Join @ChipmunkArtist and @Lamietron for the @3RANGE New Year special where they will discuss his musical journey so far, his inspirations, the #CMAR clothing range and his plans for the future.

Having recently released his SPAZZZ.COM mix-tape, he will perform ‘RAKS ON RAKS’ exclusively for 3RANGE.


Watch on tccollective.tumblr.com

3Range | Marvell - ‘London to Atlanta’ (Interview & Performance) 

Grime trio, Vertex, Shocka and Double S (Also collectively known as Marvell) recently paid us a visit at our 3Range studio. The group talk about how they met up, the respect for their loyal fans and more plans for the future within music.

Check out the interview and watch the performance to 'London to Atlanta’.



In case you missed it. 3range interview with Chipmunk.

Next interview will be up on friday. ^_^

3RANGE Update.

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3RANGE Team.