3rd year

The self made man

The self made man,

He built himself from distant memories and pictures in tv and film and boys like him,

The lost boys,

On their lonely island of metal and oil and adrenaline,

Welding on the parts of real men,

Breaking off the parts of girlish difference,

To Graft, To Sweat, To Bleed, To Burn, To Hurt, To Laugh, To Protect, To Earn,

They bolted these to their shoulders,

He learns as he goes collecting and trading parts,


Then he will stow himself away in his den like a wild thing in the winter,

He will emerge oiled and revved,

I came and I wanted to sew up his interiors,

and now he opens his metal doors and lets me sit in a while.

My venipuncture kit, and it looks brand new. Hahaha :D I haven’t used it yet.

The first time I tried to extract blood was on Aug.14. Our Clinical chemistry professor surprised us that day, we didn’t brought any kit. So, thanks to my super “bait” friends from the other section, they let us borrow their kit :) I extracted blood from Cyrille, my seatmate since 1st year and chika partner. Hehe, she encouraged me and luckily…Yay! I was able to extract blood, but it wasn’t perfect though :| I’ll do better next time. :))))