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The “SansPapy” day is something from the Japanese Fontcest fandom, this day (8th of March) is dedicated for people who ship Dom!Sans/Sub!Papyrus. There will be another day in 3th of August which is for the reverse “PapySans” day (Dom!Papyrus/Sub!Sans). Now would you excuse me I am gonna dive into Twitter to eat up all the good ship art just for todaaaaaaaay.

[You can find the Bone Brothers Shipment Meme in here]

andwhenuwakeup  asked:

Hi is the 3th day that I binged. Have I a binge disorer? I ate more than 800 cals per day. I feel like a shit. And everyday told myself that tomorrow I'll fast but isn't the truth

3 days isn’t that much of you just not put it off to tomorrow and just say today you will be good. But binging isn’t bad it means your hungry and your body is craving something. And 800 isn’t that much. You will be fine love just relax ❤️ stay safe lovely

#RelembrandoPremiereUncleBrasil2015 | Terceiro dia no Brasil: mais entrevistas, momentos com os fãs e a inesquecível premiere do Cine Roxy. Henry Cavill e Armie Hammer fizeram questão de agradecer ao Brasil por todo o carinho recebido.
Portal Henry Cavill BR estava lá, quem mais?

3th day in Brasil: more interviews, moments with fans and the unforgettable premiere at Cine Roxy. Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer thanked to Brasil for all our caring. Portal henry Cavill was there, obviously

The Queen

(When you can’t sleep, you write caryl season finale drabbles)

He began to wonder if she was just a dream. Some fever-fuelled wish fulfilment. Maybe he was still in that putrid cell. Maybe he’d never left, never found her again and all of this was a hallucination. Maybe Negan had brought Lucille down so hard on his head he’d died instantly and this was his heaven - Carol riding to his rescue, looking like some Greek warrior goddess.

But no, they’d touched. It was fleeting and awkward with her body armour in the way, but once the Saviors had fled she’d rushed to him and pulled him into a quick hug. It only lasted a second before she was gone again, running after Rick to check on Michonne.  He’d been pulled in the opposite direction by a Savior who had turned and grabbed at Scott’s leg as they rounded up the bodies.

Now the smoke had settled, and he and Aaron had just dragged the last body onto the pile for burning. He’d walked away as Gabriel lit the pyre and the all too familiar smell of burning flesh filled the air.

The smoke followed him as he walked towards the house. Rick’s house. Their house. Her house. He didn’t know anymore, he just knew it felt like home to him. Though less so without her.

When he’d walked into that house where she’d hidden away, the word home had wafted up his nostrils with the smell of her cooking, and wrapped around his heart with the sight of her book on the table. But he’d left it because she wasn’t ready for it to be “home” for him. She’d let him in, but her eye had always been on her watch and her hand on the door.

He bumped into Carl who was rushing to pick up some supplies for the infirmary. He updated Daryl on Michonne’s status before vanishing again into the distance.

The smoke from the pyre was caught up in a wind that whirled round him and blinded his view for a moment. When it cleared he saw her, sitting on the steps slowly peeling the armour from her arms.

She looked up and greeted him with a small smile that shot through him. She was real.

“Carl says Michonne is doing good. It’s mostly swelling, no lasting damage,” he said as he sat down next to her, his hip pressing against hers, giving a solidity to her existence.

“That’s good, I’m glad,” Carol nodded, continuing to focus on the fastenings on her armour.

“Where’s Ezekiel?” He tried to sound casual. It didn’t matter to him, he was just asking, nothing in it.

Carol looked up the sidewalk into the distance as if she could see him. “Looking for someplace that’ll be fit for a King and tiger to spend the night, I think.”

There was a humour in her voice he’d missed. He guessed he had done that for her. The jealousy ran cold water through his veins but he fought it like he’d fought so much else recently.

Yet, he couldn’t help asking.

“You’ll be heading back with him in the morning?”

“I dunno…” The humour was gone in her answer.

Suddenly he hated himself for asking. Don’t ask the question if you can’t stand to hear the answer, idiot.

