Y'all my mama so pissed at dwts that when they announced Normani and Val were in third place she immediately turned the TV off, turned the lights off left me in the dark and walked out. Yelled at the dog to go to bed, cussed the cat out cuz she kept meowing and then went downstairs and got a half of bottle of wine talkin bout this is how angry I am. She was like I’m NEVER watching that racists ass show ever again IDC who on there. I jokingly suggested that she write a letter to the producers and she was like hell yea imma write a letter to them racists assholes too. She deserved to win. I’ve never watched dwts like this but Normani carried this fuckin show, people voted for her, she got perfect score after perfect score. How the fuck did she come in 3rf place behind that stiff ass football player and that way below mediocre ass white man??