Musical Touken Ranbu: Mihotose no Komoriuta 

M03. Touken Ranbu

Sakiyama Tsubasa as Ishikirimaru
Araki Hirofumi as Nikkari Aoe
Ota Motohiro as Sengo Muramasa
Spi as Tonbokiri
Yokota Ryuugi as Monoyoshi Sadamune
Zaiki Takuma as Ookurikara


Many that live deserve death. Many that die deserve life.

SGT Joshua P. Rodgers and SGT Cameron H Thomas, both from 3/75, were KIA in Nangahar province, Afghanistan on April 27, 2017, during combat operations.

The 75th took a devastating hit with the loss of two great Rangers, but their sacrifice was not in vein. Around 20+ EKIA during the TIC and around 50 EKIA via airstrikes after exfil.

Rest easy. Rangers Lead The Way.

I had an unfinished cat painting sitting on my shelf for an entire year, so I turned it into a portrait of Elizabeth the 3rd this morning~

This painting is dedicated to Jumin, Mr. Shin Yongwoo, and all the Jumin cosplayers and fans out there HAHAH <3 you guys rock :3

i hate theme editing >:(