The silence between them grew, as she looked down at her hands then began to peel off the fingerless gloves that were covered in Savior blood. They hadn’t lost anyone this time, it had been a miracle. She was a miracle.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” She broke the silence, and balled her gloves together, turning them over and over in her hands.

“Couldn’t.” He knew this would come up, knew she’d find out eventually, he’d just wanted to hold it off as long as possible. “When I saw how you was… how you didn’t want to kill no more. I knew what you’d do… knew you’d do this… And i didn’t want you to. Not until you was ready. Not unless it didn’t hurt you more.

"It didn’t,” she said quietly, and ripped at the velcro holding her breast plate secure at her side.

“No?… no…” He knew why, had thought that back at that house. It was just a matter of time, he could tell the way Ezekiel spoke about her - the same way he wanted to speak about her but his stupid brain wouldn’t let him. “Guess Ezekiel helped you.”

“He did… some… a pomegranate helped too.” There was the humour again, she was smiling - he could hear it. He wanted to look at her but knowing it was someone else making her smile like that just hurt too much.

It sounded like a private joke, something only she and he shared. He thought of “Nine lives” and “Gotta be”, and yearned to hear her say “pookie”. But it was too late. He’d been a fool too long. Too little too late. Always his problem.

“Oh, looks like Ezekiel may have found a candidate for his queen!” Carol said.

Daryl looked up and saw she was looking off into the distance, where Ezekiel had emerged from one of the houses, with Shiva and Carrie by his side. The red-head tossed her hair, looking for all the world like a tiger on the prowl. She placed a hand on Ezekiel’s arm, but pulled it back quickly when Shiva turned her head to her. Still, she kept pace with the King and his pet as he gesticulated at the world around him, pontificating about something or other as they vanished round the corner.

Carol was still watching the spot where they had been, as Daryl wrestled with the whirling thoughts in his mind.

“Queen, so… that’s not you then?”

Her head whipped round as his question and she broke into a bemused grin.

“Queen? Me? You mean Ezekiel’s queen? Haha no, I don’t think the throne is a good fit.” She chuckled as she spoke, looking Daryl up and down in a way he found utterly confusing, but which made the colour in his cheeks rise.

He felt foolish for assuming, but there was something else too that was pushing its way to the surface.

“I thought… he helped you… you and him… the house…” Words fell out of his mouth before he could string a coherent thought together.

She shook her head no and continued to smile at him for a moment before turning her head away again.

Daryl looked at the asphalt below his feet and wished it would open up and swallow him.

He felt her move beside him and realised she’d ducked to pull the breast plate over her head, and she let it clatter to the ground. She sat up straight and took a deep breath as though the armour had been a corset, preventing her flling her lungs as she’d like.

“Glenn and Maggie,” she said out of nowhere. “You know, they never let any of this change them. They never let it touch what they had together. It didn’t matter to them at all that they could be ripped apart any minute. It didn’t stop them being who they were, being together. Their love for each other made it all worth it. It was what they were fighting for… The good makes the bad worth it, if you let it.”

“That what he taught you? Or was that the pomegranate?” he asked, trying to keep the tone light.

She gave a small laugh again.

“That was the pomegranate, mostly.”

The silence fell on them again. Daryl tried to take stock of the conversation so far, but his brain faltered and all he could focus on was her smile when she shook her head no. She wasn’t Ezekiel’s queen…

“But you will be going back to that house? To the Kingdom?” he broached the topic again, prepared this time to deal with whatever answer came. If she left, he wanted to know where to find her. And he would find her.

“That depends…” she paused and rubbed her fingers between the armour plate on her knee and her jeans. “On you.”

He could feel she was looking at him, but suddenly he was terrified to lift his head. He kept his eyes glued to the spot her fingers had been, staring intently at the worn denim, the splash of blood and the black kevlar. They all seemed to lose context and became three colours dancing in front of his eyes.

Before he knew it the colours were replaced with blue as he looked up and met her eyes.

