3rd cup of coffee

12x14 watching notes

this show normally never makes me cry except that 1 episode in season 7, but god dammit Berens got me TWICE I’m disowning him

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Hi!! I love your blog!!! I was wondering if you could write a poem about our guardian angels? I recently have really gotten into the concept of guardian angels and I really just want to read something that expresses the love I have for them. (I know a lot of people don't believe guardian angels or think they are childish but the concept of them makes me feel at peace.)


his silver-feathered hands rest
palms down on the table.
his body looks hazy today like
a glass cup full of sunlight.

you are on your 3rd coffee
when he says, please try to get
some real sleep tonight. you think
about how rent will be tough
to make this month, how work
will be overtime, how your feet
are still sore from yesterday. you flip
pancakes, then ask if he wants
any eggs or bacon on the side.

thought i was your guardian,
the angel shoots back. he grins
at you. his teeth
are river reeds.


you are one year old,
and xe enjoys shifting
shape for you: lazy
greyhound to proud
tiger to macaw that
whispers hello, perched
on your crib while you
laugh. in 24 years,
xe will pull you from
a car crash unharmed.
in the next room,
your parents sleep.


you look at the mirror again
and pull on the hem of your jacket.
you turn to her, ask, what’s it feel like
when you fall in love?

she’s sprawled on your bed, willow
branch wings spread out across
your bedroom floor. your uncle
will need an unexpected funeral
in 6 months, and she has chosen
what hymns she’ll sing to you.
it’s as if your heart, she says,
were a beehive teeming
with woodsmoke and clover
honey. did you know constellations
declare their love for each other

through complex math equations?
you roll your eyes. she passes
the cellphone to you. her angel-skin,
a metallic gold,
shimmers and ripples.

When you tell someone your birthday is tomorrow and you’re no longer a teenager and they reply with “oh honey, you’ll be 30 before you know it!”

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Hello!! I'd like to request a scenario with Bakugou, Todoroki and Kirishima reacting to their s/o having a quirk that lets them see alternate timelines, helping them prevent disasters, but causing them to see themselves and everyone else die over and over again, which causes nightmares so bad they stop sleeping to avoid them. Their s/o never previously explained the side effects of their quirk to the boys?? If it's okay, and thank you for your time!! Sorry if I messed up

SUPER SORRY IT’S LATE! Thank you for requesting, it was an interesting request! I hope you like it! <3

Katsuki Bakugou
“You look like shit,” Bakugou commented upon seeing the bags under your eyes as you took a seat in front of him.

“Shut up, I haven’t been able to sleep okay?” you put your head down on the table, the cold metal feeling good against your tired face.

Just as Bakugou was going to say something, your name was called by a certain female brunette, “Y/n!”

“Yeah?” you looked over at her.

“Time to go!” she grabbed your arm and pulled you outside. You two had gotten pretty close since you’ve been working together on the hero missions. Whenever you use your quirk, her gravity quirk comes pretty handy when you’re stopping natural disasters.

“Can I ask why we’re out here?” you asked looking at the ground while she jumped around, excited about something.

“Becau-” her reply was cut off when a swordlike metal was rammed through her stomach.

You looked up in horror and screamed as she fell to the floor, blood pouring from the injury. Her eyes were wide and it looked like her mind had yet to comprehend what had happened.

“What the fuck? Who the hell are you?” You heard Bakugou’s voice but you didn’t turn to see who he was talking to, all you could do was stare at your dying friend.

You got on your knees next to her, you didn’t know what to do. You put your hands on her stomach, you needed to stop the blood. You needed to save her, but how?

“Look out!” you turned your head just in time to see Bakugou get impaled by the same blade. He had tried to protect you from the villain, who was about to stab you instead.

You screamed, louder this time, and you didn’t stop. You were covered in blood, Uraraka’s and Bakugou’s, your friend’s and your boyfriend’s. They were both dying right beside you, and there was nothing you could do about it.

You jolted up, someone had slammed their hands down on the table, “I don’t give a damn! I’m going to kick your fucking ass!”

Bakugou turned to look at you, fear evident on your face, “What’s up with you?”

Your heart was beating so fast, your body was trembling, and you were finding it hard to breathe, “I-I’m fine!”

You quickly stood up and ran outside, you felt suffocated in there and needed some air. The air was no use, the images from your nightmare kept flashing in your mind. All the blood, the fear, the screams, their eyes, it was all in your mind. The images were too much to handle because you started crying.

Little did you know, you had been followed out by a certain blonde, “Y/n?”

Your eyes widened and you wiped away your tears before turning around, “Oh hey Katsuki! What’s up?”

