Huge 3t2 Industrial Mashup for you guys. I converted these while doing the awesome challenge BlueHopper gave me @LivingSims. And I can’t see a reason why I wouldn’t share these babies with you.

There are 2 seperate downloads - one is with the meshes, collection file and icon, previews and credits to the creators, and the other one is only with multipliers for recolorists.

So, enjoy!! Download:

1) Conversion Set: MEDIAFIRE | COPY

2) Multipliers: MEDIAFIRE | COPY


TS3Store Jazz Age & Roaring Heights (mostly) build objects converted for TS2.
(+ recolours)

This set includes many windows&doors, four fences, a few buy&architecture objects and a functional microphone. Most of them should be base game compatible, however:

  • The fences require at least one EP.
  • The three tiles wide windows (including the round ‘walls’) require Open for Business.
  • The garage door requires Nightlife.
  • The microphone requires Apartment Life.

The download also includes a collection file. As I created it in an all EPs, all SPs game, it will not work for everyone.

As usual, please message me if you encounter any issues regarding these files.


(Ok now I’m going to need a loooong break before the next time I convert a door.)



Magic - Two Awesims set combined into one.

Broyhill Nursery

  • Crib (2 subsets) - general<child
  • Baby Changing Bits - general<child
  • Nursery Print (+2 recolors) - deco<wall
  • Sideboard - surfaces<misc
  • R160 Armchair (2 subsets) - seating<livingchairs

MidCentury Bedroom

  • Platform Bed - seating<bed
  • Headboard - seating<bed
  • Endtable - left + right - surfaces<endtables
  • Ball Lamp (2 subsets) - lighting<tablelamps
  • Double Blanket - seating<misc
  • JetSet Bench (2 subsets) - seating<sofas
  • JetSet Bench as coffeetable SLAVED to JetSet Bench - seating<coffeetables

Also included:

  • Collection file and icon
  • Multipliers for recolorists
  • Swatches and previews
  • RECOLORS - Everything comes in 7 wood and/or 15 fabric recolor combination (163 recolor files in total)

Wood Swatch: 

External image

Fabric Swatch: 

External image

Creadit: awesims for her original meshes and Goat for the wood texture

Download: BOX | Mediafire


3T2 Conversions from Outdoor Living Stuff:

IMPORTANT: Some objects are improved versions from previous conversions. I do not include them. I will try to get the permission from amovitamsim, N99, TNW, HW to include their improved objects.

So some packages are recolours from original objects that you can found here.

KITCHEN - Download:

  • Barbaque
  • Stove
  • Fridge
  • Counter
  • Counter Island

Fixed: Now all objects are visible from neighbourhood view.

SEATING - Download:

  • Dining Chair
  • Barstool
  • Chair Living
  • Chair Lounge
  • Loveseat

DINING - Download:

  • Bar
  • Cart
  • Coffetable (Addon)
  • Dining Table
  • End Table
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Fruit Bowl
  • Patio Bowl
  • Terrarium
  • Terrarium Floor


  • Easel
  • Radio
  • Telescope
  • TV
  • Umbrella (Umbrellas are very funny!)

LAMPS - Download:

  • Table Lamp
  • Wall Lamp
  • Ceiling Lamp
  • Tealights
  • Floor Lamp

PLANTS - Download:

  • Agave
  • Little Agave (Addon)
  • Planter
  • Big Planter (Addon)

BUILD - Download:

  • Fence Gate
  • Firepit Patio
  • Firepit Square
  • Fireplace 1x1
  • Fireplace 2x1

I bring you a shoddy offering!

Strawberrikhunnie seperated Eir-sims 3t2 conversion of Darkmoon’s Dadsoldsweater (phew). All I’ve done is slap Nyren’s beautiful recolours on the separated top-only mesh.

Just realised I spelled separated wrong in the preview, oh dear.

Anyway, there’s no morphs on the mesh and it’s townified. I’ve included Nyren’s swatch for his recolours, files are numbered to the swatch. Enjoy!

Credits to Darkmoon, Eir-Sims, Strawberrikhunnie and Nyren.

Download ahoy!

3t2 Indian Jewelry Set

Part of a gift I made for the fantastic ZeroDark over at the Big Trade Off! A 3t2 conversion of S-Club’s Indian Jewelry set for Adult Females. All items come with custom icons, making it much easier to find in CAS. The files are tool-tipped and compressed.

I would like mention that the nose piercings do not work the greatest with huge noses. I hope this isn’t too much of a problem. =]

Earring #1
Earring #2
Forehead Accessory #1
Forehead Accessory #2
Nose Piercing



  • S-Club - Original Mesh & Textures

After making the Polaroid recolors I shared the yesterday I still wanted more photography clutter, so I got to work! XD

I made 6 more recolors of Aikea’s paper mesh using Eir-sims Tomb Raider pics. I also made 1 recolor of Aikea’s magazine mesh, 1 handbook recolor on Nemestnaya’s “read” book mesh, 3 camera box recolors on ATS detergent box mesh, 8 camera manual recolors on Tinkle’s food stamp book mesh, 4 recolors of Nemestnaya’s photo album, & 3 recolors of Nemestnaya’s old papers mesh. Credits for images used: Eir-sims, Loch-pearl, Tumblr, & Google.

