Prototype photos of my upcoming Galvatron kits!  Yes, there will be two different kits, a G1 version, and an IDW version, both available in Titan Returns and Legends colors.  Preorder will go up soon, once I have plastic testshots ready to show.

Each kit will come with one helmet, 3 swappable faces, a side cannon adapter, and one weapon; either the G1 inspired toy rifle, or IDW barbarian axe.


sekai gravity makes wonders! 

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I don't necessarily think folks are upset because they have a concrete destiel timeline in their heads where they're thinking "if it doesn't happen by this certain time, i'm out" (though a lot of people might be that way, idk). I think it's more like, the rug keep getting pulled out. The constant slamming of breaks. I'm enjoying the ride too, but only because i'm confident in the narrative. A lot of ppl's experience though has been a constant "haha just kidding" like in s10.

Ah, I see. Well, honestly, that has like nothing to do with my problems with s10. S10 was just a narratively inconsistent disaster. At least a good chunk of the second half of it was. But that didn’t have anything to do with Dean and Cas, and their relationship.

Because through most of s10 Dean was either a demon, slowly succumbing to the influence of the Mark of Cain again, or clinging to his humanity by his fingernails. I don’t think there was any sort of “haha just kidding!” with destiel in s10. I don’t think much development in their relationship was even POSSIBLE because of the Mark of Cain.

This is why I am eternally perplexed by people who are excited by the prospect of demon dean, or mark of cain dean, or even Michael!Dean. When Dean is not //himself// any sort of potential for a relationship with Cas pretty much goes out the window.. You can NOT write Dean and Cas getting romantically involved while one of them is freaking mind controlled. That… just will never happen. And if it did, it would have to be undone the moment the mind-controlled person was restored to themselves, and would forever after be considered A Terrible Thing That Happened and must never happen again. So I am entirely GRATEFUL that we didn’t have demon!Dean confess feelings for Cas. GRATEFUL that we didn’t have Cas tell Dean to stop because he loved him in 10.22. THAT would’ve convinced me they were pulling the rug out from under destiel. NOTHING the show has ever done has made me waver that it is their eventual endgame destination.

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HI!! (love your work, big fan. i read your imagines like every night before i go to bed,, helps me sleep!) if you have any really super depressing and angsty ones, could you link them?? im in the mood for that shit,, if not, maybe that could b new idea?? just like a long one where the reader is like having a breakdown/attack and stu gets extremely worried and comforts them,, thank you!!! ilysm!! (btw in no way am i wanting mental illness to be romanticized, i just love that depressing shit)

A/N: today has been a d a y for me i thought maybe i could put my honey nut feelios into this so it’s more authentic but its nooooottttttttttttttt goooooooodddddddddddddddddddd and i agree with you on that not romanticized comment i see u homie hmu in the pms for some quality conversation ily

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A small feeling of relief slowly but surely washes over you as you make your way down the familiar path that leads you to your shared home. You let out a long awaited sigh as you unlock the door, throwing your keys onto the table by your side as you step in. Being away from it all physically was pleasant enough on its own, but unfortunately, your clouded mind seemed to intensify your exhaustion, as you couldn’t find yourself to feel completely comforted in your own home. The house was silent and you concluded that he probably went out for the evening. You checked your phone and sighed; no messages, no calls. You decide not to let yourself be bothered by it, there was already enough on your mind as is.

Tired feet drag themselves to your bathroom as you try to convince yourself a warm shower is all you really need. You stand underneath the scalding water, hands resting on the tile, and stare down at the drain as water falls through the small metallic holes. The warm water feels nice but it doesn’t do much for your restless thoughts. You recall every occurrence of the day, wondering why the universe seemed to be gnawing at you in almost every possible way. Your mind eventually goes blank and you find yourself staring down at the drain for no reason at all, completely numb. You don’t even know how long you stay there for, nothing else has value in that moment, not even the drain your eyes are fixated on. You don’t even realize the front door has been opened until his muffled voice from the kitchen finally reaches you. 

You turn off the faucet and step out of the shower and dry yourself quickly before changing. When you emerge from the bathroom, you hear his voice much clearer now slightly drowned out by the sounds of bags rustling. He must have gone to get some food. You slowly make your way to the kitchen and stand in the door frame, watching him put away seemingly endless amounts of off-brand cereal into the cabinets. 

He turns around and jumps a little when he sees you behind him. He greets you cheerfully, “I just picked up a few things we needed while you were gone,” he explains before putting away the last couple of things, “Pizza should be here soon,” he looks at his watch, “If it’s not here in 15, then its free!” He smiles at you and your mouth curls only slightly. He frowns at that and steps closer to you, taking your hands into his, “You alright?”

