16 Domesti-cute au ideas

We are rival stores that are set across from each other but your pranking to make my shop less likeable than yours is going from annoying to adorable. oh no.

We meet in a supermarket and I can’t reach the best brand of gummy worms on the top shelf and you offer to help, I see your tummy from under your shirt- oh my god that’s hot.

The restaurant messed up our meals and we are sitting at tables next to each other. It wouldn’t hurt to swap- oh you already ate some of mine? That’s ok, want to share?

You’re enrolling your child into the day care and I’m their teacher. I fall in love with your kid, and maybe you too.

I hire you as a linguist so I don’t have to learn too much of another language while I’m overseas because it’s such a short notice trip, and you embarrass me the entire time but it’s also really cute.

I get dance lessons as a joke from a sibling, parent etc but decide to go anyway to spite them, and you’re there too but you are super shy and just want to be good for your family members’ wedding. Here let me help you- oops we fell on top of each other.

We Meet at my nieces/nephews birthday party and your the parent of one of their friends. Wanna go play pass-the-parcel too?

I find you laying in the middle of a field after I’m finishing my jogging- I’ve never seen you on my route before- you’re cute too- hey how are yo- woah I’m so sorry I scared you I didn’t mean to interrupt your daydreaming god I’m a hot sweaty mess.

You come in for a business meeting and I go to shake your hand but as I reach out you trip and fall directly into my arms. Turns out you went to the wrong building anyway- i ask my secretary about the adorable person who just fell into my arms not two minutes ago and call you up for a date.

I work at footlocker and I see you looking for a pair of shoes. I help you find a pair and crack a joke about what big feet mean (big socks) and you look offended at first but by the end of the purchase you lean over and whisper, “I was expecting ‘big shoes, big dick’ but whatever”- you left your phone number on the receipt.

I accidentally give you a horrible haircut at a hairdressers oh my god I’m so sorry let me make it up to you! Dinner? Ok.

I’m an underground indie artist and I also own a record store. I’ve never seen you here before- wait you know who I am? You like my music? Aw thanks- want to go get a cup of coffee later?

You ask for the weirdest tattoo I’ve ever seen in my life and I’m assigned to put it on your body- I’m terrified as to where I’m putting this strange piece of work and I fret up until the moment I realise you want it on your ankle. You like it so much you want to take me out to lunch? Uh ok, sure weird tattoo guy.

We both enter the same store and i accidentally close the door on your hand and break your fingers oh my god I’m so sorry I’m taking you to the hospital right now 'no ifs ands or buts mister’
Oh you think me saying buts is funny? How immature are you really?

I find you sleeping inside one of the bathtubs at this furniture store- what do you mean you do this all the time? You try out the value of things by sleeping in them? God you’re weird. Wanna date?

I have no idea why I am at a stupid prophets (oracles whatever they are called’s) place anyway, but here I am- what? My true love will be your next customer? You’re kidding right? What a waste of money- hey wait they’re kinda adorable.

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To every couple-- when was the moment when you realized you were in love with the other?

I think this might be the most fun I’ve had, not to mention the most times I’ve smiled, while doing an ask. Thanks so much for this one!