“That’s what I should be asking you? Why are you crying? Do I have to kick someone’s ass? Cause I’ll fucking do it!”

That made you laugh a little, “No, no! No one did anything! I’m fine!”

“Fine my fucking ass, why were you crying?” he got into your face. You looked down and sighed before telling him everything. You explained the downside to your quirk and how lately the nightmares had gotten worse.

“That’s a fucking stupid side effect,” You agreed with him. At the moment, you two were sitting down against a tree and your eyes were feeling really tired again.

“It’s a horrible side effect,” you whispered, yawning right after.

Bakugou sighed, “Just go to sleep. I’ll be right here the whole time. Not a single fucking thing is going to happen, okay? Now go to sleep.”

He was looking straight ahead, a look of determination on his face. You smiled, you loved how protective he was. You reached up and kissed his cheek, “Thank you Katsuki.”

“Just-Just go to sleep,” a blush appeared on his cheeks as you put your head on his shoulder and closed your eyes. This would be the first time in a while where you’d be able to get some sleep without the nightmares tagging along. And it was all thanks to the handsome blonde by your side.

Shouto Todoroki
“Y/n? Y/n? Hey, class is over,” you slowly opened your eyes to see Todoroki standing in front of you, a concerned expression on his face. You took your head off your desk and rubbed the sleep away from your eyes.

“Are you okay? You never sleep through class,” the classroom was empty except for the two of you.

You quickly stood up, “Yeah, just tired. That’s all.”

You gave him a small smile, a fake one but a smile nonetheless. You weren’t only tired, you were exhausted. Sometime during Aizawa’s lecture you must have fallen asleep, a part of you thought that if you were surrounded by all your classmates, the nightmares wouldn’t come. Thankfully, they didn’t but you could still remember the rest of the nightmares that haunted your dreams the previous nights. Nightmares of everyone you loved, along with yourself, dying, repeatedly dying. Some deaths were accidental, some were caused by villains, but you saw all of them and every single one was horrible to watch.

“Y/n, I know there’s something wrong. You know you can tell me right?” the moment you looked into his eyes, flashbacks came rushing into your mind. All the times you’d seen him die replaying in your mind like a CD stuck on a loop. From being stabbed to car accidents, all of it plaguing your thoughts.

“I-I have to go!” tears started flowing down your cheeks as you hurriedly grabbed your stuff. You were almost out the door when a hand grabbed your wrist.

“Y/n, what’s wrong?” Todoroki’s voice held nothing but concern, he was completely worried about you. At the moment, his thoughts were on how to make you smile again. The only thing he ever wanted for you was to see you happy.

“I’m sorry Shouto,” you whispered, wiping your eyes. His touch had somehow brought you back to reality. He made you realize that he was still alive and he was with you.

“It’s okay, just please tell me how to make it better,” he turned you around and looked you in the eyes.

“It’s the side effects of my quirk. You know how I could see the future to help stop natural disasters?” Todoroki nodded and you continued, “Well because of that, I always end up seeing the deaths of myself and people I love, they don’t come true but it’s still the same effect. I’ve seen so many that now I have nightmares every night and I can’t sleep.”

He nodded before pulling you in for a tight hug. He knew he really couldn’t do anything about it since the visions were caused by the use of your quirk. What he did know was that he needed to assure you that he, along with everyone else, was okay.

“They’re just visions, right? Maybe after you see them, call the person the vision was about to talk to them. It might make you feel better. On another note, I’m okay. You’re okay. Since I’m here, you want to get some sleep? Nothing will happen while I’m here, I promise,” Todoroki kissed your forehead.

“Okay,” was the only thing you could say while you both walked to the back of the room. You both sat against the wall and you put your head on his shoulder while he put his arm around you.

“As long as I’m here, you’ll always be safe.”

Eijirou Kirishima
“Y/n, if you keep drinking coffee you’ll never be able to sleep,” Kirishima joked about your 3rd cup of coffee in the past two hours.

That’s the point, you thought but you simply just stuck your tongue out at him and took a sip from the bittersweet drink. You didn’t want to go to sleep anytime soon due to the nightmares that tormented you while you slept.

“You wanna watch a movie?” Kirishima stood up from the table. You two were currently in your house while your parents were off on their weekly date night.

“Yeah, sounds great!” you followed him into the living room. He looked through your movie selection and he pulled one out, and it happened to be a horror movie.

“This is the only movie we haven’t seen yet, are you okay with watching it?” he asked as you sat on the couch.

You looked at DVD case and nodded, “Yeah.”

