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Heeeeey! I want to sell the originals and copies of my artworks to save up for a ticket to my friend in his B-Day at the end of March. So if you want to get something you can send to me a message about request here on Tumblr or on email. If original is sold sell I will write about it. 

1st pair is original and copy.

original (1 or 2) - 10$ - sell! 

copy - 4$

2nd pair is original only.

1 - 15 $ 

2 - 15 $

3rd pair is copy only.

1 - 5$

2 - 5$

4th pair is original and copy.

original (1) - 10$ sell!

copy (1 or 2) - 6$

Also if you have got some personal request for me you can just write to me. 

I literally want to move to my friend and make our dream come true! 

(i used to use PayPal - samarakun@gmail.com)

who bottoms according to the stars
  • Aries: sherlock bottoms
  • Taurus: sherlock bottoms
  • Gemini: sherlock bottoms
  • Cancer: sherlock bottoms
  • Leo: sherlock bottoms
  • Virgo: sherlock bottoms
  • Libra: sherlock bottoms
  • Scorpio: sherlock bottoms
  • Sagittarius: sherlock bottoms
  • Capricorn: sherlock bottoms
  • Aquarius: sherlock bottoms
  • Pisces: sherlock bottoms

hanteo has released their album chart for the month of august, and shinee has taken the first place spot! the “married to the music” repackage, which was released on august 3rd, sold 76,927 copies throughout the month. five other spots were also taken on the top one hundred chart via either group or solo releases: version b of “odd” taking the forty seventh spot with 603 copies sold, version a of “odd” taking the fifty ninth with 513 copies sold, “base” took the ninety third with 222 copies sold and “ace” took the ninety fourth with 220 copies sold. this makes the second time this year that a shinee related release has taken the first place spot on hanteo’s monthly album chart, following jonghyun in january with “base”. congrats! (source: bling_saur)

[NEWS] 150603 EXO Double Million Sales

EXO’s 2nd Full-length album “EXODUS” (released on March 30th) sold 750,860 copies, while the 2nd repackaged album “LOVE ME RIGHT” (released on June 3rd) sold 371,160 copies, a total of 1,125,020 million copies sold. The 2 consecutive albums surpasses the 1 million mark and establishes a historical record. By this, EXO once again proved their power and to be truly the best “Album King”
trans: Admin meong
Source: tenasia