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For other times

For fourth day: Fingers. Have fun with this one, it became suuperb long. Or longer than I originally intended. Welp, hope you’ll like it!

Simple usual magic world with Natsu’s usual sleepover at Lucy’s place. No.:  25, over 3.3k words, well as you suspect, NSFW! Be aware ;D

She sighed comfortably, half-asleep as she turned to the other side only to bump into a weird and strangely hot pillow. Suddenly, she became very aware of the tight and warm clutch holding her waist down like chains and his breathing tickling the side of her neck.

For a moment, she considered panicking.

Until the scent of campfire hit her nose and she felt her muscles relax at that instant, enjoying how his whole body hugged her form from the back. It filled up her entire being with calmness, and she unintentionally snuggled closer to him.

Why would she be nervous or afraid, maybe enraged even? It was just Natsu after all.

Her eyes popped open in realization, the dreams fading away in that very second. Wait a minute here.

What was he doing in her bed?

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I’m In Literal Tears

I cannot possibly find a way to thank all 3k of you that have decided that my scribbles, dabbles, and incoherent nonsense is worth your blog following my own.

Thank you so so so much to each and every single one of you babies, I cannot believe I went to sleep with little under 3k and now I am a little over 3k…


I know some of you expressed the fact you wanted to see more fics and requests, so this week, as my heartfelt thank you, I will be posting a LARGE amount of imagines, fics, and even new original bits I have lined up, for your reading pleasure.

thank you babies again xxxx

but now it’s time to wake up from this

so instead of doing requests i wrote this!! cuz i have feelings about last nights episode and this is what i do with my feelings. this is hella long. like almost 3k words. sorry!!!!

AU in which 10k and the reader end up in the mental institution from 3x06

Today is turning out to be another bad day in a seemingly never ending string of bad days.
Finding Murphy’s compound was meant to be a good thing. Helping 10k escape was supposed to be a good thing.
But then you jumped off a bridge, got hurt and separated from 10k, dragged yourself through the woods with rabid Z’s on your tail, and finally caught back up with 10k just in time to be smacked in the head with something that looked vaguely like a guitar.
You wake up in a wheelchair, wearing a straight jacket.
Another bad day.
The chair sits up against the wall in what seems to be a hospital corridor. It’s relatively clean, which means it must not be overrun. Plus, Z’s can’t exactly stuff you into a straight jacket.
That means there are people. People who took you, and who must have taken 10k, too.
10k. The thought clears in your head, and cold panic rushes through you. If he doesn’t get his shot, he’ll slip away again.
You can’t let him slip away.

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Wow 3k! I mean serioulsy : 3000 people, you are amazing! I started this blog because it was fun to post stuff about Carrie and to be her Fan (it still is!) and because she’s my role model, my spacemom, my idol. I never expected this and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you all. For all the love and support. May the force be with you! always!

zjebane promo

mam 3k wiec wypada zrobic promo znowu
chyba nie ma zasad po prostu reblogujcie i wyniki beda 29 pazdziernika, wybiore 2 lub 3 blogi bo wiecej mi sie nie chce
za serduszko jest ban chuje dobrwnoc

This Reciprocal

Originally posted by kths

» taehyung x reader
» 4.3k
» Can I please request a taehyung Mafia au when his s/o is taken by an enemy gang, happy ending please ✨ I hope you have a lovely day ⭐️ 
» warning: kidnapping, mentions of death, gang/criminal au

continued from ‘the look he gave’ - one and two

“(y/n)-ah!” Jimin called, rather loudly. His shout somehow managed to travel from one room to another, causing both you and Taehyung to sigh.

“Ignore him,” Taehyung mumbles into your shoulder, lips pressing so gently against your skin it’s like you’re kissed by flowers themselves. “He probably wants to show you another tree he’s named.”

You roll your eyes, sitting up slowly and brushing Taehyung’s arms away from you. “Jimin isn’t a kid, he tells me a lot of things too. Like that you had a crush on your sixth grade teacher!”

“Aish, no! He’s lying – he had the crush on—“

Taehyung is cut off by a pillow, thrown by Jimin you soon find out. He’s standing by the door with the sweetest of smiles and a basket with a cloth over it. Whilst waving timidly, he leans against your door frame and lets out a laugh at Taehyung’s glare.

“—hyung, what are you doing? Trying to steal my love?”

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Explicit | Word Count: 2.3k | [AO3]

I saw @prettyboydean‘s reblogged gif post with these two and I needed to write this. 

They left without him again. They probably want to have a family moment together. Dean’s words echo in his mind We’re family, Cas. Maybe not family enough. Mary is back and they probably don’t need him anymore, or at the moment. It’s probably nothing personal. He’s got more pressing matters, though, he has to fix his mistake and hunt down Lucifer.

Castiel bangs the door of the pickup truck and sighs. Reaching into his trench coat, he feels the piece of paper with the man with the endearing accent’s number. Okay, it wasn’t that endearing; he’s heard many people with it but something about his sent tingles through his body. Taking the scrap paper out, he reads the name and the number. Maybe he’ll know something about Lucifer, it might be a stretch but it doesn’t hurt to try.

