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I've noticed a pattern.

I’m against modern feminism. It’s clear. I speak about how I disagree with feminism, but I have NEVER belittled a feminist for being one. I might get into debates with them, but I have never and will never say “you’re stupid if you’re a feminist”, or anything along the lines of insulting their intellectual abilities.

However, I’ve received many rude remarks from feminists, including things like: “I hope you get raped”, “have fun getting your rights stripped away from you”, “anti-feminists are sexists who don’t do research”, “man-pleasers”, and so on.

If I’m not a feminist, I’m immediately deemed as sexist and stupid.

That is not the way to promote your movement, which claims to be accepting of everyone. (And do not hit me with the “those aren’t real feminists!” There is no real or fake feminist, there are no lawmakers of feminism.)

If you want people to stop thinking your movement is all about achieving female superiority, then STOP TREATING EVERYONE WHO IS NOT A FEMINIST LIKE THEY ARE STUPID. That, right there, is called having a SUPERIORITY COMPLEX.

I’m aware there are anti-feminists who go over the top and do insult the intelligence of feminists, which is morally wrong, obviously. Opinions do not determine your intelligence. Your words and actions do.


Horizon Zero Dawn - Animation Reel from JoCo on Vimeo.

Here are some of the gameplay animations I made for the Ps4 game Horizon Zero Dawn.
They are mostly based on mocap, with a generous amount of key-editing.
I was also responsible for implementing most of these assets in the animation diagram.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a 3rd person Action-RPG. The main protagonist is Aloy, an agile huntress whose tribe survives in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by a robotic wildlife.

I would like to also give credit to the people at Guerrilla in the rigging, tool, character and art departments, all the mocap actors, and my animation teammates, for all the hard work and support and without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.

This video is for demoreel purpose only and is not representative of the final game quality (different render settings, custom camera and test levels where used).

©2017 Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. Horizon Zero Dawn is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Amera LLC. Developed by Guerrilla

Thanks for watching!


Official preview video for live action BL film “Double Mints” revealed!

“Double Mints” is created by Asumiko Nakamura, who also wrote “Doukyuusei” that was adapted in an anime film on 2016.

The movie is set premiere in Japan theaters on June 3rd, 2017!

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Why you or other Lunami shipper always posted at Sanna tag, can you avoid using that? Nami will be with Sanji, do you even watch recent ep? Your Nami being jealous or mad to Luffy when Reiju help him with passionate kiss already burn when Nami show her jealousy to Pudding, saying if she in love with Sanji. Her seiyuu make it more perfect & sound jealousy. In Tower Tokyo 3rd live action,there're a lot Sanna moment & they're dating in that live action. It's meaningful bcuz it was supervised by Oda


“And you, Master? What does your heart tell you you’re meant for?”

“Infinite sadness.”


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How would you describe NieR to someone who's never played any from that series? I have seen and know nothing about the game, but you talk so highly of it! It seems interesting.I'm playing through Persona 5 at the moment, but I am about halfway or 2/3rds sorta through it and I'm looking to line up a new game when this is done, and NieR is one of the ones I am eyeing.

I never know whether people mean the original Nier or Nier: Automata, but I guess you mean the latter here…
It’s a a 3rd person action game that borrows from different genres as well. There are, for example, some bullet hell elements and some platforming segments. It’s a refreshing mix really, and the base action gameplay is superb. However, the real strong suit of Yoko Taro games is always the story. It’s funny and sad and eccentric and plainly fantastic. The characters are really well written and grow on you a lot. I recomment you start with the first NieR if you have the chance.