3rd prototype


Prototype photos of my upcoming Galvatron kits!  Yes, there will be two different kits, a G1 version, and an IDW version, both available in Titan Returns and Legends colors.  Preorder will go up soon, once I have plastic testshots ready to show.

Each kit will come with one helmet, 3 swappable faces, a side cannon adapter, and one weapon; either the G1 inspired toy rifle, or IDW barbarian axe.

Hodge Defense AU-Mod 2.

First weapon system to use advanced 3rd generation Aluminum Lithium alloy. Lighter, stronger, and more corrosion resistant than 7075-T6, its been used extensively in aerospace in recent years as a direct competitor to composites and carbon fiber…. and Hodge Defense has an exclusive deal with ALCOA for all small arms use of the allow.

Pictured above is the 3rd production prototype in civilian hands.  Magpul has one, one of Hodge Defense’s closest allies has one, and I have one.  It’s the gun world equivalent of Evangelion Unit 02, which is kind of fitting.