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.Niner R.O.S.9 by H. Morgenthau
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.niner ros9 .rock shox revelation 130-110 .chris king pink .notubes flow ex .maxxis ardent .truvativ noir .shimano 105 .shimano xt .rock shox reverb stealth .niner collar .fizik antares .thomson x4 .3t extendo .esi grips .hope tech3 .hope floating

Адьян Питкеев Кубок России Ростелеком 2015, ПП /
Adian Pitkeev COR 2015 FS
GIF Все прыжки, часть 1

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4. 3Lz-3T. 400 x 257 px, 4.08 Mb

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How, how do you hate Black Forest Cake??? ;~; You just broke my German heart </3

i know… (oO AOo) all my German ancestors are rolling in their graves ~ AND YET!!! STILL!!! ewwwww… (T  3T) it’s so yucky!!! </3

Episode 036 - ‘The Other Bernie Sanders’ is up! Jamon & Q are joined by Mexican mega-fan Ale Huerta to cover all the latest Michael Jackson news. Jamon, Q & Ale kick things off by talking about The MJCast’s recent interview with The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies, Sean Lennon’s bizarre new song which references Michael Jackson’s relationship with Bubbles the chimp and Janet Jackson’s new photoshoot for Emirates Woman. Following this, the group discusses Susan Fast’s book Michael Jackson’s Dangerous (33 1/3) winning a major literary award, the new Omer Bhatti and Prince Jackson music video for Automatic and new music by Taryll Jackson of 3T. Sony Music Japan is to re-release Michael Jackson and The Jacksons music catalogue on Blu-Spec CD 2, the Cascio family are back at it again with unreleased MJ music being auctioned off and blockbuster developments in the case that Eddie Cascio is named in. The group also discuss a range of new seminars and conventions coming featuring Michael Jackson collaborators such as LaVelle Smith Jr., Bruce Swedien and Vincent Paterson before moving into talking about a range of new photo, music and video leaks featuring Michael Jackson.

The major discussion topic for this week is all around Ale’s recent trip to Brad Sundberg’s In The Studio With Michael Jackson MJU seminars, Michael’s final resting place at Forrest Lawn and Neverland Valley Ranch.

If you have any thoughts, opinions, or feedback on the show, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at themjcast@icloud.com or find the links to our many social networks on www.themjcast.com. Keep Michaeling! J. ✌🏽😎

(O wO) i only got to make one thing at work today~ but it was a bouquet for a garden-party wedding!!! IT’S SUPER BIG!!! (T 3T) i’m not aloud to take pictures at work though… so i had to sneak one from the cooler… else i’d show someone holding it… boooo… WAIT! i know how to draw! LOL! XD

i didn’t meet the bride, but this is what the maid of honour wanted ~ so i hope she has strong arms! XD

That moment....

…when you realize that you have way too much CC and back ups on your computer and back up drive. I’m working with 3T and I still managed to almost fill it all. I think today will be spent moving files and backups to disks and storing them away. I have my work cut out for me. I think I need to join CC Anonymous :-/.

Keliling Dunia, Dimulai dari Asia Tenggara

Nama: Kelsi Sawitri
Cita-cita: pulang, lulus sekolah, kerja supaya dapat uang yang banyak, lalu mengunjungin Connie di KL, Kim di Vietnam, Kim dan Jeremy di Thai.

Saya tidak pernah bermimpi keliling dunia.

“A year changes you a lot.” - Kim Kadharshian.

I do believe in Kadharshian.

Sebelumnya tidak pernah terpikir satu kalipun untuk keliling dunia. Sama sekali.

Cita-cita saya dulu naif dan sederhana. Kepingin jadi pendongeng seperti pak Raden, belajar mengenai anak-anak seperti kak Seto, lalu mengajar di daerah 3T di Indonesia seperti Butet Manurung.

(Hampir) setahun ini saya tinggal di Kanazawa. Saya percaya apa kata Kadharsian. Segala sesuatu di sini mengubah pikiran saya.

Saya menyadari sesuatu. Saya adalah manusia urban, tidak cocok tinggal di kawasan 3T. Saya tidak bisa buang air besar dan buang air kecil tanpa air untuk membersihkan, apalagi ketika “on period”. Di Jepang, yang notabene adalah negara maju, saya sering misuh-misuh kalau toiletnya bukan toilet otomatis. Apalagi kalau saya mesti tinggal di hutan atau di kawasan yang kesulitan air. Saya tidak bisa.

Katakanlah saya sombong, tetapi pada kenyataannya, saya sekarang berpikir realistis. Saya tidak bisa hidup seperti itu.

Maka, bukan berarti saya menghapus mimpi lama saya, tetapi saya bisa berpikir dan menemukan cita-cita lebih rasional dan relevan terhadap keadaan saya.

Mengapa Asia Tenggara?

Mencari uang bukan hal mudah, apalagi di Indonesia. Maka saya akan bekerja sampai punya banyak uang, paling tidak untuk bisa bertemu lagi dengan teman-teman yang tinggal di Asia Tenggara.

Nanti semisal saya sukses, dan punya uang yang lebih banyak, baru saya kepingin juga mengunjungi Junghu di Korea, Ilia di Rusia, Gina di Rumania, David di Slovakia, dan Atte di Finlandia, sekaligus membuktikan secantik apa “aurora” di sana.

Kanazawa, 11 Juli 2016
Kelsi Sawitri
Semoga Tuhan mendengar doa rasional saya.

Tiffeny's Michael Jackson Erotica: Under the Weather--TJ Jackson Solo Exclusive

The wait is over! 
For your reading pleasure I present my latest 3T erotic offering, featuring the youngest of the “Teez”, Mr. TJ Jackson. 
In a story of unrequited love and yearning a young woman takes a very drastic and serious step towards claiming the man she feels should be hers. 
Please read enjoy and don’t forget to comment! 
Thank you! 

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Podium predictions for Rio for each event?

As of this exact moment my off the top of my head predictions are… 

1. USA
2. China
3. Russia 

All Around
1. Simone Biles
2. The Second American (Prob Laurie)
3. Flavia Saraiva 

1. Simone Biles
2. Maria Paseka
3. Oksana Chusovitna

Uneven Bars
1. Fan Yilin 
2. Daria Spiridinova
3T. Becky Downie/Madison Kocian

1. Laurie Hernandez
2. Simone Biles
3. Sanne Weavers

1. Simone Biles
2. Aly Raisman
3. Mao Yi

These are just for fun, I will not defend any of my picks right now.