Only you weren’t okay. You’d heard the movie had a huge number of deaths and that scared you, you felt like the movie would remind you of your many nightmares. After the movie was put in, Kirishima sat next to you, an arm around your shoulder. Both of you leaned back and put your feet on the coffee table, a positioned you both enjoyed.

About halfway into the movie, and a few deaths later, your heart was beating too fast and your breathing turned shallow. Kirishima was too into the movie to notice and you didn’t want to worry him about it. You were trying to calm yourself down when another person was killed. The person was stabbed and thrown off a bridge, a similar scene to one you had envisioned about Kirishima.

That was it, you couldn’t take it. You got up and ran out your door. Instantly enjoying the freshness the cool night had to offer. The cute red head followed you out in a panic, “Y/n! What happened?”

“I-I couldn’t breathe. Eijirou, I can’t take seeing all the deaths! It’s too much!” you fell on your knees sobbing.

He ran over to you and got down to hug you, “What deaths?”

After you calmed down a bit, you explained the side effects of your quirk to him. He sighed and hugged you tighter, “I’m so sorry you see those, but I’m here okay? I’m okay, and so is everyone else. No one died.”

He stood up while standing you up at the same time, “Now come on, I know you’re tired so let’s get you to sleep, yeah?”

As you walked towards your room you shook your head, “No, the nightmares are too much.”

“You’ll be okay because I’ll be here. I’ll make sure nothing happens, okay? I’ll always be here to take care of you. Always.”

When he got you into bed, he stayed by your side until you fell asleep. Afterwards, he grabbed a chair and sat next to your bed, where he too would fall asleep, your hand still entangled with his.

5:00 am and I am still here, sitting in my room, under my blanket covers

5:00 am and I am still thinking about you

With my 3rd cup of coffee, my hands wrapped around it, feeling the warmth

Staring at the computer screen, thinking of what I would say to you if I ever got the chance

5:00 am and I cannot sleep, and neither do I want to

5:00 am and I am still in love with you

Camp Hope Pt.1 - Rafael Barba x Reader

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Here it is you guys. My first Barba fic , I’m so nervous holy shit. The first part of my work inspired by @ohbelieveyoume‘s HC “An Age Gap”. I gained a lot of followers who wanted this, so I hope it’s worth the hype. 

Working on part two ASAP. 
Enjoy it and give all the feedback you want, comments are very much appreciated! 

AO3 link~

Part 1 - Part 2 - Bonus

Word Count: 5,556
Warnings: none

“This is a bad idea,” she muttered to herself, as the car started to approach the campsite. “Fuck me, this is a terrible idea.” A hand traveled to her clenched stomach, feeling it heavy and turning into a knot the closer they were to the place.  

“Am I going the wrong way, ma'am?” The driver asked nervously, right after listening to her mumbles.

His voice made her suddenly remember she wasn’t alone, causing her cheeks to turn a faint red in embarrassment. “No, no! The camp is right there, sorry.”  

A sigh left her chest, she couldn’t back down, not anymore. She registered as a volunteer for the camp a while ago, and confirmed every single email asking if she was completely positive she was going to attend. The last one sent two days before her friendship with her professor, Ryan, went to hell. He was the one that told her about it, claiming that it would do wonders for her record when transferring to Colombia University. After all, the thing she wanted to become was a teen psychologist. Having a reference from a camp that focused on helping kids saved from abusive homes, was more than perfect for her record.  

“I need to relax, there are going to be more volunteers I could become friends with.” She thought, trying her best to calm down.  

Who was she kidding?  

It was going to be hell, there was no way she was going to be able to become friends with complete strangers in the spawn of four days. It took her a whole semester to feel confident enough to become friends with her own professor, and now, the idea of having to spend three whole days with him after their fight was nerve wrecking.  

“We’re here,” his kind voice snapped her out of her thoughts once again. The young man stepped out of the taxi right away, opening the trunk to take her bags.

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All I want for Christmas is you || Natasha Romanoff

Song: Mariah Carey - All I want for Christmas is you

Summary: Nat loves you, but doesn’t have a guts to ask you out. But then there’s the Stark’s Christmas Party.

Warnings: cuteness and bad writing (I just don’t know how to write Nat)

Pairing: Romanoff x fem! reader

A/N: I’m literally sweating, I’m so tired after work and it’s so hot, I just can’t.


Natasha wanted to say she didn’t feel anything to that fire girl. She wanted and she did, but Clint just smirked. Nat cursed under her breath and took a sip of her drink.

- I know you better than you think - he whispered playfully. Nat rolled her eyes. She almost had enough. If it wasn’t for Clint and booze, she would be already in training room. She didn’t want to be here now. Stark and Rhodey were already dancing on the table, Thor, Bucky and Steve were watching them and laughing, Banner sat with Dr Cho and talked with her, probably about some science. And there was [Y/N], sitting with Sam, Pietro, Wanda and Vision. They were playing Truth or Dare and Nat just wanted to punch Mr Falcon right in these perfect teeth, because he was just too friendly toward [Y/N].

