Marichat ‘Cliche’ Balcony Make Out Scene

Take One: Romeo and Juliette

Here it is, special dedication for that anon who specifically hates cliche marichat balcony scenes. I wrote one at least. 

Tagging @baneismydragon who apparently has a throne of Marichat cliches like wow I’m jealous. And it is also for everybody who was super sweet with me yesterday, thank you guys, I love you all <3

Side note: Juliette is the French version of Juliet so no, it isn’t a typo.

Marinette paced from one end of her balcony to the other, while glaring at the papers in her hands. It was well past midnight and she could be seeping just like Tikki was doing at the moment, in her comfortable bed. But no, she was out, repeating the lines for the stupid play. Why did she let Alya convince her she should be in it. Ah, screw that, why did she let Alya convince her she should try for Juliette’s part out of all things. Why was the school doing a Romeo and Juliette anyway? Did they run out of French plays? And even if they had to do it, couldn’t they do the modern version? Which didn’t require excentric old words no one used anymore?

Marinette groaned exasperatedly, before trying another line. Trying to sound sad she recited.

“The only man I love is the son of the only man I hate! I saw him too early without knowing who he was, and I found out who he was too late! Love is a monster for making me fall in love with my worst enemy.”

Marinette let her shoulders drop. That sounded lame even to her ears. Honestly, how was she supposed to make that sound sincere? She was a bad actress, she knew it. The only way she could pull off that line was if Adrien’s father was Hawkmoth or something. Which was ridiculous, of course. Honestly, she should just give up on this, Alya would get over it.

“But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliette is the sun.”

Marinette turned around, startled to see Chat Noir on the chimney. With all the feline grace he possessed, he jumped on the lower one. Marinette was wonderstruck when she noticed his look. He seemed to be really into it.

“Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, who is already sick and pale with grief, that thou, her maid, art far more fair than she. Be not her maid since she is envious. Her vestal livery is but sick and green, and none but fools do wear it. Cast it off!” Marinette watched flabbergasted as Chat tip toped on the side, careful to not kick her plants while gesticulating wildly, emotion raw in his voice. Extending his hand towards her, he continued. “It is my lady. Oh, it is my love.”

Marinette almost yelled in panic as Chat Noir let himself fall over the edge, but stopped just in time when she heard his voice continuing with the lines. Her eyes trailed across the railing of the balcony as she followed the sound of his voice. And just then Chat appeared again over the railing.

“As daylight doth a lamp. Her eye in heaven would through the airy region stream so bright that birds would sing and think it were not night.” Marinette stood frozen in amazement as Chat stepped towards her. She was captivated and she wouldn’t even bother lying. It was impressive. Not only the fact that her dear partner knew the whole damn monolog of Romeo, but also the way he recited it. It truly made her feel like she was watching one of the most skilled actors putting on a show just for her.

“See how she leans her cheek upon her hand. Oh, that I were a glove upon that hand.” Marinette looked up in surprise as Chat leaned towards her, his next words being whispered. “ That I might touch that cheek.”  one gloved finger caressed her cheek gently.

“Oh, my.” Marinette wasn’t even sure if it was her gasping that out loud. Chat got awfully close, but she didn’t mind it, not quite. Marinette realized, she didn’t quite appreciate how nice Chat’s eyes were, even with the cat-like look, they were complementing beautifully his blond hair. She leaned in without really realizing. Not until she captured his lips.

Chat melted against her. It was so much better than that kiss on Valentine’s Day. It was no rush to break a curse or run to detransform. And she could appreciate so much better the softness of his lips and the faint taste of mint. Chat wrapped one arm around her waist bringing her closer. Marinette sighed against his lips. She felt warm and it was such a simply pleasant sensation, their lips against each other.

Marinette let out a grunt of annoyance once they broke apart. It took them a couple of seconds to stare at each other before they jumped away. It finally seemed to drown on them what they had done.

“I um…er….”

“I got a little… um.”

“And you were…”

“And you just…’

They both rubbed their necks awkwardly, while glancing at each other. Marinette decided she won’t let the awkwardness ruin this night which just took a wonderful turn.

“Do you… do you want to stay for milk and cookies?” she glanced at Chat, waiting for his response.

He smiled shyly, a little blush appearing on his cheeks. “I’d love to.”

