When the oven isn’t home


3Patch now has an official Vine channel !!!

also now my followers can hear what my dumb voice sounds like!

Marathons that need to happen (according to things said last night)

Feel free to add on if you have other ideas!

  • Harry Potter
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Buffy
  • Torchwood
  • Marvel
  • Disney
  • Back to the Future
  • ??
  • Xmen
  • atla/lok

I have just learned that Mont Mégantic is listed as a silver star quality International Dark Sky Preserve - just a couple hours outside Montreal!

I’m wondering if anyone in 3Patch would be interested in going stargazing with me at some point? Probably won’t be any time soon - next spring/summer most likely - but I’m just wondering if there’s any significant interest? Or if anyone’s gone before and wants to give pointers?

Slytherscarf is coming along! it’s over 3 feet right now!

which means im almost halfway done orz

also it’s folded in half so you don’t see the “bad side” and i tucked the tails left from when i switched colours so i’ll need to eventually weave those into the scarf and also add tassels to the ends

who know i may actually finish before all the snow melts…

(also im wearing house colours with my high school sweater this pic is honestly ridiculous GO RWA WOOO *flops*)

  • skating at the Atrium
  • skiing weekend at a chalet (we can ski and also for those that can’t or don’t want to we can chill in a cute wintery village)
  • ROAD TRIIIP (maybe to the NV liveshow in NYC or whatever rly)
  • or at least just going again for longer like pls
  • oh yeah another karaoke night with better music
  • Vikki help me here
Daemon Sorting 101

ok so daemon sorting is p complicated as unlike other personality typings like Hogwarts houses where there are four possibilities or even the MBTO where there are 16

with animals you have hundreds of possibilities and even with basic, non-specific species, you’ve still got way too many options to just be like “ok lets try this”

TDF has a lot of analyses for lots of different animals here (and those are only the updated one; older ones that aren’t considered 100% accurate are here, tho they’re still helpful seeing as there are only so many forms in the updated analyses), but you’d have to look at them all one by one if you don’t know where to start

so basically this is a quick way to help narrow down where to look, and after i can suggest some forms you might want to look at more in-depth

this daemon quiz is basically the only decent one out there that doesn’t reuse the same 10 forms over and over, instead giving you a general personality break-down and suggesting a few forms (while i don’t think all the forms suggested fit, it does give you an idea of what kind of animals to look at)

there are two MBTI tests here and here in case you don’t already know your typing (seeing as quite a few people i know already know theirs)

this Enneagram test gives you two ways to take it tho the first option may be better seeing as it has more questions and also suggests which wing you are (or you could just do both to see if you get the same answer both times)

next let me know which Hogwarts house you relate to and also what your secondary house is

then let me know what your DnD alignment is (idk what the best test for this one is but i have one here, unless someone has a better suggestion?)

and last but not least list a few animals you already sort of relate to and a few fictional characters you’re similar to (because chances are your dae might be similar to theirs)

also if you think of anything else that might point to a good form feel free to add it to your answers

EDIT !!! there is also the SLOAN personality test that occasionally pops up in some analyses so you can do this one too if you want!

if you want you can look for yourself here at the TDF tumblr to see what forms fit based on your Ennegram/MBTI

i’ll try to get back to everyone quickly (tho i can be a lazy burrito) and suggest a few forms you might want to look at, and while some of them might have updated analyses or at least have a decent older one, i might suggest you look at the wiki page of an animal or some other informative page in case there isn’t an existing write up

(im gonna put this up on the 3Patch FB too so that it’s easy to find)