3rd nipple

Literally my only criticism of Another Man is that they photoshopped out Harry’s 3rd and 4th nipples.

That’s it. Everything else is amazing. I’ve never been so overwhelmingly happy with with any third-party content about any of the boys, and yet here we are. Another Man did a truly spectacular job articulating Harry’s character in such a beautiful way, I just wish they’d let him keep his extra nipples.

set the scene. its the morning of the london marathon - harry styles has been training for months. the gun fires, and the runners are off. harry is running. he forgot to put petroleum jelly on his nipples. his shirt is rubbing. he keeps running. his nipples are on fire. running. they are ripping through his nike shirt. running. he needs help. he finishes the marathon. he rips his shirt off. his nipples are gone. “oh well” he sobs. “its like i didnt lose any at all” he pokes his 3rd and 4th nipples lovingly. he passes out.