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Things Confirmed in The New Crystal Gems
  • (Forgot to mention last time) Steven and Greg have gotten their ears pierced
  • The CGs have returned to Earth
  • Connie took care of Lion and restocked the cereal at The Beach House 
  • This is the first time Connie has interacted with Lapis since Ocean Gem
  • This is the first time Connie has interacted with Peridot since Stevens Birthday
  • This is the first time Connie has interacted with Pumpkin Dog
  • Lapis doesn’t remember Connie
  • Peridot considers Connie Stevens 3rd. Best Friend ( After her and Lapis)
  • Lapis has almost drowned a lot of people
  • Peridot thinks they need to act like the CGs to do the job of the CGs
  • Peridot wants to be like Garnet
  • Pumpkin dog is a girl
  • Connie doesn’t know much about beach city besides what Steven has told her
  • Some people vandalized Mayor Dewey’s Van
  • Peridot has gotten better with her metal powers
  • The Car Wash got very busy
  • Lapis can do a pretty good Garnet impression
  • Peridots are good at fixing things
  • The Car Wash has a new sign

Some non-spoilery thoughts on Mass Effect: Andromeda because I’ve seen a lot of people worried about negativity surrounding the game:

  • the squad banter is great, and there’s a lot of it, and it’s really welcome. it brings a lot to exploration and fighting
  • speaking of fighting, this is the best shooting in a 3rd-person game that I’ve seen in well, ever. the jump jet is ridiculously fun to use while shooting.
  • and exploration? fantastic. Ryder’s scanner is super handy and gives you a lot of information about the environment. the level design is great, as are the plant and animal designs.
  • I’m a big fan of the new dialogue system. paragon/renegade was something heavily associated with Shepard. this new system feels a lot more like Ryder, and a new start.
  • the facial animations aren’t all that bad, unless you’re going to record your conversations and then go back, frame-by-frame, looking for a few ridiculous expressions. you don’t really notice all that much when you’re paying attention to the story and what’s being said.
  • the eyes are…flat (I’m also playing HZD atm, and the eye textures in that game are incredible, so it also could be bias on my part)
  • the music, so far, is good. I was really worried about it, but I find that the galaxy map theme is the best piece so far.
  • the galaxy map - holy fuck, it is so fun
  • cc - not impressed, tbh. twins don’t always look identical anyway, and it’s pretty disappointing that you can’t customise Sara or Scott. the presets range from okay to horrible. Inquisition spoiled us.
  • I’m really happy with the writing so far. lots of great characters that I’m loving. the voice acting is pretty damn good too.
  • we’ve finally got height differences. hell, the salarians are tall. so are the turians. feels good. feels organic.
Down 5.5 pounds!

Since Christmas Eve? I think that’s the last time I weighed myself. Not bad for all of the holiday shenanigans that went on between then and now!

I finally feel like I’m back in a good routine after moving and starting a new job Jan 3rd. Having my own apartment and kitchen is THE BEST!

HW: 225 lbs.

CW: 190 lbs.

Total lost overall: 35 lbs.

Goal weight 1: 195 lbs.

Goal weight 2: 190 lbs.

Goal weight 3: 185 lbs. (5 lbs. away)

Goal weight 4: 180 lbs. (10 lbs. away)

Goal weight 5: 175 lbs. (15 lbs. away)

Goal weight 6: 170 lbs (20 lbs. away)

Goal weight 7: 165 lbs. (25 lbs. away)

Goal weight 8: 160 lbs. (30 lbs. away)

Goal weight 9: 155 lbs. (35 lbs. away)

Goal weight 10: 150 lbs. (40 lbs. away)


If Lin-Manuel Miranda gets a nomination, he will be the -10th Latino AND -3rd EVER Puerto Rican nominated for Best Song And if he ends up winning, he’ll be: -3rd Puerto Rican winner (Irene Cara and Luis Resto, RISE UP) -4th Latino EVER (the above two plus Jorge Drexler, who is a BADASS and got fucked over by the Academy during the ceremony, look him up) -15th person of color to win -13th EGOT -Youngest EVER EGOT -Fastest EVER to EGOT -4th person of color to EGOT -3RD EVER PEGOT, and by far the youngest -FIRST PERSON OF COLOR TO PEGOT PASEK AND PAUL EAT YOUR HEART OUT

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Weird how I’ve seen so much stuff about Jill Stein and Gary Johnson but I haven’t seen anything about the best 3rd party presidential candidate Beau Fah