- Leave it, Clint, really - she mumbled and turned her gaze from the [y/h/c] girl.

- I’m not saying it’s bad, Nat, you know it - he said, now looking at his beer. - I’m happy that you found someone you really like, but if you’re going to hide it, it will be painfull.

- I know it - she whispered and clenched her palm. - I just… I don’t know. I just have that feeling that she’s too precious for me. I mean, I was in the Red Room, I was killing people without hesitation. And I know she’s a badass, I saw her on the field. It’s just… She never killed anyone. She’s here just because she’s a mutant and can controll a fire…

For a second there was silence and then quiet snort, so Nat looked at Clint with raised eyebrows.

- Wow, sorry, I just… I didn’t expect something like that. Sorry - he cleared his throat. - Okay, you got a point. You killed, she didn’t. And?

Natasha raised her eyebrows once again.

- When I didn’t have a guts to ask Laura out you told me that past doesn’t matter and now you’re saying something completely different. Besides, you didn’t have that problem with Banner - Clint shrugged and took a sip of his beer.

- Yeah, because with Banner it was just a stupid crush - Nat hissed more to her drink than to her best friend.

- Okay, okay. I feel like you don’t want to talk about it now - Barton sighed and turned around on the stool to face the rest of the team. - Do you want to join them? - he nodded toward the Thor and Steve. Bucky joined the Truth or Dare team, so Stark and Rhodey didn’t have the biggest audience.

- Yeah, why not? - Nat sighed and hopped off the stool.

- So… What are we doing on Christmas this year? - Steve asked. Bucky looked at him, shrugged and got back to eating his cereal.

- Stark is already planning the party - Natasha mumbled, scrolling through the news.

- Did I hear ‘party’? When, where and who’s going to be there? - [Y/N] walked through the door, still in her pyjamas and still with bed hair. Nat looked up and tried her best not to smile at the sight, but failed miserably, so she just went back to reading news.

- Here, in tower. 25 December. We’re going to be there. And a lot of other people too - Clint answered, drinking his 3rd cup of coffee already.

- Oh, nice. So in 2 days. Okay - [Y/N] mumbled to herself and opened the fridge. She stood there for a moment, but then she closed it. - I need to speak to Wanda. Maybe she has some nice dress - she muttered and almost run out of the kitchen. Natasha laughed quietly, but stopped when she noticed Clint’s smirk.

- Guess who knows something very interesting! - Sam sang, when he walked into the living room. Now there was only him, Nat, Wanda, Vision and Bucky. Everyone looked up at Sam. - It’s about [Y/N] - he wiggled his eyebrows and smiled at Natasha. - So, apparently, she’s…

Suddenly someone’s hand pressed against his lips. Red light surrounded him in the same moment that Vision appeared in front of Falcon.

- It’s not nice to tell everyone someone’s secret - Pietro said in sweet tone and let the Falcon go, but Wanda still had Sam surrounded with her magic. Bucky was almost killing him with his gaze.

- Okay, okay, sorry. I won’t say anything - Sam said, raising his hands. Wanda’s magic disappeared, Vision got back to his seat, but Buck was still trying to kill Sam with one single glare. Falcon walked out of the living room, mumbling something about not having fun with these people.

Nat sighed looking at herself in the mirror. She knew she looked good, but in her head there was still the million what if’s. What if her dress was too tight? What if it wasn’t elegant enough for Christmas party? What if her makeup was too bold? What if the curls at the back of her head didn’t look as good as she thought? What if the heels didn’t actually match her dress? She groaned quietly and looked at the ceiling. When did she start to think like that?

- Jesus fucking Christ, what that girl is doing to me? - she whispered into blank space with small smile. She shook her head and turned toward the door.

When she got to the party, there was already a lot of people. Natasha looked around to see if anyone from her team was there. She didn’t have problem with people or crowds. She was freaking Black Widow for God’s sake. But now she didn’t want to talk to women who just wanted to show off their bodies and judge everyone else or with men who would look at her boobs and probably try to drag her back to their room. So she looked around carefully and she almost got a heart attack when she saw [Y/N]. Her [y/e/c] eyes was almost sparkling, her brightly red lips stretched in wide smile as she listened to some man. She nodded at him and looked around discreetly. When she locked her eyes with Natasha’s, she sent her the awkward 'help me’ look. Nat nodded, put on her the best poker face and walked confidently toward [Y/N]. When she was close enough to hear their coversation, she almost attacked the man.

