalled it was time to switch places. You got to the new station and your friends had placed themselves right under you. Shit. Having them there alone was distracting but, with john there you didn’t know how long you’d be able to keep your eyes off his gorgeous torso. You kept scanning anywhere but where they were. That was until you heard Lafayette,

“Uh, (Y/N), I think laurens is drowning…” You immediately shot your eyes to them ready to kill hin if he was lying but, laurens was under the water. You blew your whistle and dived in to get him out. Partly freaking out as well.

“Shit,shit shit shit shit. John you are not allowed to die.”

You started doing mouth to mouth in order to make sure he was still breathing. Not even five seconds after your lips had touched his when you went to pull away to do chest compressions, you felt hands go to your face and pull you back. Wait, what? You pulled back and he was smirking that stupid attractive smirk and he just winked at you.

“You fucking didn’t.”

He just started laughing and you got up and saw your boss standing there, he tended to come watch when there was a save, just in case. Tears were starting to form in your eyes. He had faked drowning, yes it was to kiss you but, you thought he was dying! You walked over to your boss and asked if you could go home. Your shift was almost over it should be fine. He let you leave and you went to grab your stuff. When you got out to the parking lot you saw Laurens waiting for you while the rest of the group was by Alexanders car. You walked straight to your car.

“(Y/N),” You walked right past him.

“(Y/N)! I’m sorry I just didn’t know how to tell you I liked you!” You stopped, he liked you? You were suddenly overjoyed but, you remember what he did.

“Is that how you tell every girl you like her? Pretend to FUCKING DROWN?”

“I jus-”

“No, do you know how worried I was when Laf said that? I was freaking out because I thought you were going to die and I was never going to be able to tell you I liked you. So i’m on the verge of a panic attack just so you can make a move on me?”

He went silent. You turned and went back to your car. Yes you were obsessed with him but, this was insane. You went back to work the next day and did your shift. It was a slow day which you were thankful for, and your friends didn’t show up. When you left you saw Laurens standing by your car.


“Your blocking my car.”

“(Y/N), please just hear me out.”

“What, what could you possibly say right now to fix,”

He put a finger to your mouth to shush you.

“(Y/N), you’re the most beautiful, funny, confident, outstanding girl I know. I’ve liked you since the day you said you were gonna kick thomas’s ass for messing with Alex, even though he deserved it. You put a smile on everyone’s face because you’re so positive and happy. I know I don’t deserve it, or you, but i’d really like it if you’d let me take you on a date. Also, I got these for you because yesterday, god I messed up so bad I don’t even know why I di-” You pressed your lips to his and circled your arms around his neck. He stood there in shock before his arms went around your waist, flowers still in hand. When you pulled back your foreheads rested against each others.

“I’ve liked you since you said you could take Herc just to end up in a headlock.”

Both of you laughed and he kissed your nose.

“So, are we okay? You forgive me for yesterday?”

“We’re more than good and, you can buy me pizza for yesterday.”


That night you went on the first date of many and he never stopped making it up to you.