So many questions formed in his mind but fell to the ground before they reached his lips.

She got there first.

Closing the distance, her look softening as she neared before her eyes slid closed and she pressed her lips to his. Softly. Gently. For a moment. Maybe two. Three. And then they were gone as she pulled back and looked at him, a teasing smile playing on her reddened lips. She looked like Becky Reilly had done that day in 3th grade when she’d stolen a kiss from him and given him her chocolate kiss in exchange.

Only then was he aware of her hand on his cheek, as it slowly slid down. Instantly he missed it’s warmth and wanted it back.

Her smile turned serious. “I’m sorry for sending you away, for leaving, for not letting you in. I’m sorry for not telling you it’s you. You’re what I’m fighting for.”

She looked bashful again, embarrassed by her own words. Words that were the most beautiful Daryl had ever heard. Words that he wanted to match but didn’t know how. The touch of her lips had stolen them all. There was only one way to get them back.

He leaned forward quicker then he intended and crushed his lips against hers, holding onto her arms for support. In a moment she parted her lips and brought them together again against his, and his body turned to water. His grip loosened, his body sagged and it was all he could do to keep breathing.

He didn’t know how long that kiss lasted. It could have been a few seconds or a few decades.

When he pulled back her cheeks were flushed and she reached up to brush the hair from his face before cupping his cheek.

“You. It’s always been you,” he finally returned, before she kissed him again and stole all his words.

3th day cameee-                                                                                              BIAS LAUGHING/ SMILING- I enjoyed searching for Toma smiling photos. For me his smile is most charming, most cute, most sexy most beautiful smile in the world. It is said that everybody has one celebrity who make your day better, for me it is smiling Ikuta, or just Ikuta :3 :3 :3 

collage is mine!! 

3th day with Toma *3*

On this day i want introduce you Toma’s dearest people !! Yes friends and family are very very important for him… He loves his parents. Once he said:

” I am really gratefull to my parents. Even we were not very rich, they always try to give me and my bro everything!!! They raised our properly and we become good adults thanks to them….”

Toma respect and love people around him…
He said he really treasure every friendship. He had the best memories with his high school friends..
“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends…Jane Austin
I know he has a lot of non celebrity friends as well… but lets talk about his celebrity friends XD

Toma is very lovable person so he has a lot of friends.. but as he said he has about 3 best friends…—--Yamapi, Jun Matsumoto and Shun Oguri
( I must admit i missed a lot of from TomaPi and aslo some Junma moments XD but Shunma i know the best hahaha )

I think no one can forget about TOMAPI… they were so close…  They have opposite personalities but they matched perfectly together XD XD  ( They even went to same high school and Matsumoto Jun too…)
I remember when Toma said he and Yamapi argued a lot in the past… Toma is perfectionalist and Yamapi is so carefree. Toma was pissed of his careless attitude XD Etc: They arguead about shoes for their concert ( lol Toma wanted to change shoes but Yamapi said it is troublesome so just 1 pair is enough)
Well a lot of people really shipped them and ship them XD XD

I read a some stories and watched TV show where Toma talked about Yamapi XD
Their relationship was so cloooose that MC asked Toma if he and Yamapi dating XD
Then also question for Yamapi was what is Toma waekness… Yamapi said: I am Toma waekness XD
And there is also that legendary mysterious necklace which Yamapi give to Toma… I know Toma really treasures it… He wore it on magazines covers and on TV shows too…

( BUT… it can be again just my personal opinion but it looks like they are kinda not so close as before.I know they are adult men and also very busy… XD XD XD Well i think hey are still good friends :3 )

Then we have another long friendship with Matsumotoooooooooo JUN XD XD ( almost 19 years)
For me as fan of Arashi i really like this relationship… I like how Toma call him Matsujun XD XD as he was a memeber of Arashi XD Jun is the the most close to Toma from all Arashi members….
Toma and Jun has a a lot of in common… He and Jun go drink very often… (We can see them with Shun Oguri too XD XD)

Well i remember story where Toma said that MJ invited him to his new apartman XD. Jun showed him even his bedroom where Toma find something interesting XD ( LOOL i dont want imagine why they ended in bedroom XD XD MJ is yabaii hahaha). Sooo Toma spotted funny little lamp next to the bed. The lamp was like legs of female tango dancer… XD and the Top of lamp looked like dress.. (Toma was LOOL so hard in that TV show.. sorry i forgot name, maybe Kinki kids ??)