- But you’re too pretty to be lesbian. I mean, you don’t look like one. So, if you’re saying that, because you want to disgust me, it’s not working, beautiful…

And then he reached to [Y/N]’s face and tried to touch her cheek, but she took a step back. Natasha was already next to him. She walked past him and looked at [Y/N], looking for any sign of fear. When she didn’t find any, she turned around to face the guy, partly hiding [Y/N] behind her.

- Why did you try to touch my friend? - she asked, looking straight into his eyes.

- Oh, I’m sorry. Have we met? I’m Connor Stevad - he smiled slightly.

- I don’t care. I asked you a question, it’d be nice, if you answer - she said, still not breaking the eye contact. Her gaze was apparently too intence for the man, because he broke it after a few seconds. He mumbled something about his friend and walked away quickly.

- Geez, he was annoying - [Y/N] laughed slightly, when Nat turned around to look at her. Romanoff was serious for a few more seconds, but she couldn’t not smile, when [Y/N] was looking at her like that, with that soft smile and that sparkling eyes.

- Yeah, that type of guys are the worst - she sighed, letting her guard down. She felt like she was drowning in [y/e/c] eyes, like she was melting just because of [Y/N]’s smile. And she felt like [Y/L/N] had control over Nat’s mind. And she probably did.

- Oh, look. It’s Sam. And Buck!

The moment ended and Nat was dragged back to reality. [Y/N] was already walking toward the boys, so Romanoff followed her, wanting it or not. She didn’t really listen to anyone from that moment. So knew that she would flip, if Sam and [Y/N] start to flirt in front of her, so she excused herself and walked up to the bar.

Several hours later the party was still at its best. Nat finally sat next to other Avengers, between Banner and Clint. They were talking with some guests. Romanoff tried to talk with them too, but her eyes always tried to find [Y/N]. Damn, what that girl did to the coldhearted Black Widow? Natasha was asking herself that for about year now.

Now Romanoff was watching as [Y/N] and Sam danced and talked, clearly about something upsetting [y/h/c] girl. Suddenly Falcon looked at Nat, catching her staring. He smirked and said something to [Y/N], but she just shook her head. Sam stepped back and grabbed [Y/L/N], turned around and pushed toward the Nat, Bruce and Clint. And when they finally was next to the sofa, Sam looked at Nat.

- I want to talk with these gentelmen right here. Can you, please, accompany [Y/N/N]? - he said with his evil smirk. Romanoff cursed in her head, but smiled sweetly and nodded.

- Of course, Sam - she said, her voice almost dripping with sugar. She stood up and turned toward the girl. - Do you want to get a drink?

- Yeah, drink would be nice - [Y/N] said, her voice slightly higher than usual. She cleared her throat and put her hair behind her ear. Romanoff smiled and led her toward the bar.

- So, ladies and gentelmen! What’s a Christmas party without the winter’s best hits, right? - Stark said to the mic. Romanoff sighed and rolled her eyes. Tony was having a time of his life, just like on every party he attended. When 'All I want for Christmas is you’ started to play, Nat felt a gentle grip on her wrist. She tensed instinctively, but relaxed when she saw it was [Y/N]’s hand. Romanoff looked at the girl concerned. [Y/N] was nervous for some reason, she couldn’t look at her. Nat was already drowning in conclusion. Maybe she knew about Nat’s feelings toward her? Maybe that was her secret? Maybe Sam tried to convince her that rejecting someone wasn’t that bad?

- Um… Natasha, do you want to… Just, please, don’t laugh. Do you want to dance with me?

Romanoff was completely shocked. Like, shocked wasn’t enough to express her emotions right now.

- I mean, if you don’t want to it’s fine…

- No. I’d love to - Natasha cut the girl off with the most serious, yet gentle voice anyone ever heard. [Y/N] looked at her with surprise written all over her face. - I’d love to dance with you, [Y/N] - she smiled slightly and gently grabbed her hands. Romanoff placed [Y/L/N]’s palms on her shoulders. Natasha herself gently and slowly pulled [Y/N] closer, her hands on the small of the girls back. They started to sway to the music. It was awkward as hell.

Natasha cleared her throat and [Y/N] looked at her, waiting for whatever Romanoff wanted to say. 'Now or never’ Nat thought to herself. She leaned closer, her lips just right next to [Y/N]’s ear.

- Do you want to go out with me sometimes? - Nat whispered, not daring to look straight at the girl.

- I’d love to.

Romanoff smiled widely and rested her forehead on [Y/N]’s shoulder. The girl pulled her closer and hugged her tightly. In that moment they both were the happiest girls in the room.

