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Au: Rin & Ai are stepbrothers and live together, at first Rin didn't get along with Ai, but later they both get along with each other. On teenage age, they both develop romantic feelings on each other & secretly have romance affection between each other when their parents aren't with them

“But mom!” Rin whined. His mother shook her head. 

“No bits mister,” She scolded. “You will spend time with Aiichirou while we are gone.” 

Rin groaned dramatically throwing his head back. 

“He’s so whiny though!” 

“Rin!” His mother snapped. “He isn’t whiny, you just need to get to know him. Now we have to go or we’ll be late for Gou’s doctor’s appointment.” 

His mother turned and gathered her coat and purse as she headed towards the door. She turned and gave her son a hard look. 

“Be good.” 

Rin slumped back against the couch as he heard the front door click closed. He glared at the television screen across from him. 

“R-rin?’ A quiet voice came from behind and Rin suppressed a groan as he turned to look at his younger step brother who was clutching a soft toy duck, appropriately named Mr.Quackers, to his chest.  

“What?” Rin snapped irritably and the smaller boy flinched and curled in on himself. 

“Nothing nevermind.” Aiichirou squeaked. 

“If you want something just say it.” Rin growled grumpily. The silver haired boy seemed hesitant and he shuffled his feet nervously. 

“C-can I play with you?” He asked his voice almost too quiet that Rin didn’t catch the words. The redhead blinked in surprise, normally Nitori never offered to do what Rin wanted. Normally he would side who Gou and they would play house or with stuffed animals. 

Rin gazed at the younger boy suspiciously for a moment before nodding his head in acceptance. 


They spent the rest of the hour playing a few of Rin’s favorite video games and Rin enjoyed teaching the smaller boy how to play. 

‘Maybe,’ Rin thought as he and Aiichirou continued to fight off the enemies together. ‘He isn’t so bad.’ 


“I expect you both to behave while we’re gone this weekend.” Rin’s mother instructed as she finished scribbling down emergency numbers on a sticky note. 

“We’re not 5 years olds mom.” Rin scoffed. His mother gave him a sharp look and the taller Matsuoka let the arms that he’d crossed over his chest drop. 

Nitori just stood a foot away smiling sweetly at his step-mother. 

“I’ll make sure he doesn’t cause to much trouble.” He offered and Rin’s mother smiled at him. Reaching over she patted his pale cheek. 

“I’m counting on you Aiichirou.” Nitori nodded, still smiling. 

“Kiss ass.” Rin muttered under his breath. 

“Alright boys, we’re off.” She said as she spun on her heel and strode out the door, followed by Gou and Nitori’s father who gave them a wave before closing the door behind him. 

The second the door clicked closed Rin launched himself at the younger boy. Nitori back hit the door with a hard thud. But the only sound that escaped him was a loud moan as Rin’s sharp teeth skimmed over the soft flesh of his throat. 

“Rin!” Nitori giggled as the older boys hands wrapped around to fondle his soft ass. 

“I can’t believe I get you for a whole weekend.” He groaned slowly rocking forward to rut their growing arousals together. “ I’m going to wreck your ass Ai.” 

“Nnn…Rin, please.” The shorter boy gasped before all his other noises were muffled by Rin’s lips. 

Rin gave a soft grunt as he tilted his head to slot his mouth against his lovers. Swallowing all of the other soft sounds that slipped from Aiichirou’s pink mouth. 

The only sounds in the quiet house were the smacking lips and wet slurp of the two boys tongues sliding together. 

The jingle of the key in the lock was the only warning the two boys got before the door pushed open. 

The horny teenagers jumped away from each other as if burned as Rin’s mother re-entered the house. 

“I forgot my purse.” She mumbled as she searched around. She scooped it up and finally looked up to get a look at the two boys. She squinted at them curiously. 

“Are you feeling alright Aiichirou?” She asked noticing the red blush painted across his pale cheeks. “You looked flushed.” 

Nitori cleared his throat in an attempt to hide Rin’s snort of amusement.

“I am feeling a little hot, maybe I’ll go lay down.” His step mother nodded in agreement. She kissed both boys cheeks before once again leaving the house with one final goodbye. 

Just as Nitori sighed in relief he found his feet scooped out from under him as he was thrown over Rin’s shoulder.

“Wha–” Nitori yelped in surprise as he flailed wildly. Rin just laughed at his step brothers weak attempts to escape. 

“Come on,” He said, tone dripping with hidden meaning. “you told mom that you needed to lay down. 

I hope you enjoyed, feel free to send me a prompt. 

Movies & Popcorn

astrology-please said: Awww, oh my goodness! > U < Your blog is adorable- I love your writing style! Keep up teh fab work~!! <3 <3 Could I please request Iwatobi & Samezuka boys having an inside date with their SO- Just cuddling on the couch with a good movie and popcorn? Thankiesss~ > u > Ugh, I cannot get over how fabulous your blog is!! 