GOT7 As Roommates

So I was reminded of the one I did for BTS (which you could find here) and I thought this would be a cute thing to do <3

(gif credits to the original owners)


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(hot ass)

  • he strikes me as a dad type
  • like he’ll be kinda protective of you, making sure you don’t stay out too late and come home at the right time.
  • he’ll say that it’s to keep a watch on you but he lowkey misses you.
  • typical dad always ends up falling asleep on the sofa.
  • so you always have to shake him to get him to actually go to bed.
  • you’ll feel really awkward when you accidentally call him dad bc he basically is
  • “is this a new fetish or something?”
    “shut up im jaebum”
  • also just another gross male that you have to deal with.
  • “leader of got7 or president of the US i don’t care, just wash the dishes”
  • people often mistake him for your boyfriend bc you guys are weirdly comfortable around him.
  • he’ll probably just walk around half naked with no shame
  • you’ll just throw his dirty laundry to get him to put clothes on.
  • does get a lil’ awkward if you’re ever upset.
  • will shyly admit he ordered take out to cheer you up and you chill for the rest of the evening.
  • he’ll get quite angry if someone has upset you or work is giving you a hard time but won’t show it.
  • since he’s a dad for thot7 as well, just expect the guys to often be over.
  • reliable dad friend roommate beom ™
  • you always make him cringe or make fun (in a friendly way okay)
  • you’ll be over sitting in a weird position on the sofa you’ll just be like “the a teaser, amirite” and poor boy would die of cringe.
  • with that weird dinosaur laugh he has

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can we have the dr1 cast finding out their S/O was the mastermind? (if not done already?)

Ah yes, I love mastermind AU’s :3

Side note: Sorry if this… Disappeared for some people, I reread it and found out that Anon asked for the whole cast not just the boys so I quickly had to fix that issue haha…

DR1 Cast finding out S/O is the mastermind

Makoto Naegi:

- He couldn’t believe it

- Or more accurately

- He didn’t want to believe it

- I mean… You? But you were so kind… And so willing to help

- You even promised him that you two would definitely make it out of here together

- Was that all… A lie?

- “Ehhhh? What’s wrong Naegi - kun? Given up on your precious hope already? Hahahahah how typical!”

- “No..”

- “No?”

- “I… I won’t lose to you! I… I don’t know how I feel right now but…. I will definitely defeat you!”

- You smile at him

- “Hahahaha I certainly look forward to it”

Kyoko Kirigiri:

- She knew

- Of course she knew

- But she really wished she was wrong

- “Why would you… Why would you even force your friends to participate in something like this?!”

- “Huh? Friends? Oh I think you’re misunderstood Kirigiri - san”

- You smile as you strike a dramatic pose

- “I wasn’t friends with any of you to begin with!”

- You stick your tongue out at her and laugh

- “Ah but you really fell for it didn’t you? All I had to do is say that I love you a few times and you toooootally fell head over heels for me! How embarrassing!”

- For a while, she stopped speaking

- But eventually, she started challenging you shoving evidence left and right towards you

- She’ll get to the truth, afterall, that’s what detectives do best

Byakuya Togami:

- He… He’s in shock

- You? But that’s.. That’s impossible

- “Hmmm what’s the matter Togami - kun? Didn’t you swear on the Togami name that you’ll defeat the mastermind? Ah but, I guess that’s impossible anyways”

- “Wh-What are you talking about?”

- “Oh right, you don’t know do you”

- You smile sweetly

- “What don’t I know?”

- Your smile never drops


- “Upupupu”

Toko Fukawa:

- You’re lying!

- You have to be!

- She’s desperately trying to prove everyone wrong

- But you… You’re just standing there

- “Fukawa - san, do you think it’s true?”

- You ask her with an innocent smile

- “N-No… Of c-course not…”

- “Then you’re fucking wrong!”

- “Ah!”

- You smile and turn to face a camera

- “Whoops! Spoiler alert haha!”

- “Who are y-you talking to?!”

- “Huh? Don’t act like you don’t know… I’m talking to your fans of course!”

- You hold up a peace sign at the camera before turning back to her

- “How pathetic of you, you’re still trying to deny this aren’t you… Hahahahaha how… Despair inducing!”

Mondo Owada:

- What.

- The moment he heard Naegi accuse you of being the mastermind he thoughtit was stupid

- But you just stood and nodded

- “I see,”

- “S/O?”

- “You’re indeed correct Naegi - kun!”

- “What.”

