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Lots of Magic terminology has been updated since Steamflogger Boss, like the recent "Create A Token" thing. Why is it so essential that Steamflogger Boss remain 100% as it was when it was printed? I'm sure that people wouldn't mind it being slightly errata'd as long as it seems in line with the spirit of the original printing.

If I’ve been given a Herculean task by the audience, I’m going to live up to the challenge 100%.

It’s possible that one day I realize I have to give in a little, but that day hasn’t come yet.

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Having seen the name & copyright date of the Future Booster Box means that the timeline has already been altered. Given what I know about chaos theory & how initial conditions play a role; given time, opening the booster box won't have much more influence on the future than what has already been influenced by your being exposed to the name & copyright. I think you should open it since the damage to the space-time continuum has already been done.

I can tell a juicy rationalization when I hear one.

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Re: Your Pendulum Article, I liked it. While I understand why some people wouldn't (not much about the actual game/development process) I enjoyed looking at the evolution of a thought process as it becomes more and more refined. I feel like you're pushing the themes of your articles to new and different areas, but that the topics of your articles will always return to familiar ground. If only there were a good metaphor to describe that...

: )