3rd playthrough

Confession:  In my first playthrough of Inquisition during the Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts quest, I didn’t realize that you could change our of your formal wear and that weapons were unequipped, so I lost a ton of court approval because the battles were so slow and I kept dying! I didn’t learn the truth until my 3rd playthrough when I was looking at the wiki page.

Night in the Woods Review

Night in the Woods is a game that hits close to home. It’s a story about not knowing your place in the world and trying to figure out what everything means. The game takes place in a fictional town of Possum Springs. You play as Mae, a 20 year-old cat that just dropped out of her sophomore year of college. The story chronicles her return to her home, her reunited with her friends and family, and the darker mystery that’s surrounding the town.

The characters are the main highlight in Night in the Woods. Mae’s core group of friends include her old best friend Beatrice, her best friend from high school Gregg, and Gregg’s boyfriend Angus. The game has a finite structure of a kind of sort of daily rutine that you go through. You wake up in your old room at your parents house and go out everyday. You can choose to hang out with Beatrice, or Gregg, or other events around the town. This leads to a dynamic where you miss out on one activity over another, but that leaves you with your own story to tell.

In one case, I choose to hang out with Beatrice over Gregg. This lead to use visiting the local mall, which nobody visits any more due to the age of the internet. We went to a goth store and stole belt buckles and then messed with the wishing well and sprayed pedestrians as they were walking around the mall. I don’t know what would have happened if I decided to go and hang out with Gregg for the day, but that is what gives Night in the Woods a special quality. The developer has crafted scenes that you can miss out on and never see unless you decide to do a 2nd or maybe even 3rd playthrough. In a world where developers want you to see everything in the games they make, it’s refreshing to know that they’re are chunks of the game that I may never see, but I could have a conversation with someone and get an entirely different story out of them. The main plot goes on the back burner from time to time, but these personal stories that you get with Angus, Beatrice, and Gregg are well worth the wait for the twists and turns of the main plot.

The main plot sees Mae struggling to find her place in the world. Mae drops out of college and returns home, but what will she do now? Early on, as you and your friends leave the pizzeria after band practice, you all discover a severed arm on the sidewalk. After poking it with a stick and being stopped by your aunt, who is an local police officer, mysteries dreams start to plague Mae. You go through your day to day, talking to your mom and dad, hanging out with your friends, and finding out more about the dark secrets that are swirling around.

The presentation in Night in the Woods is also something that I couldn’t get enough of. The art style has a very paper craft, hand-drawn style, but the dialogue is very adult. Character talk about not fitting in, moving away to find better things, and dealing with family death. Their was a somber moment where I wend grocery shopping and had dinner with Beatrice and her father at her home. Beatrice’s mother had recently pasted away and now Beatrice is stuck running the family business because of the emotional stress that her father has gone through. It’s these real moments that made Night in the Woods special to me, and some moments that also hit close to home with some of my own struggles in life.

The game took me about 7 hours to finish from start to finish. It was paced exceptionally well. Even in the down time where your just running around town talking to people and growing relationships with past acquaintances, the game is a breath of fresh air. The world feels lived-in and has a history and it’s own story just as deep as any of the characters that inhabit it.  Getting to know Mae, Beatrice, and all of the other townsfolk was such a joy. It felt like I’d known these people from years ago and I was reuniting with them all over again. Night in the Woods is something special. It made me laugh more than most games ever have, the characters all felt like real friends, and it also knew how to hit me in all the right places. Like I said before, Night in the Woods hit close to home for me. In a world where you don’t know what’s around the corner or not sure if you can go on another day, this game shows that it’s a struggle that everyone goes though. Even a 20 year black cat that dropped out of college.

Score: 10/10

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Have you played Nier Automata? if so what are your thoughts on it

Yes i have and it is an amazing game. I’m only onto the 3rd playthrough though…i havent had time to continue it unfortunately. As expected music is just captivating, characters designs…well they are fucking sweeet (2B booty distracts me sometimes) and the story so far has got me wanting to know more. My ONLY issue is i wish i could ditch 9s (yes i cant stand him) or swap him out for A2…cause i want the badass girls


My playthrough, like 3rd or 4th time, of Nightmare mode of Outlast 2 =)

theholylight replied to your post: do people who shit on the english dubs of persona…

How is P5’s translation good? Have you nagivator and such? ._. As for P4G, well I don’t really care enough for P4 beyond Chie’s atrocious voice - Teddie isn’t better either. In fact, Kanji and Yukiko’s ENG voices are the only ones out of P4 that I like. With P5, it’s also 50/50 (cant get over the fact that Futaba sometimes sounds older and more mature than Haru, to me)

And yeah, I have the PS1 P1 ‘dub’ if you can even call it that. But given they changed names and codenames for P5 too…

i’m talking about the dub not the translation although both are good. i’ve never had a problem with any of the navs and i’ve played p3/p4 10+ times and i’m on my 3rd p5 playthrough. like i said disliking a voice actor doesn’t mean they’re objectively bad

idk if you’re thinking of p4 vanilla or p4g bc chie and teddie have different voice actors but their voices in p4g were great imo. p4 actually has some high profile vas too (jyb, yuri lowenthal, troy baker) and considering most of the p5 vas were relatively new they did a damn good job. i love futaba’s va she did a really good job especially in scenes where she stuttered a lot bc it sounded super natural. same with robbie daymond he was phenomenal as akechi. i agree they should’ve lowered haru’s pitch a bit but otherwise she was fine too.

as for changing the character names? what are you talking about? none of their names/codenames were changed

999 - Visiting the Funyarinpa.

Yep. Hanging around door【4】this time. I still like this room better than the 1st class one. It feels more homey or something. Other than the non-existent canopy bed. Those are cool, kay. 

..And the Funyarinpa is beautiful as usual–


FFFF—I don’t think I caught her saying that the first time around..