- “Oh? Are you shocked Owada - kun? I can’t say I bla-kh”

- You don’t get to finish your sentence

- Owada stormed over to your podium and wrapped a hand around your neck

- “What the fuck is wrong with you?! Huh?”

- He shakes you causing you to let out a choked laugh

- “V-Vio…lence… again…st..the…head-kh, headmaster is…not allowed!”

- You feel his grip loosen as he begins coughing uncontrollably until eventually there is blood coming from his mouth

Sayaka Maizono:

- Once you admitted it she screamed

- I mean… What else could she do?!

- “Argh! Shut up Maizono - san! Shut up or I’ll make you shut up!”

- You hold up a red button and stare her right in the eyes

- “Should I push it? Should I? Should I should I?!”


- She doesn’t know what she’s doing

- She doesn’t even know where she’s running to

- But she just keeps running forward, your laughter echoing behind her

- “It’s Punishment Time~”


Kiyotaka Ishimaru:

- He was mad

- Very mad

- “Does… Does that mean that you… You killed… Owada…kun..?”

- “Oh Ishimaru - kun… I didn’t just kill Owada - kun… I killed everyone that disrupted the peace of this acad-”

- “Stop! Just… Just stop!”

- There’s tears in his eyes

- “Wh..”

- You just sigh loudly

- “Please spare those boring questions. Why? Well the answer is simple.”

- You smile as you hug Monokuma

- “The feeling is just one of a kind~”

Aoi Asahina:

- “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

- She wants to smack you

- She feels tears making their way down her face

- But you don’t seem bothered at all

- “W-Why?! Aren’t you even bothered that… That I’m hurt?!”

- “Oh you are? Well that’s a shame I guess. Anyways, why don’t we move o-”


- She sobs out some more words but you just wave a hand at her dismissively

- “Save your heartbreaks for later and solve my mysteries!”

- She just hides her face in her hands and continues sobbing

- She doesn’t care what happens anymore

- She just wants it to stop

Chihiro Fujisaki:

- He was scared

- He was so scared of you

- But… This made no sense

- How could you, the person who helped and encouraged him be the mastermind?

- “Aw Fujisaki - kun… As weak as always I see, well it’s not like I had much hope for you anyway, honestly, I’m really impressed you made it this far”

- “H-Huh”

- He was crying but he didn’t care

- “You… Killed my friends?”

- You smile as you lean forward in your podium

- “And I’d gladly do it all over again if I had the chance”

- He’ll stop you

- He won’t let you hurt anyone else!

Sakura Oogami:

- She’s angry

- So angry that she could probably crush you here and there

- But… She did work as a spy for the mastermind so…

- “It was you wasn’t it?”

- “Hmmm~”

- “I was spying… For you…”

- “Well duh! And how ironic, the person you fell in love with is in fact the one you’re trying to defeat!”

- She nods and just… Stops paying attention to what’s happening around her

- Why?… Why did it have to be you

- You seemed so harmless at the startm scared just like everyone else

- And she wanted to protect you

- She wanted to escape with you

- Why did it have to be you?!

Leon Kuwata:

- He was waiting for you to argue back against Naegi

- But you just yawned

- “Yah. T’is me”

- He was waiting for you to say something like ‘just kidding’

- But you just stood there staring at your nails

- “S/O”

- “Mm?”

- You looked up only to be met with his hand colliding with your cheek

- “Geez, what a boring reaction. No wonder people thought you’d die in the first chapter”

- “What the fuck?!”

- He grabs you by your shirt and shakes you a couple of times

- Almost hoping that he could shake common sense back into you

- But you just looked at him with the same bored stare

- “Hey Kuwata - kun… Do you want to kill me? You do don’t you?”

- You lean forward and once your lips are next to his ear you whisper

- “Then do it, end this killing game”

Celestia Ludenberg:

- She was hurt

- Like majorly hurt

- But of course she couldn’t let that show

- So she’ll do what she does best

- “Ah, just like I expected then”

- “Huh? What are you talking about Cel- Yasuhiro - san?”

- She clenches her fist

- “Don’t…”

- “Huh?”


- “Awww did I trigger someone?~”

- “Gh…”

- She feels her nails dig into her skin, but she doesn’t care

- Lie. Just lie. This is… This is all you can do in this situation… Just…Lie…

Hifumi Yamada:

- Wh-What is this.?…

- This is so cliché… Like… Like something right out of a manga

- “You’re j-just lying to us right? S/O - dono?”

- “Lying?”

- Ah… So you ar-

- “Bears never lie!”