Then another funny story is about how Toma liked Jun perfume ( LOOOL Toma really love good smell haha… even sawger like Toma want J´s choice XD ) Toma asked him where he bought it XD. Next time they met MJ was angry on Toma that he bought same perfume XD And since that day MJ stopped to use that perfume XD XD

Well i can not help but i MUST mention TomArashi XD
I know all from Arashi like Toma and he likes them… He is just like 6th unofficial member…Is it only me or he calls each member another way?? For example: Ohno-san ( but he try to call him Ohno-kun lol) – he respect him the most, Matsujun and Sho-kun- very close relationship ( DRINKING BUDDIES LOL) Aiba-chan- close friends too ( friends for 19 yrs)  haha AND then Nino- well jut NINO XD ( ??)  hmm well this 2 are absolute opposite characters but still friends

I love how atmosphere change when he is guest in their show…  He is like revived… He seem more hyper and happier when he is with them XD And they look at him as their younger bro… I love it!!!I love this brotherhood XD XD Haha and the most funny is how he always defeat them in VSA (Vs Arashi XD)

I know this feeling is for both sides bittersweet… I feel they also know and feel awkward about past… But Toma and Arashi are best as they are.. I am happy he is not in Arashi so he can concentrate in his acting career!!! But also Arashi are the best as they are :) :)

And last the legendary duoShunXToma or SanoX Nakatsu OR Tat-chanXIkuo ( I cant decide which duo i love the most lol XD)

I remember how Toma said they get to know each other… They were in some radio show… That time they did know each other well ( it was before Hana Kimi XD) Toma said: „I thought this man was sooooo annyoing XD XD but It takes me some time to like him as friend haha“

They really become so close during Hana KImi… Well after 12 ( and maybe more ) times kissing you really change your attitude towards someone lol. Shun enjoyed it. He said Toma lips were so soft.. XD ( kyaa envious of Shun :P) — Homo ja naii!!!! XD XD XD
Well their friendship is really nice and  close. Shun invited Toma to his wedding in Hawaii. And after his daughter was born he let unlce Toma to take care after her :3 :3 ( kyaa how a lucky baby ) Toma also often hang out with Shun and his wife during dinner…

Toma is also close to Shunsuke Kazama, Jin Akanishi or Masaki Okada

Well and I forgot to mention someone really important!!!! Toma little brother RYUUSEI!!!! This two really have good and nice relationship. You can feel true brother love from them ( kyaa their are so cute together, Ryuusei is so shy and respects his big Aniki… And Toma is so casual and try to calm  down his lil bro XD kyaa so sweet)  :3 Even they are busy still can find time to meet!! They are very very close… They even was in Osozoki no himawari and then in some TV shows!!! ( God bless director of Osozoki…. XD)

I cant forget one TV show where Toma was guest… His bro Ryuusei told that when they were little they took bath together… Toma said to Ryuusei he will shower his hair. So Ryuusei closed his eyes XD And then… Toma peed on him ( OK when i was watching this i was really shocked and amused in same time XD XD XD Poor Ryuusei) hahaha

Well everybody loves Toma, he is such perfect son, brother, friend, actor… PERSON!!!! ( he is my inspiration :3) I am so happy he is surrounded by awesome people who loves him :3
I wish one day he find real love and have nice family… He will be awesome hubby and daddy *3*
As he said: “ I dont wanna rush to marriage. To be able to be good husband and father i need to be good actor. My career is the most important for me now!!!”

Toma, no matter what you decide to do, I ( and lot of your fans) will support you!!! Please be always happy :)