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3 & 9

3. Probably the scene when the Careers have Katniss up the tree and she has a ‘polite’ conversation with Cato.

9. I’d have to say Rue’s death, just because it was the first. After that of course they were all terribly sad, but I was more prepared for them.

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4 & 7

aklsdf;kasd thank you! ^.^ lol. Uh..

4) My thoughts on Mockingjay? It ripped my soul apart and then smashed it into a million pieces. </3 Sigh. It was interesting to see how everything played out, the rebellion, Capitol 13 and its horrendous “leader”, the lives of everyone else. I’m not gonna lie, I’m one of others who aren’t exactly “content” with the ending. Prim’s death felt random to me.. didn’t really seem right. I cried more when Finnick died than when she did and Prim was someone I cared for. Idk..Then it also hurt that Katniss’ mother just left her; I know they never had the greatest relationship but that’s still her mom..  Then there’s the Gale thing, I completely understand his reasoning for not wanting to return to 12, but he was her best friend, the least he could have done was say goodbye. Lastly, I have so many unanswered questions.. they may seem irrelevant, but to me they’re quite important. For example, what did Everlark name their children? What happened to Annie & her baby? Do they keep in touch? Do Katniss and her mom still talk? Simple things like that. I know I can’t change the ending and I’ve sort of come to terms with it.. but these thoughts will always remain in  my head. Other than that, for a book to make me hysterically cry like I did the majority of the time, makes it quite great.

7) Songs that remind me of THG: Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” reminds me of Everlark from Peeta’s point of view how he felt when he realized that Katniss’ actions were for the games.. 

Safe and Sound, (pretty obvious lol), reminds me of Rue’s death. Everyone says the cave scene between Everlark but I can’t really picture it, all I see is Rue. 

and I think that’s it.. lol.