If we all worked in a office… This is how it will go

أحد الأشياء الجذابة في الأشخاص هي القدرة على التعبير
One of the attractive aspects is to be able to express
—  3td
‏هناك أشخاص مازالوا يختبرون صبرنا من خلال بذل ما يستطيعون في التفنن بذمامة الخلق وسوء التصرف المتعمد
—  3td

Me with Riker, Titus, and Dom - still waiting on that picture with Curt. 

I’m pretty sure I made Dom’s night. He’s my favorite Warbler, overall, and the most adorable person ever. I told him about being my favorite Warbler and he seriously squeed a little and did this cute “fisted hands over mouth happy happy” face. I swear he is the cutest effing thing.