Fic Recs: Illustration for More Things in Heaven and Earth by Alaceron (This person’s writing is amazing): (~3k)

Erik doesn’t believe in mermaids.

And then he meets Charles.

Comments: One of the best Cherik Mermaid (merman?) AU I have ever read (I’m very biased towards Alaceron’s stuff, though). It has a sequel too! It’s so, so funny, and so well written and witty. CHARLES IS SO CUTE. Easily in my top five. 

Oh my goodness! We’ve hit 3k followers. Never have I thought that it would happen…thank you guys so so so so sooooo much.

Here’s something quick I’ve whipped up for the banner (twintails are fun yeah)

Sooo I don’t know what to give away, so have some art! It’ll be much more detailed than the image you see above. If you want any more examples of my work you can check out my art blog to get a feel for the art style. 

There will be four prizes

1st - Full body

2nd - Thigh up 

3rd - Half body

4th - Bust shot


I’ll only draw you fire emblem art <3
No nsfw, humans only (Including Nishiki and such)
No gore, etc. 
Reblog or like. Each counts at one entry. 
You have to be following this blog. And maybe imaginefefates, but that’s totally optional. 

This will end October 15th, you have until then! 

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I was thinking, maybe I could do a commission giveaway for my 3k celebration? If you guys are interested in that? It depends on whether or not I get good feedback or not. Id probably do a first place and a runner up and id draw any fandom not just future diary. Like this post if youre interested thanks!!


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Since I have never really sold out made a general post about what else I do on the internet besides shitpost on Tumblr, I also make YouTube videos (sometimes) and stream regularly on Twitch. If you use either of those sites I’d really appreciate if you followed me on there. Love you guys and thanks for over 3k followers! I probably won’t do a post like this again but who knows  ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

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so i was looking through my archive, deleting things about my self harm and eating problems and sad thoughts etc, and i realized there was a lot i had to delete. Out of around 3k posts, I deleted half. (took me forever omg).

i also realized many of you were really active, asking me for advice. you know i still want to help you guys. i may be only 14 but i hope that doesn’t matter, i hope that advice and opinion form different perspectives can help. you guys used to tell me my advice was helpful. what happened? heh. i miss you guys talking to me. i may not have answered all of your questions (bc i didn’t know how to help or i didn’t see it), but i mean i still want to help as much as i can. high school is so weird with all this new stuff and i still need some adjusting time so i won’t reply as fast but i’ll try. 

even if i’m going to start revealing myself and be more open about who i am, please note I am still omq-sad, ecstatic-sadness, (my old usernames) and thesonder. i just won’t be expressing my sadness here anymore. i’ve noticed it’s been kind of bringing me down even if so many of you sent me so much support. i’ve made so many good friends like Heather ( shutup-heathersorryheather ), and Johnson. But I’ll be ranting and crying somewhere else. I don’t have anyone by my side anymore but I have myself and I don’t want to be sad in any way anymore. please stay as my followers because i don’t ever want to lose you guys..when i was looking through the messages you guys have sent me, it brought me to tears. it lifted me up. then and now. 

i don’t want to lose that. :) 

so my point is, i won’t be posting any sad things (maybe 2%). just memes and crap and stuff that should make you smile or laugh. but i’m still me and i will always give advice. if it’s about something i’ve gone through, or if it’s something where i have to talk about something too personal, please come off anon so i can answer privately. i want to help you, and i always will.


~ Wildest Dreams ::: Taylor Swift ~

So, most of you know, Taylor Swift’s new music video

aired today on the VMA’s! I had to wait for it to

get on Youtube ‘Cause I don’t have any special channels.

Anyway, yeah, I loved it. The theme was perfection

and really like, vintage type. Follow for more! xx ♥

Also, shoutouts, by the way? Thank you!

taylorswift​ I was literally so moved by this video! So I made an edit and then combined those edits with GIFS as always. ♥

And I have a lot more of them on my Google+. Also, thanks for 3.3k on G+ Love you guys.

my mom always been cooler than me and also she has like 3k ig followers bc she’s gorgeous and I’m always telling her to block ppl lol

lilysaliao asked:

24) How many pets do you have? What kind?

Just this guy right now! His name is Roranicus (or Rory). He’s a flamepoint siamese shorthair mix. I’ve had him for four years, dropped around $3k on a lifesaving surgery for him (and would do so again). He weighs about 15lbs and is in general just large. He doesn’t fit in my lap, but he tries very hard and will whine if I don’t let him snuggle at least once a week.

He is super dumb and I love him.

Thanks lilysaliao!

Love Crime

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1KohD6u

by PuppyWillGraham

Long live Hannibal Lecter. Long live Will Graham. They’re both dead.

Words: 3519, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1KohD6u

i also found 3k of post-cap 2 fic: 

“You look like you want to tell me something.”

Tony sighs and leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees, “Look, I know we didn’t get off to a very good start, and I’ve been shit at keeping in touch with any of you these past two years…”

“I don’t think any of us have done a very good job of it.”

“True.”  Tony hesitates for a few moments before continuing. “Steve, if there’s ever anything I can do for you, anything at all—”

“You don’t owe me anything, Tony.”

“No!  I mean, I know that, but… listen, I have an idea of what it’s like to wake up and have your entire world flipped upside down,” Tony says.  “It took me a really long time to learn how to ask for help, and I just don’t want you to end up the way I did.  I know what it’s like to feel alone, and I know what it’s like to feel like everything you’ve ever known is a lie, but none of that is ever true.  Believe me, I know.”