- You say that in your best Monokuma voice as your lips change into a grin

- “WH-”

- “Oh come on, you read manga don’t you? Just like it’s cliché for the protag to fall in love with the mysterious character it’s cliché for me to be the mastermind!”

- “Wh-”

- “Because this is all this is!”

- You turn to a camera and wink

- “It’s just a game!”

- He’s speechless, he has no idea what to say

- Is this… Is this really the person he fell in love with?

- Should’ve stuck to 2D

Junko Enoshima:

- She was kind of… Impressed

- What you did was wrong but…

- Your passion for it all

- She was really impressed!

- “Hey! S/O - san/kun… I’m not mad or anything but… How did you think of all of this?! This is all so… Amazing!”

- “Huh? Aren’t you going to cry and beg me to tell you it’s a lie?”

- “No not at all!”

- She stares at you lovingly

- “Please… Let me help you!”

- “Help me?… Hahahahaha you really are crazy aren’t you? Any normal person would want me dead!”

- “I guess… I’m not normal then~”

Yasuhiro Hagakure:

- He didn’t really understand what you were saying at first

- But then you just stared laughing uncontrollably 

- “Hahahahahaahahaa”

- “U-Um… S/O-chi?”

- “Hahahahaha! You actually guessed correctly! Who’d of thought?!”

- “What are you saying?! I’m right 30% of the time!”

- “Ah that’s right… Well congratulations Hagakure - kun! Looks like you predicted something correctly for the first time in your life! Here let me give you a prize!”

- You quickly make your way over to Monokuma’s chair and pull out a crystal ball

- “Actually… I changed my mind”

- You let the ball roll out of your hand and shatter into a million pieces on the floor before beginning to laugh once more


- “Whoopsy, I’m soooooo clumsy hahahaha”

- No way…. Why are you so… Crazy all of a sudden?!

- Can he run away? It’s not too late to run away… R-Right?! 

Mukuro Ikusaba:

- …

- You?

- But you’re just so…

- You’re not the type to be a mastermind!

- You looked weak, you didn’t stand out

- Hell, you even screamed whenever bodies were discovered!

- So why… No.. How?!

- A thousand questions begin running through her mind

- Answers. I need answers.

- Instantly she is behind you, a knife pressed to your neck

- “Talk.”

- “Oooooh you know if we weren’t in a life or death situation I’d say this is a little bit… Kinky hahahaha”

- You feel the knife press against your neck a little more

- “You won’t kill me Ikusaba - san.”

- “You’re wr-”

- “Am I? Would you really kill the only person that showed you love?”

- No… Don’t… Don’t say that! You can’t say that! You didn’t… You didn’t…

- “I love you so much… Ikusaba - san…”

- She starts breathing more heavily

- You’re lying, you’re just lying!

- However, she feels her hand letting go of the knife

The Doors, Strange Days
(Elektra ‎EKS-74014)
Released: 25 September 1967
Chart Position: #3

Side A: “Strange Days” • “You’re Lost Little Girl” • “Love Me Two Times” • “Unhappy Girl” • “Horse Latitudes” • “Moonlight Drive”
Side B: “People Are Strange” • “My Eyes Have Seen You” • “I Can’t See Your Face In My Mind” • “When the Music’s Over”

What’s in the box?

I got a package in the mail from the lovely @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse, folks! 

For those of you who may not remember, Jo recently celebrated 750 followers with a contest. Reblog three of her wonderful fics, and you were entered in a random drawing to receive a care package in the mail.

Guys, I won.

Anna never wins anything, so, as you can imagine, I was frickin’ stoked! I had planned to do an unboxing video, but dammit, I’m a resident, not a videographer, so you guys will just have to be content with pictures, instead. 

Besides, I didn’t want to subject y’all to my atrocious Arkansas accent. ;)

I’ll start with the box itself. 

“Bad art by Jo,” she says, but actually, guys, I’m fucking impressed. Anna is not the least bit artsy, not by a long shot, and that Enterprise is pretty damn recognizable, right down to those ample nacelles. ;)

So, the outside decor? I give it 10/10.

Moving on…

Jo packed this sucker full of great stuff. So much stuff that it was actually hard to get a good picture of it all, but I did try. 