He takes out his cell and types in the number. With a deep breath he presses call, bringing the phone up to his ear. He listens to the first ring, then the second, then the third, maybe he won’t pick up. With the final ring, he hears a weary voice grumble an unwelcoming hello.

“Is this Mick?” Castiel gruffly asks.

“Yes. Whose…Mr. ‘I don’t sweat under any circumstances?” Mick’s voice clears up.

“My name is Castiel.” He exhales in annoyance.

“Right.” Mick chuckles, “How may I be at your service?”

“Meet me at Rudy’s Bar.” Castiel states, remembering he passed it while coming over to this place. “I have some questions.”

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Keep You Safe | Seungcheol | Part 6

Summary: Life as a special agent is as exciting as it could get. Going to secret missions, fighting crime, saving people. But what will happen if you suddenly find yourself protecting a single person instead?
Word count: 3k
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 /

You stood still, glaring at Seungcheol. “Hand it over now if you don’t want me to hurt you.”

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on the run p.3

(Photo Cr.)

Hitman! Mino AU, 3k words

A/N: This was supposed to be longer but I was worried that I might drag it more than I already have :’) I hope it’s a good read!

Warnings: Violence and strong language, please don’t read further if you’re not okay with that.

Part 2 | Part 4

“What do you know about him?” She holds her breath at the sound of his name, and a satisfied smile curves his face seeing the fear quivering in her eyes.

“I’d say it’s a silly thing to do for a smart girl like you. You shouldn’t be hanging around someone like him.” He swiftly takes a seat on the table across her, sending a jolt through her when his knees bump against hers as he crosses one leg over the other.

It’s the only thing she can agree on, how she should have trusted her instincts the fact that Minho was trouble. Maybe then she wouldn’t be in this mess.

“Someone like him?”

He raises a brow, a sly smile angling his lips, “Oh? He hasn’t told you? He’s the best of his kind.”

The revelation is unsettling, convinced that her heart might just plough through her chest. She’s blinking away the shock she expected, swallowing before stammering out a meek reply.  

“What exactly do you want from me?”

As if his eyes couldn’t get any brighter, the way they light up makes her head spin and she realizes that it’s too late to reel back her words, “Come and work with me.”

“And why would I do that? You break in, restrain me in my own house and you actually have the fucking nerve to ask me that? I don’t even know you!” Her words are drowned in disbelief, spurring out of her without control. He dismisses her so easily once more, her fury the least of his concerns.

“I have everything you’ve been looking for the past four years. Answers that you want, answers to questions you don’t even know of. Your brother—”

Please— stop.” She squeezes her eyes, visibly hurt and her ears ring hot.

“It wasn’t an accident.” Excitement jumps in his voice and it makes her sick to the stomach at the possibility that he’s enjoying this as he remains indifferent to the pain pouring out of her, “Song Minho— he’s got blood on his hands, including your brother’s.”

It wasn’t an accident.

It wasn’t an accident.

­The phrase rings through her mind on a raging loop. She’d long suspected that it wasn’t, could this be the confirmation she’d been looking for?

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featuring YUTA (as your brother) and TAEYONG

Originally posted by taeyongitslow

+ for: trish

+ words: 1.3k

+ summary: Ten and I are classmates in a dance class but we don’t know each other. One day, the teacher pairs people up for a school production randomly and I ended up with Ten since I’m the best dancer for the girls and he’s the best dancer for the boys.

+ I’ve learned if I make bullet points at the beginning I enjoy writing it better. I hope you guys like it!! Eurydice is going to start at my own school so that’s kind of why I did this, Greek mythology is just interesting in general.

+ request? masterlist?

Orpheus and Eurydice is a Greek mythology about a woman who dies and goes to the underworld and meets her dead father once again. She has to decide between returning with her husband to the surface or staying with her father in the underworld. 

The tapping feet and sweating teens in the large hall, finishing the sequence frozen until their teacher clapped her hands.

“Alright girls, circle up. Stretch, we need to discuss a few things,” she told them, the girls circling her and beginning their end stretches. “For the next play the school is putting on, the administrator would like us and the boys division to star in it. The tale is a bit lackluster in dance but myself and the theater director are putting in our own tweaks to make it a bit more!”

The girls continued to listen to their teacher, awaiting her next words, “Who’s doing what? What are we doing?” one of the girls asked, her eyes wide.

“We’re doing a western play based on the mythology of two lovers, Eurydice and Orpheus. Who plays who is posted on the board,” she replied, a sly smile on her face. “Good luck!” she whispered as all the girls circled the board.

“Ah man, Mrs. Kim is this based on who you think is the best!” another girl groaned looking at the board.

“Yes, and I guess you all know who the main act is!” she laughed.

“_____,” they all groaned. They all knew you were the best, even if they didn’t like to admit it. You were hard-working at dancing, they liked you all fine and well but sometimes it got old that you were the best. “Oh, she gets to be with Ten,” another said, all the girls groaning again.

“Who?” you asked, and all of their heads whipping to you.

“You don’t know who Ten is?”