- Hey, man. Look - Sam whispered to Clint, pointing at Nat and [Y/N]. They were dancing, Romanoff leaned and said something to the girl. Suddenly she lit up like a Christmas tree, her smile wider than ever before.

- Finally - Barton sighed, rolling his eyes. He tried to look annoyed, but he was already texting his wife to told her literally everything.

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so i have a dumb HC that Marvin gives all the egos good morning-hugs after he wakes up. He's stumbling around and still riding his eyes of sleep, but he goes around the house and hugs them all. It's usually Chase first,who he'll find in the kitchen on his 3rd cup of coffee. Then Schneeplestein who's just coming in for his fifth. Then Jackie,who laughs and ruffles his hair. And then of course Anti,(1/2)

P(½) (cont) who acts put off by the affectionate gesture,but really needs it the most. At one point he just forgets he’s supposed to be this menacing grumpy bitch and hugs him back tightly. a fond smile finds its way across his face as he rests his chin on Marvins head for a second before catching himself and letting go of the shocked,but happy magician.

AWWW YES! Marv deserves the world oh my god

Getting my 3rd degree.

To-go coffee cups are NOT recyclable
That’s why I have the barista pour the coffee straight into my face.
Wakes me up and it’s earth friendly.

Got off my ass from being lazy and scanned the clear file >w< had to carefully take it out of its plastic because lol it’s that precious. I don’t really see this clear file from proxy anymore x_x bleh, luckily I bought extra *sobsob*. But who knows, if I might see another one around and I get lucky, I might get another one (not to give away again, incase you were wondering). 

SO! Bless your wall with a Soukoku/Souko-choco-ku/Chocosoukoku/I AM SO LAME LOL FORGIVE ME if you want to print this out to hang or something XD like….I do AHAHAHA;; Chuya look so effin’ sweet I can’t even can I not have Dars choco but just lick him– NO I DID NOT SAY THAT SHOO SHOO PLS NO >//>

Still got time for mai Soukoku/BSD giveaway so while I can only hope for any of you to be the three winners, you can still have a Soukoku. Uh. Something. XD Lord, forgive me lol I’m a bit brain dead and tired today after my first Japanese lesson since I haven’t studied in so long so I’m at like my 3rd cup of coffee right now to stay awake. 

Also! If any of you happen to use this image from the clear file I scanned for anything, most likely edits if I may be assumptive, credits isn’t necessary but it is much appreciated. 

Have fun. Lol


You sat on your bed staring at your phone contemplating whether you should call this guy Derek or not. You and Happy had been broken up for about 2 weeks and you’d spent every second not at work of those 2 weeks in bed or on the couch thinking about him. How much you loved him, how much you hated him, how much you missed him, how much of an asshole he was, how long until you got over him. However, about a month ago at the deli, a guy you had seen here and there around town started talking to you in line.

A pound of ham and 30 minutes later, he had given you his number and told you to call him whenever you were free to go out and get a cup of coffee. You told him you were taken but took his number anyways and said that maybe you could hang out as friends sometime. You were never really planning to call but you also hadn’t planned to be dumped. Getting out and moving on from your confusing ex would do you some good. Picking up your phone, you pressed his name and waited for him to pick up.


“So then, he loses his balance and falls off, face first into the sand. All the little kids in the playground are looking at him like, why is this grown man on our slide?” You and Derek continue to laugh hysterically and you use the back of your hand to wipe away a couple a stray tears that had escaped and pressed your other hand to your tummy which was cramping from laughing so hard. He was telling you the story about this time he dared his brother to play around on the kiddie slide at the local playground.

You and Derek were on your 3rd cups of coffee and had been at the café going on 2 hours. You heard the bell on the door jingle but you paid no mind to it as you smiled at him and we’re thankful to finally have gotten out the house. He smiled back and reached across the table to stroke the back of your hand with his thumb. A warm blush spread across your cheeks while you smiled and looked down but looked back up quickly as you heard someone roughly clear their throat to your right.

Turning your head, you saw Happy standing there glaring at you with his trademark scowl looking a bit more pronounced than usual. Tig was standing closely behind him, smiling creepily at Derek. The two of you continued to look at each other until Derek interrupted, “Hi, can we help you Sir?” still holding your hand. Slowly turning to him, Happy’s brow furrowed a little more and a dark smirk appeared on his face, one you knew all too well. One that meant trouble. Happy looked down and saw Derek’s hand on yours and all traces of his smirk disappeared. He snarled. “Yeah, you can start by getting your fucking hand off my woman.” You rolled your eyes and squeezed Derek’s hand. “I’m not his woman. He’s my ex. We broke up a couple weeks ago.” “You got my crow inked on your back. You belong to me. No one else.”