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hey taylor!! love your blog + your masterposts are SO helpful!! I just started my studyblr, and i wanted to follow more blogs so can you link me to your favorites? thanks!

aw thank you so very much, I’m glad my masterposts help you!! :“)) and welcome the community; i hope you have a lovely time here!! <3

so here we go -

@emmastudies, @athenastudying, @briellestudies, @artemistudying, @studyblr, @studyingmeow, @nerdyign, @julstudies, @ohlookimstudying, @the-girlygeek, @academiix, @procrastilate, @moonshinestudies, @bionctes, @clevergirlstudying, @studyblrmasterposts (for helpful resources!), @bandaidsdontfixbulletjournals, @tbhstudying, @studykouffee, @equaticns, @eintsein, @studyingangels, @eggystudy, @bookmrk <3

side-note: these are not the only studyblrs out there! i’m forgetting lots of tiny studyblrs and others too which have lovely content - so you can also go check out the explore section and/or the studyblr and studyspo tags!!

hope this helps anon! :-) x

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Hi can I get a reaction to BTS finding their gf secretly reading and/or watching Fifty Shades of Grey?

I’m going to do reading because the movie compared to the book was such a let down lol.


Rap Monster: 

He was walking by you on the couch talking away about mindless chatter as he came from writing lyrics in his room. He was so stoked about his song and you hadn’t heard a mumbling word, crouched over the book that was interesting and a bit much you were burying your face in the book trying to hide and read, with his song expensive girl playing in the background. Namjoon noticing this turned on his heels to crouch down some, looking over the book he lifted an eyebrow before yanking it from your hands tilting his head to the side. “So. If you wanted to try some new stuff why didn’t you just tell me? I’m done working now. And I’m ready to please.” He smirked watching you.


Eyes roaming on your figure that lay in his bed Yoongi frowned as he watched you from the door. You had eaten lunch and ran off without another word to him and he didn’t know what was up with you lately. It had been like this from the past couple of days but he decided to just let it slip off until now. Seeing you shift and roll on his bed he watched you roll over to face him hearing the crisp sound of the paper turn. You froze and looked up at him, mouth dry and trying to quickly hide the book. But it was too late he saw the title. Smirking he shut the door and walked towards you humming. “Kitten. You feel like trying something new tonight?”


He was through cooking making his way towards your shared bedroom. Pushing the door open he walked towards you quietly his hands grasping at your side. “AH~” He yelled at you causing you to jump and release the book you were holding. Jin grabbed at it tilting his head as he read through some of the pages looking down at you.

“I-is the food ready?” You asked fidgeting a bit, seeing him smile at you but also bite his lip. He placed the book down beside him on the dresser before he walked back to your spreading your legs wide. 

“Princess got caught reading naughty things hmm? I think I want desert first.” He would say in a soft coaxing tone his cheeks tinting a light shade of pink as he kissed down your stomach. 


“He placed earphones on my ears so that I could hear nothing but the classical music as he tied me up..” Hoseok read the contents out loud in the book pining you down to the floor after you had both wrestled for the novel when he came home from practice. His lower forearm on your back as he continued to read you squirmed and begged for him to stop, your whole face ablaze with red from the embarrassment of being caught. Hoseok lifted an eyebrow before he leaned down against your ear to whisper. “I have the perfect soundtrack for you to listen to baby girl.”


You both sat there in silence, your hands gripping at the sheets. It was late at night and you should have been sleep while Jimin was out but deciding to stay up and wait for him you had wanted to read something. It just so happened to be 50 shades. Jimin was a bit shocked but you both had your wild moments so he didn’t expect less of you. He just found it cute you tried to hide it. Moving back to lean against the wall he hummed holding the book up in the air. “Well. At first I thought maybe I would just come home and pin you down against the sheets. But now I think someone wants daddy to come out and play. Get the collar kitten.”


He shut the book sitting it down on the coffee table before tilting his head to the side leaning back in the couch. You didn’t know how you could so blindly read out in the opening of the front room but thinking he had taken a nap you decided to read just a bit more since you were almost finished with the book. Jungkook had snatched it from your reaching hands and taking a seat beside you he read some of the pages in silence before he cleared his throat. “I can do so much better than this guy. Let me prove it.” 


“Is this your idea of a good time?” Taehyung asked in a deep voice holding the book up shaking it side to side looking at you in the tub with the bubbles fading from your body.

“I-well it’s just a book.” You tried to reason.

“If it was just a book you wouldn’t have been in here for nearly an hour getting wet on this. If you wanted to get off I’m right here you could have come and told me. Besides. They say everything is better hands on.” Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows as he started to strip.