Your hands slip out of his and you stare at the floor for a moment. His eyebrows knit together in worry as you speak, “I’m just tired,” you say, turning your head to look into his eyes. He’s staring at you with concern etched all over his features which makes you feel slightly worse. You impulsively kiss his cheek quickly, in hopes of convincing him that you’re okay but he doesn’t buy it. He thinks for a bit until he comes up with an idea, “I got it. Dawn of the Dead.”

You don’t hate the idea, but you don’t necessarily love it as it has become almost routine for the two of you. You agree anyway, anything to keep yourself distracted. 

The pizza arrives shortly, 2D disappointed over the fact it wasn’t free, and the two of you sit together on the couch, watching a film you’ve seen countless times. He seems happy though, chewing eagerly as his eyes are fixated onto the screen. He doesn’t notice that you haven’t spoken the entire time or hardly even touched your dinner. Having it almost every week has become a bit tiresome for you as well. You stare down at your plate and think how almost every thing has been routine and you can’t help but feel sickened by it. You sigh unintentionally loud, earning his attention as he turns his head to you, “Y/N?”

“Stuart…” you begin, unsure if you really want to continue, but you do anyway, knowing it’s probably best for you both, “I think we should take a break.”

He pauses the movie and stares at you expectantly, thinking you were referring to the film but you continue, your eyes closed as you speak, “I think we should stop seeing each other.”

Silence fills the room.

“… What?” He asks, truly confused. Things were going great between the two of you, he recalls the week going by so well.

“We just- I think it would be best if we just called it quits…” You say, you don’t dare to face him, knowing if you did your heart would break completely.

He looks at you and then at the TV and pizza and thinks for a bit, “… You’re not happy with me?” 

Your head falls to your hand and you force yourself to stay together, “No, it’s not- We’ll just talk about this in the morning, I’m really tired.” You don’t even give him time to respond before you get up and head over to the room. 

He doesn’t join you the entire night, he spends the night awake on the couch, dreading as the time passes, leading him to the inevitable fate of your relationship.

sorry its not 21 pilots uwu i joke pls calm

so i thought about how 2d said he can’t remember much details from past a week and took that TOO DAMN Far and made this. its probs a joke really cause you know brain damage but i had fun crying writing and i hope yall like it.

also the ask box is gonna be open again, gonna queue what i cleared out all day today, we’re going to be running smoothly again friendos.

ps thanks for putting up with my shit you gUYS ik i suck but yall are so nice and patient and supportive im love you

A Day in the Life of a Werewolf Union Elder

Another dull day.

Lunark sat on her steel throne and observed around the many human papers she didn’t have any interest in looking into.

The papers she never have had any interest in.

Not today

Not in the past 100 years she’s taken this position.

Unpleasant humans.

What a species it was.

Torturing their own people day in and day out.

Using them as foods, experimenting on their bodies.

Lunark remembered the first time she visited the labs. She a warrior was no stranger to prisons, and punishment zones. She had been there, she’s done that, she’s seen it all. Although the werewolves were more prone to settle everything through a good spar, prisons still was a thing to handle the truly unworthy, unruly ones who didn’t deserve the honor of a fight.

But these humans?  

Hoards upon hoards of enclosed spaces. Hoards upon hoards of humans stuffed in. Ready to be taken out only when it was time to be useful. Time for another experiment.

The screams that echoed in these halls. Those fear ridden faces, those gleeful white coats cutting a restrained one of their own kind, those experiment material gone past the stage of being considered intelligent beings …And they call themselves a civilized society? Lunark snorted mirthlessly into her delicacy that the humans call coffee, and set it down with an unpleasant expression.

And what was with this liquid? The 3rd Elder had recommended her this thing saying it was for ‘aristocrats’ of the human, but it was just making her tummy ache funny.

She’s going to see this clown of an Elder soon. Playing tricks on her? There truly was not a single human worth trusting.

Lunark signed, and unconsciously picked up the coffee again, and took a big sip attempting to drown her sorrows. She was tired.


This was disgusting! So bitter!

The coffee was thrown to the side with an angry jerk of her hand, and unfortunately, some of it spilled on the papers infront of her.

Lunark’s eyes widened.

No. She was to report about all the Union proceedings to the 2rd Elder. She can’t have these papers destroyed.

Damn, documentation was really not her thing. She was good at sparing, snarling with her fellow warriors, taking care of her clan mates, and howling at the moon, yes howling at the moon was what she liked.

But here she was, hastily trying to salvage human papers from the spilled human drink. What did she do to deserve this? As Lunark painstakingly took each paper off the wet table and set them awkwardly by the window showing bright sun rays, she cursed.

She cursed her existence, she cursed her Lord for putting her here, she cursed the damned humans, and she cursed the 3rd Elder. The humans are going to pay, this specific human will pay.

But first, she needed to fix these papers that were showing an awkward brown color despite being dry now.


There really wasn’t a single human she can trust.

There wasn’t a single human worth her interest.

What was she doing here?

Authors Note: And that was until she met Frankenstein and later M-21.

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