I Dare You

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1.3K


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It was a Friday night and you were working the graveyard shift. You were a bartender at one of the most popular bars in the city. You actually liked your job. You were the perfect mixer, and lots of guys left you large tips along with their phone numbers. However, you never called them.

It was around 11 PM when a group of four boys walked in. You recognized them from your chemistry class. Namjoon, Yoongi, Jimin, and Taehyung. You weren’t really friends with them, but they weren’t complete strangers either. You were lab partners with Namjoon once, but he pissed you off because he kept breaking stuff. They had also come in once before a few weeks ago.

It was your instinct to run and hide when you saw people you knew. But since you were at work, you just acted as if you didn’t see them walk in. You were in the middle of making a man’s drink when the four of them approached the bar. Shit, you thought. They’re going to see me.

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Unexpected (Vampire!Yoongi)

Request: Hello! If you have time, can you please do a vampire!AU for Yoongi from BTS? It doesn’t necessarily have to be smutty, just however you think he would act as a vampire with a human girlfriend~

Summary: A relationship with Vampire!Yoongi is just full of surprises and unexpected moments.

Tags: Fluff, comedy (?), Vampire!Yoongi, mentions of sex, mentions of blood and violence

Word Count: 2.3K

Note: I hope you enjoy this! I had fun writing this ahaha tell me whatchu think :D 

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In your life, there were unexpected things that seemed weird to you or that didn’t make sense. Like why people ate salt and strawberries together, or why you hadn’t died yet even though you were a clumsy mess. One of the things that didn’t make sense to you was how you managed to get an amazing boyfriend, but something that just really didn’t make any sense whatsoever, was how he was a vampire.

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Let the Lightning Guide You (1/1)

Summary: On a warm evening on the back porch of their home, Killian and Emma catch fireflies together, for the first time.  Post S5.

Rated: K

Warnings: None

Words: ~3.3k

Notes: For @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable, who misses fireflies.  CS with a side order of Captain Cobra Swan.  Title borrowed from the lyrics of this song.

Also on ff and ao3

“It’s Wednesday, right, love?”

Emma very nearly startles, captivated as she is by counting the stars as they peek out from behind the clouds.  It had rained all morning, and had been cloudy all afternoon.  It was the warm sort of rain that follows on the tail of early summer, haze creeping up off the blacktop, heat clinging stubbornly to the curtains, to the car, to damn near every surface in the house.

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Fic: Us Against the World

Summary: As they pack for New York, Blaine finds a letter that Kurt isn’t sure he’s ready to share.

WC: 1.3K

Notes: This fic features some angsty memories, some shmoopy husbands, and a whole bunch of thoughts about what it means to lose a kind of home. Thanks for reading, and let’s hear it for all the joy still to come! I love y’all something fierce.

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Special thanks to nadiacreek for the late-night beta!


Blaine found the letter as they were packing for their move back to New York. It was buried deep under a mishmash of junk Kurt had grabbed in his mad rush to come back to Lima. Kurt would have recognized it anywhere, even if he hadn’t been sitting close enough to read over Blaine’s shoulder. He’d started using yellow legal pads for a while, as a sort-of temporary journal. They only lasted a week, one of the many new innovations to come and go during the Blaine-less lull after they had …  well, after everything. He’d also tried khaki and a George Foreman grill, but nothing stuck.

As Blaine read, silently, Kurt pretended to rearrange his socks, first with the blue on top and then on the bottom. He itched to explain himself. That letter read like an open wound, all raw confusion and anger that Kurt could hardly recognize. In retrospect, his therapist had been right. The words needed to come out somehow, and if anyone could understand that, it would be the man sitting next to him on his childhood bed.

If Blaine could tell that he was being watched, he didn’t say anything. He just leaned back and read.

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