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france, prussia, south italy, lithuania, and russia reacting to a shy s/o who always very nervously asks them for hugs all the time

Awww anon, I love this ask! It perked up my mood a little writing the response for it. :) I’m still pretty tired though - hopefully I’ll be better tomorrow - so these are a little shorter than I would have liked. Still doll, I really hope you enjoy them and that they warm your heart like writing them did for me~! <3 

France: Ohoho~ He would be very happy to receive so many hugs on a regular basis. Maybe a little too happy, if you catch my drift. He’d probably try to get in some gropes every couple of hugs, the sly fox~ Seriously though, it does make him feel good to know that his s/o is open to showing physical affection with him, especially since they’re so shy. He feels good about himself because of this, well more so than before. When he’s not flirting, Francis would give his s/o a quick peck on the cheek as a thanks for the hugs. <3

Prussia: He’d be a little surprised the first couple of times his s/o wants some hugs. He knows how shy they can be and with his sometimes overly outgoing personality, he’s still a little unsure how they even want to be with him? However, Gilbert definitely wouldn’t turn them down, he’d be giving his s/o big bear hugs whenever they wanted them! Anytime, anywhere, just ask, s/o! He can be rather affectionate when he wants to, so all those hugs would really warm his heart. He’d definitely be super grateful. <3

South Italy: Romano would be a blushing mess every time his s/o asked for a hug, honestly. He loves giving hugs, especially to his wonderful s/o, but physical affection kind of embarrasses him. Especially if the two of you are in public when a hug is requested. That won’t stop him from doing it of course, but he won’t make eye contact and might grumble a little about how needy his s/o is. Plus, they’re just so cute when they get all nervous and ask for hugs … help him, his heart is pounding. <3

Lithuania: Toris can be a little shy when it comes to physical affection as well but he’d be less tsundere about it than South Italy. He just isn’t used to having someone so close to him that they want to hug him all the time. Or really anyone that cares about him on a deep level. It’s something that will take him a while to get used to, so in the meantime his s/o will just need to be patient. If his s/o asks for a hug in public, especially if it’s in front of Russia or Poland, he’d die of embarrassment but would be overjoyed all at the same time. Can he have another, please? <3

Russia: Awww s/o, you’re so cute~! Ivan would absolutely love it if his s/o gave him hugs, especially if they did it on a regular basis. The poor man grew up without much love in his life so he really needs it now. To know that his s/o is pushing past their natural shyness just to hold him makes him feel really special. He’d be like a ray of sunshine every time they asked for a hug, even if he was in a bad mood before. He would give them extra long, snuggly hugs that would end with him patting their head affectionately while smiling. <3

-Mod Lily

so you want to vote early?

States that allow early voting in-person or by mail

  • Alaska — early voting begins Monday, October 24
  • Arizona — Wednesday, October 12
  • California —early voting varies by county, but is generally about a month before election day. In Los Angeles County and San Francisco, early voting begins on Monday, October 10
  • District of Columbia — Saturday, October 22
  • Florida — Saturday, October 29
  • Georgia — Monday, October 17
  • Hawaii — Tuesday, October 25
  • Illinois — Thursday, September 29
  • Kansas — Wednesday, October 19
  • Maryland — Thursday, October 27
  • Nebraska — Sunday, October 9
  • Nevada — Saturday, October 22
  • New Mexico — Tuesday, October 11.
  • North Carolina — Thursday, October 27
  • North Dakota — (in some counties) Monday, October 24
  • Utah — Tuesday, October 25

States that allow “in-person absentee” early voting

  • Idaho — Monday, October 24
  • Indiana — Wednesday, October 12
  • Iowa — Thursday, September 29
  • Maine — Sunday, October 9
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota — Friday, September 23
  • Montana — Friday, October 14
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio — Wednesday, October 12
  • Oklahoma — Thursday, November 3
  • South Dakota — Friday, September 23
  • Vermont — Saturday, September 24
  • Wisconsin — Monday, October 24
  • Wyoming — Thursday, September 29

States that only allow early voting in-person

  • Louisiana — early voting begins Tuesday, October 25 
  • Texas — Monday, October 24
  • Tennessee — Wednesday, October 19
  • West Virginia — Wednesday, October 26

States that don’t allow excuse-free early voting

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia

Voters in Colorado, Oregon and Washington cast their ballot by mail, negating a need for early voting. For more information on each state.