This whole situation was beginning to make you uncomfortable since a couple of other customers had been watching as soon as the bikers had walked in and were staring with wide eyes. Trying to diffuse the situation, you pulled your hand from Derek’s and turned to Happy. “We’re just getting some coffee and talking Hap. There’s no need to cause a scene. Just leave. We can talk later if you want but let’s not do this here.” Ignoring you, Happy reached down and wrapped his fingers around your wrist, roughly pulling you out of the booth. Derek stood up and grabbed Happy’s arm trying to make him let go of you but Tig quickly stepped in, grabbing Derek by the throat and pushing him up against the side of the booth. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Tig told him, still smiling. Happy on the other hand was not.

  He grabbed your head by your cheeks, squishing them, and got right in your face until the tip of his nose was touching yours. “You’re fucking mine. You got that?” All you could do was nod and hope that no one called the cops. “Good. Now go outside and wait by my bike.” Happy let go of your face and you looked to Derek who was still being held to the booth by Tig. Mouthing ‘Sorry’ to him, you grabbed your purse and pulled some money out for the bill, which Happy picked up and stuffed back in your purse. Tig let Derek go as Happy walked up to him for a final warning. He lifted up the right side of his shirt and stared Derek in the eyes. “I ever catch you around my girl again, I’ll teach you what these happy faces are about.”

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I'm anxious 24/7 but I need coffee but I know coffee makes me even more anxious but I need coffee and this is not even a question but it's the current coffee situation and I just had my 3rd cup of coffee of the day I'm starting to feel like a proper human again yayyyyyyyyy

^^^ Me this morning.

Kicking of this blog with a translation from the Naruhodo fanbook! 

Farewell, My Turnabout (part 1)

Diego: What’s up, Kitten? What made you suddenly decide to call me out like this?

Mia: Ah, Mr. Armando…

D: So, today’s the big showdown, isn’t it?

M: It’s only just starting, but it seems like it’ll be a pretty long one.

D: Defending an escaped deathrow convict suspected of murder… That’s the sort of reckless battle no one but you could fight.

M: Sorry… I’d really appreciate a few moments of your time, though.

D: I’m honored. I’ll give you a cup worth of my time, then… I’ll have a mocha.

Waiter: …Yes, right away, sir.

M: I haven’t been able to eat anything since yesterday. I feel like I’m dying.

D: So you’ve drank only coffee today, then? You gonna make it?

M: I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee already.

D: Ha…. That’s nothing. I drink 17 cups per trial.

M: Look at this mountain of documents. Where am I supposed to start…? I feel like I’ve gotten nowhere!

D: So the murder occurred on a suspension bridge, huh?

M: If I lose… he gets a guilty verdict. I could work my whole life and never make up for it!

D: Look at you… You’re white as a sheet.

M: To be honest… I feel like throwing up.

D: But if you win… that pretty face of yours’ll be all over the news tomorrow.

M: Another mocha, please, waiter.

Waiter: Are you sure? Perhaps you ought to slow down…

D: That bitter darkness that fills the cup… Once it’s in your mouth, your only choice is to swallow it.

M: …Why did I think I could do this? I wish I could just run away.

D: Turning your back on the responsibility sprawled out before you and running from it just wouldn’t be you, though.

M: I find myself wondering, “What would Maya do in a situation like this?”

D: Your younger sister?

M: She’s the type who always finishes what she starts… She’d probably laugh if she could see me now.

D: You think she’d say, “This is nothing to get yourself in a tizzy over”… huh? I doubt it.

M: Here’s a picture of her. She’s always watching me from my train pass holder.

D: Heh… How sweet.

M: Uuu… I really can’t do this.

D: Gonna sob along to this jazz, huh…? Pretty pointless if you ask me.

M: I-I’m not crying yet!

D: Here, I’ll let you in on a useful tip.

M: Wh-what is it?

D: …It’s when things look the most hopeless that a lawyer has to force their biggest smiles.

M: Um… would you mind helping me with this showdown, sir?

D: I can’t be your hero, kitten… I’m just a broken shell of a man who does his best to get by.

M: But…

D: I think you’d be better off… coming up with something to look forward to. How ‘bout it?

M: …. Oh, that’s right, I found a cafe that has amazing cake. Maybe on the way home… you could get some with me?

D: Sure. How could I refuse?

M: Hee hee… I’ll look forward to that, then


D: Looks like our time’s up… Shall we head over to the courthouse?

M: Mr. Armando… Please, look out for me in there, ok?