“Oh, God, come on Eurydice, we’ll show you Orpheus,” one grinned, taking your arm and the girls saying goodbye to Mrs. Kim as they ran to the boy’s practice room. They pushed you to the window so you could look inside. “See that boy with the black hair?”

“Hana, half of the boys in there have black hair.”

“Okay, okay, the one next to Yuta, you know, your brother,” Hana said with annoyance laced in your tone.

“Oh,” you whispered, waving to Yuta when he noticed you. “Okay.”

“Is that all you have to say?! We’re going in there to properly introduce everyone.”

“Correct, Hana! We needed to meet them today anyway,” Mrs. Kim said from behind them with a big grin as she made her way through the sea of girls and opened the door. “Hello, Mr. Kim,” she greeted with a laugh, pecking her husband on the cheek. The girls sat on the floor in front of them amongst the boys as they awaited their discussion.  

“I haven’t told the boys yet,” Mr. Kim stated.

“Oh, well the girls know, we can just repeat it and then name off the roles,” Mrs. Kim explained with a nod. Mr. Kim nodded, explaining the previously stated happenings in school.

“Alright, now the roles, when I state your name and roll please move to the other side of the room. Nakamoto _____ as Eurydice. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul as Orpheus. Nakamoto Yuta as Eurydice’s father.”

Yuta laughed, running over to you, high-fiving.

“Lee Taeyong as Hades and the rest of you get to be singing stones,” she grinned. “I know it’s a small cast but really there aren’t many of you here, and some of you can opt out of this if you have other things on your hands.”

The practices were long and tiring, learning the choreography was a breeze for everyone but the acting and singing was trouble for most of them. When the first day they had to sing in front of everyone, you really thought you’d have some chance to be good but when you heard Ten singing you blew that idea out of the park. There was no way you could be as good as him.

Mrs. Kim applauded your own performance but gave you pointers on a few things you could improve.

“_____?” Ten asked from behind you, you turned to see him sheepishly smiling at you. “Um, I heard what Mrs. Kim said and I think I could help you?” he muttered, unable to look you in the eye.

“If you… wouldn’t mind,” you replied, scratching your neck.

“Alright, we can go to my house after practice.”

You nodded at his proposal and quickly returned to practicing the scenes.

“Ready?” Ten asked you, linking your arms together as you walked towards his house.

The two of you sung, him pointing little things out like where to breathe and how to pronounce some of the words to make them sound better. It was a bit dazing, he was so smart and helpful and he didn’t even notice the small habits he had picked up like positioning you with his hand or the little looks he gave you that drove you crazy.

The weeks went on between acting, dancing and singing. You couldn’t wait for the time to come that the play was over and done with but that also meant less time with Ten. There was a feeling of both sadness and laziness in you.

“It’s time.”

You looked up to see Mrs. Kim with a thin smile as she ushered you out on stage, the curtains closed as Ten enters from the other side. The two of you clothed in swimsuits similar to those they would wear in western culture during the 1950’s.

The curtains opened and the two of you were looking at the sky, a love sick look on both of your faces. “All those birds?”

Ten nods, a small smile on his face.

“For me? Thank you,” you act with a large smile as the play begins.

Singing, dancing and acting obviously took place as they acted out the modernized version of the tale of Eurydice and Orpheus. The small moments between Orpheus and Eurydice seemed to affect the two and for the longest time they hadn’t realized it.

Eurydice kissed Orpheus a lot throughout the play, although for the most part they were separated. The two tried to keep in touch after the play but in the end they found things to be awkward, only Taeyong and Yuta could tell what was wrong.

“Sis! Hey!” Yuta called, running down the hallway towards you, he rose his hand to grab your attention. You looked over to him in confusion and dismissed yourself from your friends.

“Hey. What is it?”

“You like Ten,” he stated bluntly, making you go red in the face. “And don’t deny it, Taeyong and I both can see it. So don’t worry, I’m here to help you out!”

“No,” you replied, starting to walk away but Yuta rolled his eyes before quickly throwing you over his shoulder and jogging to the dance hall.

“Yuta! Put me down this instance or I swear I’ll kick your ass back to those stupid mountains in Osaka!” you yelled until you were dumped onto the floor of the practice room.

“Bye!” he cheered, his shit-eating smile on his face before shutting the door loudly in her face.

“What the hell?” you muttered.

“I agree,” a soft voice responded from behind making you turn with the brightest red adorning your cheeks. “Hey,” he laughed awkwardly, raising a hand as he stood from where he’d been sitting. “Taeyong brought me here because…” his eyes trailed away. “I guess you know why.”

“Yeah, I guess I do.”



“Do you?”

“Do you?!”

“I think I do,” he whispered, stepping over to you, his hands setting on your hips just like the play and lightly drummed his fingers along your hips. “But let me make sure,” he whispered, leaning into your face, his lips inching towards yours before they took yours softly, the two of you kissing when the doors slammed open again.

“We just wanted to-” Yuta began only to scream before running out of the room.

You laughed out of the kiss, looking through your eyelashes at him, “I think I like you too,” you whispered before kissing him once more.