3rd army

please don’t publicize the death anniversary of taehyung’s grandma. meaning: please don’t trend hashtags, organize events, or tweet him. this is strictly an issue between taehyung and his family. we are his fans and we need to stay behind our boundaries. this is a very sensitive topic for him and we need to respect that. we never knew his grandmother and we have no right to involve ourselves into something so intimate and private. please remember that again, we are his fans and it was a privilege to have taehyung so openly confess the death of his loved one and share his feelings at the 3rd army muster in addition to already sharing so many of his memories through fancafe. let’s not abuse that and get carried away with ourselves. please remember that social media platforms are PUBLIC, that us making posts about this issue is entirely disrespectful in itself, and that it also opens it to the general people. as in something that is supposed to be kept a strictly-family event can be seen by hundreds of thousands of people and some of those people may want to defile anything involving taehyung and his loved ones. i get that the intentions may be good- but we have to keep in mind that we don’t have this right and that the most respectful thing we can do right now is stay in our place. thank you.


Many that live deserve death. Many that die deserve life.

SGT Joshua P. Rodgers and SGT Cameron H Thomas, both from 3/75, were KIA in Nangahar province, Afghanistan on April 27, 2017, during combat operations.

The 75th took a devastating hit with the loss of two great Rangers, but their sacrifice was not in vein. Around 20+ EKIA during the TIC and around 50 EKIA via airstrikes after exfil.

Rest easy. Rangers Lead The Way.

Types of reactions to Jk’s hickeys

Not Jk biased : genuinely happy, 100% support, ‘he’s a 19 y/o ofc he’s dating someone’

Jk biased a) : high key jealous, wondering why they’re crying,*quiet sobbing in the corner*, still 99% of support (bc 1% is for hurting)

Jk biased b) : ‘lol it’s probably just a gigantic mosquito bite or smthing like that’ *hard denial*