Bouillon :)
Bouillon is a small town in the south of Belgium which sits on both sides of the river Semois :) 

I have many nice childhood memories of walking along the river, going to the castle, buying groceries at the Pasquasy (pronounced  パスカシ :) (I’m not sure whether it’s still there (^-^;) or shopping for stuff in the shops along the river :D
The town is quite old too it was first mentioned in 988 and there is a nice museum about its history too :)

It has been a while since I went there since you need a car to get around there since there is no translation and no bus service worth mentioning (^-^;)
Also staying there is too expensive for a student like me (^-^;)

The town is rather calm and apart from looking nice and calm there isn’t too much too see :D
I just enjoy seeing the old Belgian houses, the landscape and the surrounding nature :3
South Belgiums landscape is beautiful and there are many nice path that are perfect for hiking :3
In some ways the landscape reminds me of Japan :D
Also the houses seem to sprout out of the hills and forests in a similar manner as they do in Japan :D

A wonderful thing to see is the fog rising from eh forests in the morning :)

I hope I can go to Belgium again at some point :)

I forged myself some tools this weekend and made rode my motorbike :)
This is basically all I did besides taking care of myself and stuff :D
I will return to Hamburg tomorrow :)

I hope everyone had a nice weekend as well :)

I wish everyone a great new week, with sweet dreams of nice childhood memories (^-^)/

Times for the live stream of: Sidemen FC v YouTube Allstars match around the world!

Assuming pre-game stream begins:
United Kingdom - 5.30pm, Friday June 3 (BST)

Around the world* that stream begins:

Indonesia - 11.30pm, Friday June 3
Malaysia - 12.30am, Saturday June 4
Philippines - 12.30am, Saturday June 4

Brisbane - 2.30am, Saturday June 4
Melbourne - 2.30am, Saturday June 4
Perth - 12.30am, Saturday June 4
Sydney - 2.30am, Saturday June 4

Alberta - 10.30am, Friday June 3
Ontario - 12.30pm, Friday June 3
Vancouver - 9.30am, Friday June 3

Belgium - 6.30pm, Friday June 3
Denmark - 6.30pm, Friday June 3
Finland - 7.30pm, Friday June 3
France - 6.30pm, Friday June 3
Iceland - 4.30pm, Friday June 3
Italy - 6.30pm, Friday June 3
Netherlands - 6.30pm, Friday June 3
Sweden - 6.30pm, Friday June 3

New Zealand:
Auckland - 4.30am, Saturday June 3
Wellington - 4.30am, Saturday June 3

Mexico City - 11.30am, Friday June 3

Middle East:
Dubai 8.30pm, Friday June 3
Saudi Arabia - 7.30pm, Friday June 3

United States:
California - 9.30am, Friday June 3
Florida - 12.30pm, Friday June 3
Illinois - 11.30pm, Friday June 3
New York - 12.30pm, Friday June 3
South Dakota - 12.30pm, Friday June 3
Texas - 12.30pm, Friday June 3
Washington 10.30am, Friday June 3

Live tweet with the hashtag #SDMNvAllstars on the day to scope out what streamers around the world are thinking.

Happy viewing,

*Sorted out stream times based on locations of people who signed the Charity Match Stream petition.

Blue Neighbourhood Deluxe on the Itunes charts
  • US: #4
  • Australia: #2
  • Austria: #6
  • Belgium:#5
  • Brasil: #2
  • Canada: #3
  • Denmark: #4
  • Finland: #3
  • France: #16
  • Germany: #6
  • Greece: #2
  • India: #5
  • Ireland: #5
  • Italy: #9
  • Mexico: #5
  • Netherlands: #4
  • New Zealand: #3
  • Norway: #4
  • Philippines: #3
  • Poland: #3
  • South Africa: #6
  • Spain: #10
  • Sweden: #3
  • Switzerland: #13
  • UK: #6

(note: these change by the minute so any could be a bit off)

purchase album here

Just Hold On Sponsorship Update!

We just sent out another batch of emails, so here are some updated numbers.

We have sponsors signed up for 3060 copies, and sponsees signed up to receive 1467 copies. We’ve matched 1346 sponsees with a sponsor. That’s 91.75%!

We have LOTS of copies still available! And several countries that could use some more sponsors.

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For more ways to help support Just Hold On, head on over to the @projectjholdon blog. Every little bit helps. This fandom has been incredible so far, let’s keep it going!

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