“Who is everyone?” You asked with a sarcastic tone sitting up straight watching him discard the last of his clothes.

“Me.” He said simply staring at you and turning the once friendly environment into a heated one.

A little bonus gif for you anon <3

Side note looking through these gifs sometimes I can’t take these adorable guys serious they have two sides 

INFPs on their birthday...

Is kinda nervous because they usually don’t have very good birthdays, but then once they get to school their friends totally turn that around and they just realise how much they treasure their friends. To infps friends are everything. <3

Side Note: This was my friends today and I kinda REALLY love them for it.



‘Round About Midnight [Columbia]

Side 1
'Round Midnight -3
Ah-Leu-Cha -1
All Of You -3

Side 2
Bye Bye Blackbird -2
Tadd’s Delight -2
Dear Old Stockholm -2

Miles Davis Quintet: Miles Davis (tpt); John Coltrane (ts); Red Garland (p); Paul Chambers (b); Philly Joe Jones (d)

Recording dates:
1: October 26, 1955 at Columbia Studio D, New York City, New York
2: June 5, 1956 at Columbia 30th Street Studios, New York City, New York
3: September 10, 1956 at Columbia 30th Street Studios, New York City, New York

Producer: George Avakian

Issued as ‘Round About Midnight (Columbia CL 949 [LP, mono: US, 1957] and CS 8649 [LP, stereo: US, 1960])

Cover of UK Philips issue:

Cover of Netherlands issue:

Cover of Japanese issue:

Rear of CD reissue:

Why Am I Like This Around You?

Pairing: Jikook (Jungkook & Jimin)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff, Comedy
Chapters: 3/3

Side Notes: Valentines Day so why not.

Yoongi and Hoseok went into Starbucks first. Hoseok was receiving a lot of looks for his entire outfit.

Yoongi, on the other hand, did not. No way he was going to walk in public with that hideous costume on anyways.

Jungkook silently crept in, finding a table next to them and covering his face with a random newspaper.

“Pssst.. Jungkookie! You’re not supposed to hiding..” Hoseok whispered.

Jungkook mentally facepalmed. “Shut up!” He whisper-yelled.

“Jungkookie, your voice is a little ‘horse’ Are you sure you should we drinking this many cold drinks in the snow?” Hoseok received a slap on the arm by Yoongi.

Jungkook rolled his eyes. His gaze shifted to the counter..

Jimin wasn’t there.

He put down his newspaper, stunned. The one time he was man enough to say something, Jimin wasn’t working.

He cursed under his breath.

Hoseok pouted. “Poor Kookie..” He whispered to Yoongi.

Jungkook knew he could go some other time and see if he was there, and this time he would definitely say something.


Jungkook hesitantly peeked through the window, checking the counter. Jimin was there.. working. He let out a sigh of relief but then froze up. Was he actually going to do this?

He didn’t want to ruin anything between them though..

Millions of thoughts swarmed through his mind as he forced himself to enter the building.

It was nearly empty since it was evening. The morning was the busiest time.

“Hey Jungkookie~” Jimin greeted. “I haven’t seen you in a while..” He spoke, snapping the younger one out of his thoughts.

“U-Uh.. yeah..” He rubbed the back of his head, sheepishly.

“Your voice is a little roughed up.. what’d I say about the cold drinks..?” Jimin shook his head.

“N-No.. it’s fine! I’m fine with usual.” Jungkook reassured.

Jimin quirked a brow. He reached over and ruffled his hair. “Even your hair is covered in snow.. You’ll get sick.” He murmured, concern in his tone. “At least let me buy you a coffee or something. Just not anything cold.”

Jungkook blushed lightly, “O-Okay..” He inwardly cursed for stuttering so much..

Jimin laughed a bit, smiling his trademark smile.

“You’re so cute~” He commented, teasingly.

“Whatever..” Jungkook murmured in response.

“I get off work in a few minutes. Maybe we could do something..” Jimin offered, quietly.

Jungkook’s eyes widened, though he nodded a few seconds later. He was one step ahead of Jungkook already.

Jungkook sat on a chair, sipping his coffee, watching Jimin take care of the last few orders. He couldn’t help but notice the oversized sweater he was wearing. It was too adorable.

Jimin took his apron off and got out of the counter area.

At that moment, Jungkook questioned over and over again in his head how this was possible. ‘How was it possible that someone that.. irresistible.. could take any interest in me?’ He thought.

