Let the Lightning Guide You (1/1)

Summary: On a warm evening on the back porch of their home, Killian and Emma catch fireflies together, for the first time.  Post S5.

Rated: K

Warnings: None

Words: ~3.3k

Notes: For @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable, who misses fireflies.  CS with a side order of Captain Cobra Swan.  Title borrowed from the lyrics of this song.

Also on ff and ao3

“It’s Wednesday, right, love?”

Emma very nearly startles, captivated as she is by counting the stars as they peek out from behind the clouds.  It had rained all morning, and had been cloudy all afternoon.  It was the warm sort of rain that follows on the tail of early summer, haze creeping up off the blacktop, heat clinging stubbornly to the curtains, to the car, to damn near every surface in the house.

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