Terrible photo but another of my Top 10s from SEMA 2013. This Mk4 Golf from @034motorsport was absolutely ridiculous. 3litre, GT45r powered, 900rwhp monster. It took the award for best European build! #volkswagen #vw #golf #gti #r32 #rwd #3litre #turbo #gt45r #900rwhp #034motorsport #downshiftdoesamerica #euro #hatchback #monster #sema2013 #downshiftaus

Aston Martin One 77 - Driving around in Monaco!

In Monaco I was lucky enough to film this beautiful and very rare Aston Martin One-77. It was driving around the Casino Square in Monaco. In this video you can hear the noisy engine and some driving scenes.

Technical date Aston Martin One-77:
Engine: 7.3litre V12 with 760hp / 750nm
Performance – 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) acceleration in 3.2s, top speed 355km/h (220mph)
Price – $1.7m and limited to 77 units

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