Dear INFINITE... It's been 3 years, right? And it seems like it's been forever. Yes. All the times that I spent with you guys, were the most precious and happy. I'm not good with words, and I don't even know how to say all the things that are in my head now. Anyways, I love you guys so much, I think it's not even sane. I'm so proud of all the things you conquered until now. I just wish you guys to keep moving foward and keep shining the way you did until today. Better, just be you, the INFINITE, the family, the friends, and the lovely and so perfect boys, with a so big heart that you guys are. I have sure that's enough to make us, Inspirits, happy. Once again, I LOVE YOU. It's been just 3 years from all the other countless that are coming. Fighting, INFINITE! 
From an Inspirit that simply loves you infinitely. ♥

[M.pire’s 3rd Anniversary Fan Project]


This project is a compilation of postcards from M.PIRE fans all over the world which will be sent to them to show our love and support even after their hiatus. The admin of this project will be in charge of putting the postcards together in form of a album. Therefore, all you need to do is send us your letter and selfie (or fanart, for more info read below). 


1. Write a letter to M.pire (as a document) and separately attach a selfie (selca). Make sure your photo is in HD (high definition). If you are not comfortable taking a selfie, you can send us a fanart. The fanart will replace your selfie.

2. Write your name or a nickname in your letter that you are comfortable sharing but please do not write your full name. And include your country in your letter as well.

3. If possible, write your letter in Korean. If you can only write in English or in your Native language, that is fine.

4. Send your letter and selfie to 486haru@gmail.com.

5. Deadline of submission is on June 30th, 2016.

~ Please Spread Message So That Other Muses Can Join The Project ~

Thank you! - MK Team


WIP: Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this within the next month or so!

Please look forward to the finished product when it’s out lol.


CM Punk vs Jimmy Jacobs Third Anniversary Celebration Pt 3 2/26/05 

SHINee Ultra Transformation! (3rd year anniversary)

SHINee’s anniversary~ Ah~ I can’t believe it. They’re doing really good nowadays. So, I just wanna dedicate this post to them. I’m gonna thank them later. So, now. I’m just gonna focus on how they grew since Replay to Lucifer days. 

Lee Jinki

Kim Jonghyun

Kim Kibum

Choi Minho

Lee Taemin

The first time I heard of SHINee is still the BOF days. I heard them singing “Stand by me”. Hearing their voices makes wanna smile. They’re very angelic, soothing, and heart-warming. PLUS, THEIR DANCING SKILLS. I mean, Taemin?! When I first knew that Tae was only 14 when he debuted. I’m like “WTH? He’s the freakin’ maknae in the group?!”. (My reaction was more epic that that. XD)

Replay (Noona neomu yeppeo)

Love Like Oxygen (Sansa Ganteun Neo)



Ring Ding Dong

Jojo (There’s no official promotional pic of it. So, I decided to put a GIF. :D)



Replay Japanese Debut

Can’t you believe how much they’ve changed? o_o *sobs* =))

I’m really sobbing right now. I was thinking that what if the day comes that SHINee will disband? :( I can’t bare it. I won’t allow it. But, reality is reality. Whether I like it or not, that day will come. I mean, their just human. They get tired, too. But, I promise. Whatever happens to them They’ll always be that SHINee I love. The SHINee I adore too much that it hurts me. The SHINee that gave me self-esteem. SHINee jjang~ <3

As I said, I’ll thank them. So, here we go:

SHINee!~ Thank you. Thank you for existing? LOL. Hahahaha. I just don’t now how to thank you.. You guys, you really gave me self-esteem this year. You’re the reason why I’m practicing my dancing, singing and why I keep on focusing on school. The reason why I found this two new little friends that accept me for who I am. You are the most amazing people I ever knew. I love everything about you guys. From Onew’s sangtae, to Jonghyun’s wit, Key’s fashion, Minho’s story-on-how-he-studied-hard-to-become-an-idol to Taemin’s aegyo. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. So, thank you. SHINee youngweonhi!  


It seems like life time flies so fast. Three years ago, you were all young and trying to make a name for yourselves. Three years after, here you are, all famous and so much more handsome than before. *blushing* I will never forget how you changed my life. KPOP has been one of the major things that happened in my life and it was all because of you. As I watched you from your BEASTLY debut up until now, I have seen how all of you have changed and strived to improve yourselves. Though you faced a lot of challenges, you all tried to be strong not only for each other but most importantly, for your fans. I am very proud that I am still here - a certified HOTTEST - supporting you all the way. Thank you, 2PM.