Blue Neighbourhood Deluxe on the Itunes charts
  • US: #4
  • Australia: #2
  • Austria: #6
  • Belgium:#5
  • Brasil: #2
  • Canada: #3
  • Denmark: #4
  • Finland: #3
  • France: #16
  • Germany: #6
  • Greece: #2
  • India: #5
  • Ireland: #5
  • Italy: #9
  • Mexico: #5
  • Netherlands: #4
  • New Zealand: #3
  • Norway: #4
  • Philippines: #3
  • Poland: #3
  • South Africa: #6
  • Spain: #10
  • Sweden: #3
  • Switzerland: #13
  • UK: #6

(note: these change by the minute so any could be a bit off)

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Bouillon :)
Bouillon is a small town in the south of Belgium which sits on both sides of the river Semois :) 

I have many nice childhood memories of walking along the river, going to the castle, buying groceries at the Pasquasy (pronounced  パスカシ :) (I’m not sure whether it’s still there (^-^;) or shopping for stuff in the shops along the river :D
The town is quite old too it was first mentioned in 988 and there is a nice museum about its history too :)

It has been a while since I went there since you need a car to get around there since there is no translation and no bus service worth mentioning (^-^;)
Also staying there is too expensive for a student like me (^-^;)

The town is rather calm and apart from looking nice and calm there isn’t too much too see :D
I just enjoy seeing the old Belgian houses, the landscape and the surrounding nature :3
South Belgiums landscape is beautiful and there are many nice path that are perfect for hiking :3
In some ways the landscape reminds me of Japan :D
Also the houses seem to sprout out of the hills and forests in a similar manner as they do in Japan :D

A wonderful thing to see is the fog rising from eh forests in the morning :)

I hope I can go to Belgium again at some point :)

I forged myself some tools this weekend and made rode my motorbike :)
This is basically all I did besides taking care of myself and stuff :D
I will return to Hamburg tomorrow :)

I hope everyone had a nice weekend as well :)

I wish everyone a great new week, with sweet dreams of nice childhood memories (^-^)/