 Aw, thank you so much for your comments! And wow this scenario is adorable!! SORRY IT TOOKE SO LONG ~Chihiro 

 Haruka: “Let’s watch a movie about the water.” Haru would basically refuse any movie that didn’t have something to do with his precious water, so his partner had limited choices. After finally finding a suitable movie you would both like to watch, he’d immediately wrap his arms around his partner and snuggle into their neck. Occasionally, he may even get a handful of popcorn and try to feed some to his lover. “Say ‘ah.’”

 Makoto: “Nothing too scary, ok?” Makoto would love to cuddle with his partner and immediately leap into the opportunity. If they want to choose a scary movie, he’d feel quite uneasy. He tries to persuade them to choose a movie that’s not too scary, but will ease into a horror movie after hearing that he’ll get extra cuddles. Though, when they do watch a horror, he would try to place his head in the crook of his partner’s neck, terrified to look at the screen. Luckily, his partner’s soothing voice calms him down and he feels braver. “Thanks for calming me down…" 

 Nagisa: ”____-chan! Let’s watch a super scary movie!“ Opposite to Makoto, Nagisa would insist on a classic horror movie. He would laugh and scream through out the movie while throwing the popcorn around. His partner would constantly be hugged and be used as Nagisa’s pillow. After the movie, he would apologize if he was too loud or if he bothered his partner through out the whole movie. To make up for it, he would promise to buy them whatever item they wanted. "So, don’t be mad, ok?" 

 Rei: "This movie is inaccurate.” Whatever movie that is chosen will be critiqued by Rei. You can hear him mumble something about the movie being inaccurate or something about the movie not fitting to its time era. Though, he’d be quite generous with popcorn and would nervously feed his partner. He would also enjoy them leaning their head towards his shoulder. “Ah, do you want more popcorn? Wh-what? You want more cuddles!?”

 Rin: “Very funny…” Though he had an irked look on his face, Rin would secretly enjoy how his partner teased him about being one of the characters in 'Jaws’. When they pick a movie, he gets two bowls of popcorn since he knows a lot of it will end up on the floor either from 1. Having a mini popcorn fight or 2. His partner accidentally spills the bowl. Once his partner sits down next to him, he wraps a protective arm around them and leans his head on their shoulder. “We should do this more often.”

 Sosuke: “I’m fine with whatever movie you choose.” Sosuke’s a bit like a gentleman and let’s his partner pick the movie they want. When they’re all settled down, he lays his head on his partner’s lap and locks one of their hands with his. He grins when his partner pokes his lips with the popcorn and eagerly takes it into his mouth, maybe even taking in one of their fingers purposefully accidentally. He laughs at their face each time he takes them by surprise when doing that. “Sorry, I think it’s just cute when you’re off guard.”

 Momotarou: “OOHHHH A COMEDY!!! OR MAYBE A STAG BEETLE MOVIE!” Momo is the most excited of the boys and will eagerly suggest many animated movies or a movie with stag beetles. Once the movie is picked, he tackles his partner and cuddles onto their neck. He wraps both his arms around their frame while the movie starts. His partner would be wrapped up so tightly that they wouldn’t be able to free their arms and grab some popcorn. “This is fun~!” 

Ai: “N-no! You should be the one who picks, I’ll just watch anything you want!” Like Sosuke, Ai would insist on his partner to pick the movie they’ll watch. While they’re choosing, he would make the popcorn just how his partner liked it: a little burnt, salt, butter, whatever they were into. When the couple cuddle, Ai would awkwardly hold their hand and put an arm around their waist. “S-sorry, I’m just a bit shy…”


Mission: To find and retrieve the golden Iwatobi-chan head

Rei: We’ve cleared the South Wing but we’re short on rounds to clear the West.
Tadanori: Kindly requesting for backup, thanks!

Makoto: Leave it to us, Sera-kun, Rei! Let’s go, Nitori-kun.
Ai: Okay! How’s there on your side, Sousuke-senpai?

Sousuke: Nagisa took out everyone by himself. I could probably retire.
Nagisa: How meaaaaan, Sou-chan! Don’t leave me alone! Hey Gou-chan, how long do we have to stay here? I’m suuuuuuper hungry!!

Gou: Just a little more! Err.. Have you unlocked it, niichan?
Rin: Good news for Nagisa, I just did! How’s the bomb, Buchou?

Seijuro: Detonating in 10! You guys ready?
Momotarou: Oooooohh~ my heart is beating so wildly! Nanase-san, please clear our exit!

Haru: Understood. Oi, Kisumi–
Kisumi: I heard on the line, Haru. But umm, your gun…??