D: So the battle begins… I think we’ll be fine like this, don’t you?

M: Yeah, it’ll be fine. Now then, let’s go.


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Prompt ! Damian and the new Titans first mission...... Stalking Tim on his date with Kon and then finding out about Bart (Cause I'm a sucker for these)

are thanks for your great prompt, I love getting them, :) 


“alright  underlings we have our first mission” Robin said as he rolled out a street map onto the table. “we really need to work on our job title” Gar mumbled to Wally who nodded. “The former leader of this lamentable group, Red Robin, is having a meeting-” 

“Oh we’re gonna see Tim?” Gar interrupted Damian who glared at the green boy “as I was saying, he’s having a meeting with a person he refuses to identify, at a time and place he refuses to disclose, the only logical conclusion is that he is in danger. So we must discover who is trying to blackmail or manipulate him and take the right measures to fix this”

“okay” Starfire said slowly “but if he wouldn’t tell you where he was going or when, how do we know where they’re meeting?” Damian puffed up his chest and stood at his full 5 foot height. “I am the son of Batman, the world’s greatest detective, I have my ways” the effect was somewhat spoiled by Raven standing behind him one eye brow raised. 

A Few Hours Later:

The Teen Titans stood on a roof top over looking a coffee shop. “Um so the super secret meeting Red Robin is having with a maybe supervillian is out front of a coffee shop?” Wally said skeptically, Damian scowled at him. “Never read the Purloined Letter have you West? some times the best place to hide is in plain sight.” below them Tim Drake walked into view, sliding into a chair at one of the outdoor tables, waving over a waiter and placed an order.

“Ok team” Damian barked “Raven a telepathic link, then go down and blend in, Logan and West I also want you there”

“um” Wally interjected “I’m wearing bright red and yellow jump suit, don’t you think I’m gonna stand out a little?” 

“you can also run at nearly the speed of light, go home, get some civilian clothes, come back and sit down at a table and blend in West, Allah it is not that complex” 

“what about me?” Gar asked “a change of clothes isn’t gonna help me”

“you become an animal and blend in”

“if you never noticed all the animals I turn into are bright green”

“become a fruit fly Logan, you’ll be too small to see, now every one go, Koriand'r and I will stay on the roof and jump in if things become heated” at that Raven become a shadow and slide down the building to take a place in the shadows of the coffee shop, Gar became a small bug and flew down, and Wally disappeared in a blur of speed, reappearing a minute latter walking up the street in a gray hoodie and jeans before sitting at a table and ordering a coffee “you owe me 10 bucks rich boy” Wally’s voice floated through the Titans minds. 

After a few minutes of waiting a boy, about Tim’s age, but taller and with muscles clearly stretching his shirt out, came into view. He stopped at Tim’s table and all the Titans readied themselves braced to leap into action. The boy leaned down and kissed Tim on the lips. Tim smiled as they broke apart and pointed at his free seat and pushed a cup of coffee at the boy as he sat down. After a beat Gar’s voice floated through their minds “um so this meeting is a date?”

“I did not know that!” Damian’s voice nearly shouted back, but every one could feel the lie under the words “ok so I’m leaving, I have homework” Wally’s voice filled their heads as he made to stand “No” Damian demanded “look there’s a 3rd cup of coffee at their table, there’s another person coming” Starfire placed her hand on his skinny shoulder “come on Damian lets leave them alone”

“no, he’s right” Raven’s voice cut in “I sense something coming this way, for this meeting, it’s moving too quickly I can’t see what it wants” 

Damian turned “Koriand’r intercept!” she was already flying, a blur of red-orange burning through the sky. Halfway across town she spotted it a blur running along the roads. She dive-bombed down throwing energy blasts from her hands, the blur dodged around them before adding speed and disapearing “it got away it’s too fast!” 

“Fast? fast is what I do” Wally said before leaving his seat in a blur of movement. Seconds later he was a tangle of limbs as he tried to get a hold of the moving object, something very much like a foot shot out and tripped Wally sending him head over heels. “I lost it!” 

Gar turned into a humming bird and shot off toward the intruder. Half a block away he saw in coming and transformed into an elephant blocking the whole street. The blur didn’t stop it just ran right over the top of the bright green elegant in it’s path and kept going. 

“Raven!” Damian yelled into their minds as he drew his sword, “Brace!” the shadows under the coffee shop’s awning became more solid forming into a vaguely human shape as Damian readied to fire a rope line and swing down. Before Damian or Raven could move a boy with long floppy brown hair appeared at the table, grabbing a chair and sitting down and leaning forward to kiss Tim and the other boy on the cheeks. “Sorry I’m late guys, you wouldn’t believe traffic”