3rd evolution

I’ve seen a lot people (mid aged men on facebook, who else) talking shit about Mitch for not scoring many goals and not scoring hattricks yet.

come on people, chill.

when he will score his first hattrick, it won’t be only hattrick.

he will also get 4 assists, will burn the ice with his skates, will tame a dragon, will evolve into 3rd evolution what will make him be able to do teleport and then will send Trump to Azkaban


gilmore girls │ one gifset per episode
bon voyage [7.22


‘I chose this life and I chose you. And I don’t understand why we can’t have both’

[Felicity’s version] [Oliver’s version]

I have free time and haven’t drawn in a while

So…I want to do a little mini Pokemon challenge.  I’m going to design alternate 3rd stage evolutions for Pokemon from any Gen.  For example, and alternate evolution for Magnemite that isn’t Magnezone.  Another catch is that I have to change the typing in some way.  I’ll be taking suggestions on this post.  Who should I do an alternate evolution for?


I’ve seen a lot of information circulating around Tumblr regarding Pokemon Go, some of which has been false. So I decided to make a big masterlist of the things that are known about Pokemon Go, including helpful tips, “secrets”, myths, and just overall useful information. Also, I’ll add more as information comes out. Here goes…

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This is a PSA for Pokemon X and Y GTS

If you have a Pokemon in the GTS and you want a Pokemon that is under the category of “Special Pokemon” please for the love of god take them out Because you WILL NOT get that Pokemon because it won’t allow the person to trade it. (Pokemon with the Classic Ribbon or Premier Ribbon cannot be traded on the GTS.)

And if you want a Pokemon that is impossible to get with a low level (ex. Lvl 9 or Below legendaries and Most 2nd and 3rd Evolution Pokemon) Please remove that trade because your not going to get that low of a level Pokemon unless its a illegitimate Pokemon.

People who are doing this are just cluttering up the GTS with impossible trades, making it hard to find reasonable trades in the GTS. So if you are doing either of these things please remove that trade.

Anonymous said: Do you know of any fics where Peeta plays sports and is AU?

This is everything I could find in our archives. I’m willing to bet there are a few new ones, so please chime in if we’re missing some!

Association Football/Soccer:

A Knead to Know Basis - WRitesALOT

Game of Blame - MalTease

Trash Talk - MusicalSoul3000

Make Your Move - c_r_roberts (assistant coach)

Looking to Score - Court81981 (coach)

US Football:

In Love and Football - HavishamWard

Evolution - kismet4891

3rd Down - Court81981

The Accident - Arya Svit-Kon

The Jersey - meggiemellark

Lone Star State of Mine - Jenye

Shower Celebration - beccabecalm

Words Unspoken - bs13


You Got Me Good - SilverNight92

For You to Notice Me - 24tigers


A Masked Heart - silverarcher8

Air - meggiemellark


Fire and Ice - Falafel Waffle

Melting the Ice - tacosandflowers

The Laws of Gravity - threadfinjack

Dream On - Baroness Kika

Other Competitive Sports/Athletic Endeavors:

On Thin Ice - Court81981 (figure skating ex-hockey player)

The Fighter - MoiraCPercy (boxer)

At the Peak - maddmaddworld (snowboard instructor, former athlete)

Hurry Hard - AmelinaZemitran (curling)

Cookies from Mellark’s - sohypothetically (surfer)

I Want Some More - english5672 (surfer)

Another Summer - KaiSai1166 (surfer)

Top of the World - DirectorCarmichael (mountainclimber)

Of Chasing Quaffles & Katniss Everdeen - kaceywithak (quidditch)

Tell Me What You Know - AGirlNamedWhiskey (car racing)

Speed - KPForever (car racing)

The Boys are Depending On Us - ETRNL4L (cheerleader)