3rd person rantings

i hate the message that 3rd wave feminism sends to girls… “you’re perfect, but you need more makeup! here’s makeup tips that will last through a blowjob!” “it’s important to love yourself, but have you drawn your eyebrows on right today?” “you’re beautiful no matter what, but in the next breath we’re going to list 62 Tips To Look Hot On Your First Day of School and make you feel like you have to put on false eyelashes and spend 3 hours on your hair to be pretty”
you can slap the “it’s my choice and i like it” label on it all you want but that doesn’t make it true for everyone… i’m sure i’m not the only girl who was affected by this kind of propaganda and who’s self esteem is fucked up thanks to it

I keep seeing Jason and Cl.exa shippers asking for the Bellarke fandom to help with this poll and that’s all well and good bc the show needs the spotlight and everything but idk maybe more of us would be more inclined to help if a few didn’t keep trying to tell us Bellarke is non-existent and all the typical judgement this fandom gets for shipping Bellarke.
It kind of bothers me that it was all like: 

“you’re homophobic if you don’t like cl.exa” 
“it is non-existentant” 
“bellarke is forever platonic” 
“bellarke fans are just bitter bc we got a kiss” 
“bellarke lost way early cl.exa is obvs better”

and now they’re losing this poll bellarke suddenly exists enough for us to help them? and then getting upset because not enough are voting? 
I mean really? don’t get up the fandom for not wanting to help, I’ve seen some of the crap people say and it’s no wonder some people wouldn’t want too tbh.
There are some Bellarke fans who post and reblog Clarke and Lexa gifsets bc they’re worried they’ll get hate and get called homophobic and I find that so sad. 

If you keep in mind it’s for the show getting more spotlight, I do encourage you to vote. But if you feel uncomfortable about it – well I can’t really blame you tbh.