3rd anniversary for yuna

Team 8 3rd Anniversary Book member profiles

Gifu Prefecture

Hattori Yuna

(2001/3/30, Blood Type A, 160cm)

Catchphrase: “Shushu! Shu! Shu! Nin-ninpa! From Gifu, the ninja girl has appeared! Gifu prefecture representative, high school second year, 16 years old, I’m Hattori Yuna!

A cute idol and funny entertainer, both sides to her are like a dream of this ninja girl

Nickname: Yuna

Hobbies: Processing photographs

Specialty: Trumpet

Strengths: Friendly, hates losing

Weaknesses: Too loud

Charm point: Lower eyelids

Favorite word of phrase: Aim for the top of the mountain

Favorite food: Strawberry

Least favorite food: Tomato, mayonnaise

Person you aim to be like: Kizaki Yuria-san

Phrase you would use to describe yourself: An idiot (I can’t believe I said it myself…)

Thing you want the most right now: Make up goods

What do you do to relieve stress?: Eat, sleep

What are you most proud of in this past year?: During the Team 8 national tour concert in Iwate I got to do perform the unit I’ve wanted to do, “Zipper”, with Sato Nanami-chan and Mogi Kasumi-chan

What was the toughest thing for you in this past year?: Chubu members graduating

What do you think you grew the most in this year?: I got more guts

Goal for this year: I want to aim to be an idol on the stage and an entertainer with talk sections!