His trail of thoughts came to a halt as he felt fingertips caress his hands.

“You feel warmer.. that’s a good sign..” Jimin murmured.

Jungkook looked down at him, stunned. He never noticed how short the elder one was compared to him.. and how adorable he looked next to him. He could never tell when Jimin was always behind a counter.

Jungkook smiled. “Thanks to you~”

Jimin opened his mouth to say something, though he all of a sudden headed to where Jungkook’s coffee was. “I-I’ll throw the cup out for you..!”

“Pssh.. why..? I’m not done it yet.” Jungkook grabbed the cup quickly and took a sip.

Jimin bit his lip for a second and headed towards the exit. “You seem more.. direct.. than usual.” He pointed out. “You’re not stuttering anymore.” He teased.

“Probably because I know realized how short you are compared to me~ It’s cute..” Jungkook smirked.

Jimin scoffed. “Are we going to go out or are we going to stay here?”

“Sure. I like the snow..” Jungkook grinned, stepping outside with him. He scanned him up and down. “Do you only have that sweater..?”

“.. I was in a rush this morning..” Jimin murmured, making Jungkook sigh.

“And you were complaining about my health..”  

“Well I care about you!” Jimin retorted.

“And I do too.” Jungkook put down his coffee cup for a moment and took his jacket off.

Jimin’s eyes widened. “Are you stripping!?”

Jungkook shot him an unamused look and put the jacket on Jimin’s shoulders. “Wear it. I’m used to the snow.” He spoke, keeping control of his emotions for now.

“Thanks..” Jimin smiled. He then secretly picked up Jungkook’s coffee cup and walked ahead, leaving a confused Jungkook.

“…. Jiminie, why are you running away with my coffee?” Jungkook questioned, walking in front of him.

“It’s warm.” Jimin bluffed.

“Taking away my only heat source after I gave you my jacket.. That’s horrible.” Jungkook pouted to divert his attention. He quickly grabbed it from his hand, running off.

“J-Jungkookie!” Jimin wailed, chasing after him, soon realizing that Jungkook was WAY too fast for him.

“Why do you want it so badly?” Jungkook questioned, jogging backwards now.

Jimin tried running so fast that he couldn’t stop, he ran right into Jungkook’s arms.

Jungkook stumbled back a little but still managed to not fall, holding onto Jimin’s sides.

“Y-You really need to be more careful..” Jungkook murmured, embarrassed. He wanted to let go, he figured Jimin would think he’s weird if he did otherwise, but he was just so warm.

Jimin felt woozy from how fast he ran and how he stopped. “Give me the coffee..” He murmured.

“I still don’t get why you want it that badly..” Jungkook blinked, scanning the cup. “Is there something that you’re hiding?”

Jimin realized that he was still hugging him and let go, blushing like crazy. “No..”

‘I wonder if…’ He thought, taking the sleeve of the cup off.

There was clear writing on it.  I like you too much, Jungkookie

Jungkook’s cheeks heated up and he stared at Jimin.

Jimin stared back, extremely embarrassed and flustered. He took the cup. “I-I’m really sorry. Just ignore that and.. I understand if you don’t want to talk to me agai-”

Jungkook leaned down and brushed his thumb against his cheek, kissing his lips gently.

Jimin nearly dropped the coffee cup out of shock, though he responded slowly.

The kiss only lasted a few seconds but that moment was planted in their heads for a really long time.

A really REALLY long time.


“Jungkookie! We played almost 30 rounds of this video game. Can we stop?” Jimin whined.

One of Jimin’s legs were on top of his leg  and they had game controllers in their hands.

“No way. It has IRON MAN in it.” Jungkook pointed at the screen, still in awe after so many hours.

“You turned into such a dork, Jungkookie~ You even still drink the venti vanilla bean when it’s snowing out..”

Jungkook rolled his eyes, still focused on the game.

“Jeon Jungkookiee~” Jimin spoke, softly. “Talk to me.”

“There. I’m talking.” Jungkook spoke bluntly.

Jimin frowned, pecking his cheek softly. “Jungkookie, is Iron Man your boyfriend.. or am I?”

“………. You.”
“Did you really have to think about that?”

Jungkook nodded in response.

Jimin crossed his arms, pouting. “So mean..”

Jungkook looked at him, smugly, leaning in to quickly peck his lips.

“You’re still mean.” Jimin rested his head on his shoulder.

“I know~”

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