Lastly, I also converted One Billion Pixel’s Sims 4 Socailmatic camera & Mikeaus69’s Sims 3 studio camera case to Sims 2. Both can be shifted up & down if you have Apartment Life & can be used with the quartertile cheat.

Edit: Oh & I forgot the camera & studio case can be found in electronics/misc.


Since I hit a massive milestone, I wanted to share a followers gift with you guys. I really didn’t have much time, so I did some quick conversions, hope you’ll like ‘em. Thank you guys so much for following, love all of you!

3t2 Marcussims End of year gift

  • Lincoln Book Shelf (§349 in Surfaces>misc) with 18 slots and 1 recolor
  • Luna books (§39 in General>knowledge) Books1 is the MASTER mesh, and 2-4 are SLAVES, it comes with 4 original recolors
  • Planter snake plant (§99 in Deco>plants) bigger is MASTER, smaller is SLAVE
  • Planter Cactus (§99 in Deco>plants) bigger is MASTER, smaller is SLAVE

Also included: Collection file and icon, multipliers and overlays for recolorists

Credit: marcussims, Luna, lpvinyl21, Gelina


Again, thanks for following, liking, reblogging and downloading! Enjoy!


I’ve reached another huge number so 888 followers gift it is this time! I’ve been really uninspired with everything so lame preview are lame (except for the obvious two that were taken by my dear royalblues, huge thanks to her for that!), sorry about that. :/ But eh without further ramblings in the same order:

Download Newsea SweetSlumber F2M from dropbox / skydrive / mediafire / box

Download PeggyMh090417 from dropbox / skydrive / mediafire / box

Download 77-HairV6_ChimneyCap_3t2 from dropbox / skydrive / mediafire / box

Download Kijiko Cymric 3t2 from dropbox / skydrive / mediafire / box

Download Kijiko Flipping out 3t2 from dropbox / skydrive / mediafire / box

Download Icy Eyes V3 from dropbox / skydrive / mediafire / box

Download LilithRealisticEyes3Edit from dropbox / skydrive / mediafire / box

Download Pooklet’s HQ eyes edit from dropbox / skydrive / mediafire / box

Download Elissu Lip edits from dropbox / skydrive / mediafire / box

Download Romantic Strapless Lace “3t2 conversion” from dropbox / skydrive / mediafire / box

Or If any of the above links and mirrors goes dead, these are all also uploaded to my SimFileShare account here. :)


  • Hair meshes by Newsea(F2M by Trapping), Peggy, 77Sim(conversion by me, if you retexture feel free to include but remember to credit 77sim for the original mesh), Kijiko(conversions by Martini and Rented-Space)
  • Original eyes by Lilith & Pooklet, Icy eyes were drawn by me :3 (if you edit that one I DO ask for some credit) Swatches: Lilith / Pooklet / Icy (Choose between Geneticized and Custom, you can only keep either one set not both!)
  • Lips are all by Elissu (ksss7406.blog.me/), I put them on Bruno’s alpha and recolored, swatches in same order as in the picture 1 / 2 / 3
  • Underwear textures were nabbed from Sims 3, from whatever that bedroom&bathroom stuffpack was called in English. Swatch of all 12 colors (This is just texture tossed over the base nude mesh so depending on your defaults you might have nipples poking through it, just pointing out so you don’t think that the nipples are part of the texture)

Phew, that’s that. Hopefully everyone can find something nice from that batch :3 (and let me know if something doesn’t work as supposed or link goes to wrong file etc.)


3t2 Darling Day Dress

Happy Russia Day everyone! This eastern Slavic folklore inspired Everyday dress comes in red & white with Freetime heels (which have a small gap i couldn’t fix) and lapti (Slavic bast shoes, their texture is by photo sims). Lace overlays on both dresses are in these 4 colours: pink, purple, green and blue.
Polycount: 3200 faces 2582 vertices (heels)
                   3036 faces 2340 vertices (lapti)
Download (Freetime heels)
Download (lapti)


3t2 billlboards + 3t2 LN billboards as hood decorations
Here are 5 sims 3 and 5 sims 3 Late night billboards requested by sims-influence. They were converted to sims 2 by misty-fluff, i simply converted them to hood deco.
Sims 3 billboards are found under neighbourhood decorations\landmarks, while Late Night billboards are found under
neighbourhood decorations\misc.
Polycount:1116 faces 1338 vertices (sims 3 billboards)
                  1848 faces 2620 vertices (Late Night billboards)

Download (base game billboards) | Download (Late Night billboards)