“The world comes to life

And everything’s bright

From beginning to end

When you have a friend

By your side…”

Notes: I just fell in love with this imagine from imaginexhobbit. The image of Thranduil having a pet is just so adorable. I think he’s the type that spoils his pets even if he really doesn’t show it lol. <3 Also, this drawing just makes me laugh. I hope it brightens up your day when you look at it! :)

Scene Description: This scene happened before Thranduil decided to keep the teacup pig as his pet. His human friend was walking along the bank of the enchanted river and happened upon a lone teacup pig. Looking around and not seeing its family, the human decided to bring back the teacup pig with her to the Woodland Realm where she’s staying. However, Thranduil caught her in the act of smuggling the teacup pig inside the elvenking’s halls. Knowing that she couldn’t leave the teacup pig alone in the wild, she tried to to convince Thranduil to keep the teacup pig as their pet! After several attempts, such as listing the pros of having a pet, some threatening, guilt-tripping, and the dreaded puppy dog eyes, Thranduil reluctantly agrees to keep the teacup pig. Eventually, the teacup pig worms its way into his heart, and he spoils it much more than his human friend does! ;D

Human Friend: “But Thranduil! Why don’t you want to keep it? See!! It’s so small and cute! Do you really want to feel responsible for the abandonment of this innocent, little creature? Besides, look at its ears! You both have adorable pointy ears! And because of that, it can be the mighty Elvenking’s uhh… pet mascot!” *grins*

Thranduil: *narrows eyes*

Songspiration: Gift of a Friend by Demi Lovato